Fantastic New United Quest Card Offers Up To 100K Bonus Miles

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New United Quest℠ Card
3x miles
on United
2x miles
at restaurants
no foreign
transaction fees
Annual Fee: $250

Chase and United Airlines have a co-brand credit card agreement for both personal and small business cards. Well, the New United Quest℠ Card has just been launched, and I’m extremely impressed by the value proposition of this card. In this post I wanted to take a detailed look at what you need to know about this lucrative card.

United Quest Card bonus of up to 100K miles

As part of a limited-time launch offer that’s valid for applications through June 2, 2021, the United Quest Card is offering up to 100,000 MileagePlus bonus miles:

  • Earn 80,000 bonus MileagePlus miles after spending $5,000 within three months
  • Earn an additional 20,000 bonus MileagePlus miles after spending an additional $5,000 within six months

In other words, if you spend $10,000 within six months, you can earn 100,000 MileagePlus bonus miles. This is an exceptional welcome bonus — personally I value MileagePlus miles at ~1.4 cents each, so to me those miles are worth ~$1,400.

Note that you’re eligible for this offer even if you have other United co-brand credit cards (you’re eligible if you apply outright, and not if you product change).

The only people who aren’t eligible are those who have had the United Quest Card (which shouldn’t be many people, since the card just launched). The typical Chase application rules apply, including the 5/24 rule.

Redeem your miles on Star Alliance airline partners

United Quest Card $250 annual fee

The United Quest Card has a $250 annual fee, and there’s no cost to add additional authorized users. For some context as to how that fits into United’s co-brand personal card portfolio:

As you can see, the United Quest Card has the second highest annual fee, though I’d argue it also has the annual fee that’s easiest to consistently recuperate, thanks to the easy-to-use perks, which I’ll cover below.

United has four co-branded personal credit cards

United Quest Card benefits & perks

Airline co-branded credit cards are primarily about the perks, and this is an area where the United Quest Card in particular shines. First I want to highlight the two unique benefits of this card that will very quickly justify the annual fee for anyone who flies United with any frequency, and in particular for those who redeem MileagePlus miles.

The United Quest Card offers a $125 annual United credit, which should be worth close to face value to anyone who considers this card:

  • Receive a statement credit when you use your card for United purchases, up to a maximum of $125 per anniversary year
  • Qualifying purchases include airline tickets purchased from United and purchases through United of seat upgrades, Economy Plus, inflight food and beverages, Wi-Fi, baggage service charges, and other United fees (it seems to me like all award ticket fees should also qualify)
  • The statement credit will post to your account the same day as your United purchase

The United Quest Card offers an anniversary award flight credit of up to 10,000 MileagePlus miles:

  • Automatically receive 5,000 miles back in your MileagePlus account after taking an award flight booked with your miles, up to twice annually
  • The award itinerary must include at least one United-operated flight, and must include the primary cardmember on the reservation
  • These miles will be deposited in your account within four weeks of each cardmember anniversary

Earn bonus MileagePlus miles when you redeem miles

In other words, if you spend at least $125 on United annually, and if you redeem miles for even just two one-ways on United annually, you’ll get $125 and 10,000 MileagePlus miles, which I value at more than the $250 annual fee.

Then there are all the other perks of the United Quest Card, including:

  • A free first & second checked bag
  • Priority boarding
  • 25% back on United inflight purchases
  • Complimentary upgrades on award tickets if you’re a Premier member
  • Access to more MileagePlus award availability
  • Up to a $100 Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check credit once every four years
  • The ability to earn up to 3,000 Premier Qualifying Points (PQPs) for spending on the card; earn 500 PQPs for every $12,000 spent on purchases

Save on United inflight purchases with the United Quest Card

United Quest Card rewards structure

The United Quest Card has no foreign transaction fees, and offers the following return on spending:

  • Earn 3x miles on United purchases
  • Earn 2x miles on all travel and dining purchases
  • Earn 1x miles on all other purchases

While there are other cards that are compelling in the travel and dining categories, those are some of the broadest bonus categories I’ve seen on a co-branded airline card.

Earn 3x miles on flight purchases

United Quest Card Vs. United Explorer Card

I know many people may be trying to decide between the United Quest Card and the United Explorer Card. Personally I think the United Quest Card is a no-brainer here, but let me provide a quick comparison.

The advantage of the United Explorer Card is that:

  • The Explorer Card has a $95 annual fee (waived the first year), compared to a $250 annual fee on the United Quest Card
  • The United Explorer Card offers two United Club passes annually

However, virtually everything else about the United Quest Card is either equal or significantly better:

  • The United Quest Card offers a significantly better welcome bonus
  • The United Quest Card offers an annual $125 United credit, which the United Explorer Card doesn’t offer, and that should be worth face value to most
  • The United Quest Card offers up to 10,000 MileagePlus miles back each year on redemptions, which the United Explorer Card doesn’t offer
  • The United Quest Card offers two checked bags free, while the United Explorer Card offers only one checked bag free

In the first year the United Quest Card is much more compelling due to the bigger bonus, while in the long run the United Quest Card is more compelling because of the additional perks that should help offset the annual fee for a vast majority of savvy consumers.

