US says “adios!” to their union!

Pilots at US Airways ousted their union, the Air Line Pilots Association, on Thursday, replacing it with an insurgent group, a move that raised further questions about the carrier’s ability to combine operations after its 2005 merger with America West Airlines.

The vote was closely watched because the issue that caused the schism at US Airways — how to merge two pilot seniority lists, which determine pay, schedules and type of plane flown — has emerged as a significant impediment to a smooth merger of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines.

Full article can be found here.

Man, what a cat fight! Close vote too, so this is pretty significant in my book. Here we see the same union that represents a lot of the other major US carriers getting ousted. Maybe the pilots are trying to position themselves best here, feeling like they’ve gotten screwed over badly with the America West merger? Let’s see if any of the other pilot or other labor organizations follow in dumping their unions, since there seems to be widespread unhappiness.

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  1. What’s going on here is that the America West pilots got a better deal on seniority integration when they went to arbitration. Both pilots groups had been represented by ALPA pre-merger, the US pilots felt they got the raw end of the deal. But they’re a slight majority of the overall pilots group. So they started a new union whose purpose is to stick it to the America West pilots… who have to pay dues to them.

    It’s a very strange thing, the union’s adverary isn’t the airline here, it’s the slight minority of pilots who originated with America West.

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