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Happy Friday, and thanks to everyone who joined us for our virtual happy hour over the past seven weekdays/sorry you haven’t had anything better to do. We’ve had a lot of fun with it, and as many people seem to enjoy these, we’ll be doing another one tonight.

As we’ve been doing this week, we’re mixing things up compared to last week:

There is a lot going on, and as more and more OMAAT readers are stuck at home due to lockdowns, or otherwise practicing good social-distancing, we thought it would be fun to encourage some more social interaction (from a safe distance, of course).

Tiffany and I are going to kick that off by hosting a virtual happy hour via Facebook live tonight at 6PM Eastern!

Bring a coffee, cocktail, or other drink of your choice, put on your favorite airline pajamas, and prepare yourself some delicious sounding meal that’s actually disgusting (a waffle brioche sandwich, wagyu brisket with Kraft singles, etc. — okay that doesn’t actually sound tasty), so we can all pretend we’re flying!

Oh, and of course bring along your questions about miles, points, travel, or not murdering your spouse when you both work from home. We’ll share our thoughts on what’s going on, answer any questions you guys may have, etc. If you have any questions to kick off the conversation, feel free to also leave them in the comments below.

If you’re not already following OMAAT on Facebook, be sure to do so, so you are notified when we go live. If you can’t join us tonight, no worries — we’ll look to do more of these in the coming days/weeks. We might even be able to bring on other folks with different areas of expertise, depending on what you guys all find interesting.

See you soon!

  1. I wish you had given more advance notice :(.

    Can you please do another one of these soon or postpone this one?

  2. Waiting for your Calala review to get posted. Something to look forward to in the midst of the virus craze.

  3. I was going to say how awesome I thought this headline was, until I realized just what a relief and comfort I felt at the thought of tuning in to this tonight. Thanks for the uplift in spirits, hope we can tune in this evening.

  4. @ LAXJeff — Part one will be published tonight. It’s ready to go, so unless there’s more crazy news I won’t be pushing it back further. Thanks for the interest!

  5. I’m already wearing my Lufthansa pajamas so this is perfect. “See you” from the U.K. in a bit!

  6. Great way to distract from everything – small request for you all – please don’t drink any corona beer – so that way we can have our “corona-free” happy hour 😉

  7. We know the reviews etc. are what set this blog apart. But… THIS…. this is icing on the cake and something we can all get behind.

  8. Looking forward to this, cab sav in hand. Thanks for bringing some much needed levity Ben & Tiffany!

  9. @Ed
    You can still watch without an account, though not participate.

    Perhaps Ben or Tiffany could start an Ask Lucky thread for people without Facebook to add any responses or questions?

  10. @ Ed @ BrewerSEA — Fair point, and we are 100% open to different ways to do this if anyone has technical suggestions. If folks want to comment on this post with questions, that is likely easiest.

  11. Make sure we can see Winston, he’s such a cutey! And thanks for doing this! We all need a little break (as I’ve been placed on a shelter-in-place order).

  12. No particular objection tho Facebook, i just don’t have an account. (Other than the shadow profile they have on me plus WhatsApp and Instagram).

    Possible suggestion for a future event is live in the YouTube channel. I have more google accounts than you can shake a stick at.

  13. I don’t do Facebook because it’s liberal propaganda. Can you do a YouTube live ? Also a heads up ?

  14. This is so great! Can you do the next one on Instagram Live? I know yall are older but FB is just…..blaaah. Or maybe Youtube Live since it’s open for anyone and everyone and you dont necessarily need an account to watch. Excited for the next one, hopefully at a later time! 😉

  15. Please do it again! And just one day notice please so I can wash my Cathay pajamas. And anytime is great, who cares what time it is now anyways!

  16. I saw this too late, but funny enough, last night I cozied up in my Emirates pajamas with a glass of red wine and a grilled cheese sandwich (and with my dog) to watch Avenue 5. So, I was there in spirit! Great idea and I love the title.

  17. @ schar — We aren’t *that* much older! We don’t love Facebook either (it took us forever to get this started), but Instagram doesn’t have the same tech options when people are in different places, and we have 10x more people following on Facebook than YouTube, so seems like the best option.

  18. Can we postpone this to Friday 6PM ET? I actually really wanted to join this, but the situation in Cathay Pacific offices (in HKG) is just a big mess, so I’m missing out.

  19. @Tiffany, do you have G Suite? They have nice video conferencing tools, with Enterprise edition features available for all customers without extra cost until July 1.

  20. Can you please discuss that a certain travel “influencer” thinks they are worth $110 on Cameo? Pleaseeeee?

    I need your sassy thoughts on this

  21. Just finished watching and…that was so fun and made me laugh out loud a few times!f. Do it again soon!

  22. Yes!

    I missed last night so maybe not tonight. Already got into the gin stash though… so who knows.

  23. Thank you so much for doing this! So many of us need this outlet. Is there any chance you’d consider doing it at a different hour – perhaps 8pm – so we can all tune into the evening world news every night at 6:30pm?

  24. I need to echo. Please provide more advance notice.
    These are a great idea and I’d love to join. But you need to give people advance warning.
    Trust me. We want to get drunk with you and talk about miles. How bout a date next week/weekend?

