Virgin Atlantic Schedules First A350 Route

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It’s an exciting year for business class in the UK, as both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic are debuting their new business class seats this year on the A350-1000.

Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class seat

British Airways has already revealed four long haul routes to get their A350, and will also use the plane for some training flights between London and Madrid.

Meanwhile Virgin Atlantic had just revealed that they’d fly the A350 to New York starting this summer, though up until now more details hadn’t been announced.

Well, Virgin Atlantic has now scheduled their first A350 flights.

Virgin Atlantic’s first A350 route

Virgin Atlantic will start flying their A350-1000 between London Heathrow and New York JFK as of September 10, 2019. The flight will operate 6x weekly with the A350.

From September 10 to September 24, 2019, the A350 will operate the following frequency:

VS153 London to New York departing 1:30PM arriving 4:25PM
VS138 New York to London departing 7:00PM arriving 7:20AM (+1 day)

Starting September 25, 2019, the A350 will operate the following frequency:

VS137 London to New York departing 11:50AM arriving 2:50PM
VS138 New York to London departing 7:00PM arriving 7:20AM (+1 day)

While only a single A350 frequency has been scheduled so far, it’s expected that Virgin Atlantic will increase A350 frequencies between New York and London before adding the plane on other routes.

Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class seat

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class award availability

If you want to redeem miles, there’s a surprising amount of business class award availability on the A350-1000 throughout the schedule. I’m really happy to see that Virgin Atlantic isn’t blocking award availability… at least not yet.

For example, you can redeem 47,500 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, though there are also hefty taxes and carrier imposed surcharges.

Alternatively you can redeem 86,000 Delta SkyMiles one-way. If you’re originating in the US then there won’t be carrier imposed surcharges, while if you’re originating in Europe there will be those fees.

See this post for the best credit cards for earning Delta miles.

Bottom line

It’s so exciting to see both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic launch their new business class seats in the coming weeks, and I can’t wait to check them out. On the surface British Airways’ seat looks more impressive, though I look forward to experiencing both for myself.

Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class lounge

Anyone plan to fly Virgin Atlantic’s new Upper Class between London and New York?

  1. Although I fly mostly in First (paid ticket), I might give their A350 business class a try. Have to fly from London to JFK in mid September. Flying AA or BA in first on this route has always been a subpar experience

  2. Booked VS138 for next May but showing A330. @Lucky – do you think there’s a chance it will stay A330 or will it update to A350 at some point?

  3. Anyone who feels the need to say “(paid ticket”) for their alleged F flight did not do that, or flew Y, or didn’t fly at all, IMO.

  4. @Andre I also fly mostly first (paid). Last few years taken my all westbound transatlantics from LHR through FRA, early flight from LHR beats traffic, decent FRA lounges, reliable LH F service. But will be interested in your feedback on VS

  5. @cool don’t agree with “paid” comment… I can only speak for myself, but i’m self employed, have global clients, spend 200+ days away from family and friends and if clients want face to face meetings then they’ll willing pay best available class. Commercial fares are loose change to global organizations, top execs at these firms fly private

  6. @John lol, must not be a very bright man. Can’t read between the lines? Endre is a troll.

    And on topic, I probably won’t try it. I can’t stand Virgin Atlantic/BA, just a sub par experience all around. The lounge on the A350 doesn’t look very appealing either. I can only imagine the type of people who would go there, I’d rather sit at my seat and drink in private than talk to some boring people wearing subs.

  7. When airlines charge such high YQ for their flights I cannot understand the logic of not releasing more availability for miles. They are getting back almost 25% of the paid fare with those fees!

  8. Thank you! Managed to book a flight this fall. Really looking forward to it. I’ve been following VS for a while and I still remember 10 years ago thinking how amazing VS a380 would be… I know they’ve cancelled the a380 order but regardless, I still look forward to seeing and experiencing their new a350 flagship jet.

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