Video: Woman Dangles From Cables For Hours At Bangkok Airport

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As much as I love Thailand, there’s no denying that Bangkok brings out the crazy in people. This was even the concept for a show a couple of years back, which was called “The Airport Of Smiles: Bangkok Airport.” I’m not sure that name really summed up the content of the show, as the show basically just featured drunk foreigners making fools of themselves (well, and some cute stories about the people who work at the airport).

So I’m not sure what exactly is going on with this latest incident at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, though it sure has me scratching my head.

Early this morning airport security staff were called over reports of a woman climbing onto the airport’s structural cables. She allegedly spent two hours climbing and dangling from cables. During that time the airport staff set up an inflatable bed below where she was climbing, in case she fell. And that’s exactly what happened. According to Thai Visa:

The woman, who was described as ‘foreign’ and aged between 20-30 refused to speak to rescue workers or give any explanation for the reasons behind her dangerous stunt.

Footage from the scene shows the woman lose her grip as she attempts to move from one cable to another, saved by the inflatable bed below.

Workpoint News reported that the woman, who still refused to talk to rescue workers, had tattoos of the 2014 Olympic rings on her wrists, leading some to speculate she was an Olympic gymnast.

Well, kudos to the airport staff for setting up a pad for her to fall on. This may have had a different ending if she fell on the floor instead.

(Tip of the hat to Michael)

  1. Bangkok brings out the crazy in people? Its almost always whites. Asian cultures still kiss white assess which is why whites get away with a lot.

    All crazy people should be canned and then all immigration from their home country should be banned.

  2. @Endre – Yet despite Debit’s apparent loathing of most things posted, he’s one of the most frequent commenters. SMH

  3. Idiots. Absolutely no sympathy
    Emergency services time is wasted
    Like the British guy who recently cemented his head in a microwave

  4. United Airlines has seen this video and it gave them an idea. From now on, the Red Carpet Clubs will be replaced by cables and premium passengers will be hung on them until their planes are ready to depart.

    United sees this as an opportunity to provide better customer service than their present clubs, though it will cost the airline more than it currently spends on passengers.

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