  25. @ Chucky — We’ve been doing them at 6PM Eastern all week, will probably continue that next week!

  26. @ Tiffany – Then have mercy on my liver cause it sounds like I’m joining y’all next week every day at 6pm Eastern. When am I staring my motor? Monday? Sunday? I’m on my way!

  27. Greetings from Cairns. Your 6.00pm eastern is my predawn coffee hour. Will try to hook into one this week.

  28. Please try to do them next week!! My husband and I will put on our Etihad F pajamas and join all of you!

  29. Lucky, the entire Florida Keys are closing Sunday. No one is allowed to stay except residents and people who have rented for 30 days or more. Too many old folks live there.How is Miami tourist wise? Some native Hawaiians had their big trucks in a parade yesterday driving the main prominade in Waikiki,with their big Hawaiian flags flying unside down protesting tourists on the beach giving them a lot of stink eye to go home( who knows, half of them could have been residents enjoying their beaches and have just gotten back from Las Vegas, their unofficial 7th island?!

  30. Hi Lucky, just so you know I think the youtube reminder is set for 9:30pm EST, not 6:30pm.

    Looking forward to watching again 🙂

  31. There’s an Apple Pay option where subscribers can donate on YouTube You should enable that option. People may want to buy you drinks.

  32. Thanks so much for getting Brett! Cannot wait, these are the only 2 blogs I follow religiously 🙂

  33. Looks like you’re reusing an old post (the comments start from earlier this week) and there remains the instructions to join FB at the latter end of the post. A bit confusing.

  34. Brett is a lot cuter than his pictures on the blog make him out to be. Get better pictures, Brett!!

  35. Hope to join tomorrow. As an ATCS with an underlying condition, I just was approved for excused absence beginning today. So 3:30 drinks is a must!

  36. Tiffany /Ben
    I do not look to you for advice on Scotch Whisky.
    Monday’s broadcast had little to no useful content.
    Consider looking at what people are posting on you tube comments or solicit questions here on the daily email. Before next broadcast give your panel a chance to review the ones you feel are of wide interest so they can compose their thoughts . Discuss these on your next broadcast .

  37. @ Jon — That’s fine, everyone enjoys different things (we’ve received many messages that Monday was their favorite of the livestreams, due to the discussion of the airline industry, financials, reviewing new airlines, travel and health insurance, bailouts, and more), and many people enjoyed the Scotch interlude. We’ve been soliciting ideas here and on the stream, and the bulk of what we discuss are from prompts given during the livestream! Please consider joining or sharing if you have a question you’d like us to address!

  38. Jon, dude, get your own blog or channel if your gonna run around giving a hard time to people actually trying to give all of us some happiness during this craziness. Don’t dictate to others, it is a bad look. Sometimes it is not about content- just shared humanity and that we all are in this together. Thanks Ben & Tiffany- during tough days at work right now, your blog is always a bright spot and reminds that soon enough we will all be in the sky again

  39. @Ben- Have planned trip to the Maldives for late August, will be flying Emirates F (BOS-DXB-MLE) using Alaska Air miles and Etihad apartment on way back (with American Airlines miles). So, the question- is it worth it to use miles for F on a flight that leaves the US at 11:00 PM. We have already flown Emirates F back in 2018 (that awesome deal YYZ-DXB-MXP), or should we save the extra miles and fly J instead (as we would probably sleep a good chunk of the flight).

  40. The timing of these are not great for those of us on the west coast who are working until 4 or 5.

  41. PLEASE, PLEASE keep doing these. They are very honestly the highlight of my day. And Sunny was AWESOME!

  42. Question for one of the happy hours: Will Chase loosen their 5/24 rule given the economic slowdown? I would think they’d want to stockpile those with great credit scores in times like these and those people might be hindered by 5/24. On the flipside, if they do, do welcome bonuses get worse?

  43. That was fun and am glad I was not alone in my choice of CX as my forever airline. QF was a close second 🙂

  44. I’m not sure how loosening 5/24 will help Chase since those people already have Chase cards and are likely spending on them to earn points. Giving someone more cards doesn’t mean an increase in spending, only that it is divided amongst more cards. Sure maybe there is some bonus category on a card someone may spend some money on but I’d guess it is negligible.

    As far as AFs and bonuses go, that may depend. We don’t know how many people are canceling cards or switching to no fee cards or how many people are not paying off cards (I guess that is good for Chase if the customer is paying interest).

    I’d guess they bonuses will get better but AFs won’t drop since that is easy cash up front for the bank. I’d definitely would expect good fares/bonuses from airlines since they are desperate for cash, and can always devalue or restrict redemption of awards.

    I just don’t think flying will get back to normal for a few years. The likelihood of this occurring again is too high. The hard core travelers will and some who have no options due to work but many others will stick closer to home. This all goes out the window if a treatment/vaccine/etc. is found that diminishes the severity/fatality of the virus.

  45. International Air travel is over. It will return, in the same way that new life returned after the dinosaurs.
    But it will never be he same again, we have been lucky to see the golden age of the super jumbo, very luxurious cabins and easy borders air travel.
    Treasure those memories.

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