Virgin America’s “Fly Girls”

I’ve posted in the past about a new CW “reality” show, “Fly Girls,” which revolves around the lives of some Virgin America flight attendants, describing their careers as glamorous and exotic (yeah, an eight hour overnight in Seattle sounds really glamorous and exotic).

Well, check out the trailer:

Um I’ll refrain from really commenting, but are the lyrics to the song in the background really “that girl loves danger?”

I have to say, it looks addictively bad. Kind of like watching Al Roker interview Speidi.

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  1. Hi Lucky!

    The best part is the 1.5 million dollar “crash pad” and the fact that they’re based in LA even though Virgin doesn’t have an LA base! LOL…I would have liked that kind of treatment in my reserve days;-)

  2. Why do I fly United again? 😉
    For some reason this seems very unrealistic.. even for a carrier like virgin. Although the partying reminds me of Falcon Air Express, the charter outfit that supposedly held a wet t-shirt contest in the aisle of high school charter flight from Oregon to Mexico 😉

  3. Jeez… you’d think you guys would be happy someone is making a show that brings sexy back
    our profession. The CW makes shows for 18 – 24 yr. olds. Remember when you were 24, when
    life seemed full of promise? Remember what your life was like before it smelled
    like cheap Vodka and regret? I can’t wait to see the show — those girls look hot and
    I wish I worked for Virgin.

  4. @ Gene — LMAO!

    @ theflyingpinto — Simply amazing, eh?

    @ jblua320 — Unrealistic? I’m pretty sure that’s an understatement!

    @ john — I happen to be in that age group, and I still think the show is ridiculous. Does this bring “sexy back” to your profession? I sure as hell don’t think so. Actually, the reason I’m not a fan of this show is because of the amount of respect I have for flight attendants. First of all, flight attendants are grossly underpaid (at least the ones that do their jobs properly) and unfortunately the domestic US airline industry is anything but glamorous nowadays. People that see this might think otherwise, which is nice in theory, but there goes any sympathy for the working conditions at some airlines. I can just see a once-a-year flier saying “what are you guys complaining about, I’ve seen how you live on that reality show.”

    There is nothing real about this “reality” show. NOTHING. As theflyingpinto said above, they’re living in LA (where Virgin doesn’t have a base) in a ritzy crash pad. This show has nothing to do with airlines other than what the producers can fabricate to make it look glamorous.

    I think this show is bad for the image of flight attendants and for the industry as a whole. I’ll continue to fly legacies where I’d actually trust the flight attendants to save my a$$ in an emergency, instead of these 30-day wonders that seem to be more concerned with their vanity than anything else.

  5. you’d think you guys would be happy someone is making a show that brings sexy back

    I would be. Unfortunately, this show appears to bring skanky back.

  6. Gee, Lucky, you’re complaining that the show isn’t showing reality? Welcome to the wonderful world of US television. 🙂

  7. Maybe they should focus on the “REAL”ITY of the Virgin America employees. Eating ramen noodles, peanut butter & jelly because they can not afford anything else… Eight + employees sharing a rinky dink apartment.

    This show is for the birds!

  8. Actually, the five girls are really flight attendants for us (Virgin America). I think they are incredible women. I look forward to seeing them on theline and on the CW. Good Job Ladies!!

  9. I do not doubt that they are not VA employees, I just wish they would show the good, the bad AND the ugly. Although, by earning $15k an episode they should be able to pay their bills for a while. To think that with two episodes they will make more than a first officer makes in an entire year is a shame!

  10. I work for VA but not as a FA. From what I have seen I’m not sure if I am embarrassed for the company or happy for the ladies. Let’s wait to see what it actually looks like after the first full episode airs. AFTERALL this is a TV show.

  11. This show sets the profession back about 40 years. While it’s nice to have young attractive women in the aisles, the reality is this:

    The cockpit doors must now stay closed at all times, no matter what. If there is any real danger during a flight the flight attendants are now the first line of defense, as well as all other service and safety aspects that have always existed.

    It is now more important than ever for the traveling public to understand the actual role that the cabin crews are trained for. This “reality” show will offer the public a very maligned view of an already too misunderstood profession.

    I for one consider this to be an embarrassment for all the hard working flight attendants around the world.

  12. mehwhatEVA – First off, this is TV… Of course the producers need to make it interesting enough to watch. We’ve seen Airline with Southwest and do we really need to just see a bunch of unhappy guests and disgruntled ground employees. Go ahead and fly the legacies who’ll treat you like crap who went through a similar 30 day training period about 40-50 years ago. At least these girls still have the training fresh in their mind no more than 2 years ago. Besides, do you really think that a 65 year old legacy flight attendant is gonna save your ass? Think about it!

    I have a question for you…. Did you audition for the show and not get it???? Anyway, if it’s from the producer of the Hills or one of those shows, then we already know it’s not going to be completely real, but the girls are. I guess the real viewing public will the judge.

  13. Just what we need…………….ANOTHER reality show!!! Being a flight attendant myself, I would like to see how this show does. Let’s hope these chicks don’t make a fool of themselves=D

  14. Look, I don’t know what the big deal is. They have reality shows about everything. I am a straight male flight attendant, and you know what….it’s a fun job. Yes, I have had medical emergencies, crappy pax, etc., but the job is fun. The overnights….are even better. I have seen more craziness than I will admit too. And yes, the stories are true. Put a bunch of younger crews together on overnights and there’s gonna be trouble. Virgin has younger, hipper crews. The Legacy airlines, are getting old. They hire older military pilots, and older flight attendants. So yes, depending on the crew….some are planning on saving your ass, others will save you if they have too, but they took the job because its a good paying job that is fun!

  15. It’s a TV show! That’s all it is. Why is everybody putting so much time and effort into bashing these girls. The girls are very attractive, interesting and do a great job. The Airline is a great Airline overall and it makes the flight that much more enjoyable. Virgin America, Keep up the good work, add more cities, and keep hiring more Fly Girls, we need more in flight crews with life in them……….

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