Join Us For Today’s OMAAT Virtual Happy Hour!

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Today at 6:30PM ET we’ll be having our weekly OMAAT virtual happy hour. This evening we’ll be focused on redeeming miles (so bring your questions), and we’ll be joined by Matthew Klint from Live and Let’s Fly, as well as my PointsPros colleague Jordan.

Though I’m a massive introvert, it’s nice to get some sort of human interaction, even if it’s virtual. We’ve had so much fun with the ones we have done, and many people seem to enjoy them, so we want to keep doing these.

For the time being we’re going to:

You can go here to be reminded of our Thursday virtual happy hour livestream.

You can go here to be reminded of our Sunday virtual brunch livestream.

By all means please bring a coffee, cocktail, or other drink of your choice, put on your favorite airline pajamas, and join us for our virtual happy hour and virtual brunch.

Oh, and of course bring along your questions about miles, points, travel, or not murdering your spouse when you both work from home. We’ll share our thoughts on what’s going on, answer any questions you guys may have, etc. If you have any questions to kick off the conversation, feel free to also leave them in the comments below.

  1. Just some loaded quotes from Doug Parker yesterday for fellow readers to enjoy during happy hours.

    “30 something years in the business. 15 years as a CEO. One of the things I’m most proud of is that I’ve never worked for a bankrupt airline”

    “I think (bankruptcy) it’s failure. I think our job is to is to preserve shareholder value”

    This is coming from the guy who back in 2017 said “I don’t think we’re ever going to lose money again”

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