Receive an annual statement credit for United purchases with the Quest Card

Bottom line

The United Quest Card is the fourth personal card in the Chase & United lineup, and I think it’s the most rewarding yet. While the $250 annual fee sounds high on the surface, the $125 annual United credit should get you half of that value back right there. Then there’s the up to 10,000 miles you can earn per year when redeeming miles, along with all of the other ongoing benefits.

Add in the welcome bonus of up to 100,000 MileagePlus miles, and this is a spectacular product.

What do you make of the new United Quest Card?

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  1. Any idea what the regular sign up bonus for this card may be? I will be under 5/24 in July (looks like the temporary offer expires in June). I fly United occasionally as a NY based customer. This card may be useful to have long term…

  2. Has anyone over 5/24 applied and get denied? Hoping they forgot to turn on 5/24 for Quest just like CSR at launch

  3. Does anyone know if Chase lets you have multiple cards of the same family? My wife and I are coborrowers on a standard United card. I know that Chase wouldn’t let me have my own identical product. But any insight on this? Thanks.

  4. @ChiFlyer1979

    Yes, I believe you can have the Explorer and Club card, so I would assume you could have this as well. It’s the 5/24 that is the issue.

  5. @ ChiFlyer1979 — You can absolutely get this card if you have another United co-brand card.

  6. @ Anthony — Unfortunately we don’t know what the bonus will look like after the initial limited time offer. I’d guess it might be somewhere around 50-60K miles (purely speculation on my part), but who knows. I definitely wouldn’t expect to see an offer this good again anytime soon.

  7. @Mark +1, I just can’t bring myself to fly United if there is any other choice. That doesn’t mean that I won’t accumulate their points to redeem on a partner airline. Unfortunately this card wouldn’t be a keeper for me because I wouldn’t look to fly on United metal.

  8. “…automatically receive 5,000 miles back in your MileagePlus account after taking a United-operated award flight booked with your miles, up to twice annually”

    Be aware that the two 5,000 mile rebate vouchers are issued to your Mileageplus account *after the first full year of holding the card* and applicable to next two award flights after you receive them… so not usable at all until at least April of 2022

  9. I wonder if you’ll be able to downgrade or product-change this card. The Travelbank or (no-fee) Mileageplus, which I already have?

  10. “Receive a $125 annual United purchase credit — automatically be reimbursed for the first $125 worth of United purchases charged to your card every cardmember year”.

    I’m assuming this is the same as the points where it has to be for a United-operated flight, but based on the language above I need to ask – would this credit count for booking another Star Alliance flight through United’s system?

  11. Question — if I currently have the UA Explorer card, and want to product change to the Quest, will I still be eligible for the 100K signup bonus? Or is that only for opening a new card?

  12. Am I missing something or is there any benefit on the Explorer card that isn’t the same or better on the Quest card? It seems best to apply for this and dump the Explorer, no?

  13. The United Quest card also includes primary rental car coverage, looks like a fantastic offer.

    Alas, I’m over 5/24 until Fall, due in part to the United Explorer card acquired a few months ago.

  14. @ Lucky…What are the card downgrade options if one wants to shed the card in 3 years as an example?

  15. @ EC2 — Generally speaking after a year you can downgrade to any other personal card in the same “family,” so you could possibly downgrade to the United Explorer Card or United Gateway Card. Of course there’s no guarantee as to what the policy will be in the future, but that’s usually how it works.

  16. @ UA Fan — Since that’s charged directly by United, yes, I would assume the credit would apply towards that.

  17. @ AlanD — Yep, this is significantly more compelling than the Explorer Card, in my opinion.

  18. @ RJ — You don’t get the bonus if you product change. However, you are eligible if you sign up for the card directly.

  19. @ Peter — That’s not my reading of how it works:
    “Qualifying United purchases include airline tickets purchased from United and the following purchases made from United: seat upgrades; Economy Plus®; inflight food, beverages and Wi-Fi; baggage service charges or other United fees.”

    I would think any flight booked through United that’s charged directly by the airline will qualify, given just how many types of purchases are eligible.

  20. @ Anonymous — It’s too early to tell for sure since the card is brand new, but the precedent is certainly that you’d be able to downgrade after a year to another United personal card.

  21. @ jwills — The Quest has the two unique benefits I mentioned (a $125 credit and up to 10K miles per year), plus offers a second checked bag (rather than just a first checked bag). I’d say those are the main differences, and the Quest is more compelling than the Explorer.

  22. @RJ, “Question — if I currently have the UA Explorer card, and want to product change to the Quest, will I still be eligible for the 100K signup bonus? Or is that only for opening a new card?”

    Let me expand on Ben’s (correct) answer.

    If you drop the Explorer and sign up new for the Quest, don’t drop the Explorer until you’re approved for the Quest. Then call Chase and tell them that you want to close the Explorer and move your credit limit over to the Quest. Their corporate line is that’s not guaranteed, but they did it for us when we had an old United card and signed up for the Explorer.

    The only (small) downside of that is that if you had a long credit history on your Explorer, dropping it is a small ding on your credit score.

  23. @Ben, does this have the same rental car primary damage coverage that the Explorer has?

    I’d assume yes, but would rather not assume.

  24. Doesn’t have the two United Club passes that Explorer have . Quest and Explorer , both include primary car insurance.

  25. I used Ben’s link and the entire process of application to approval took about 3 minutes. 🙂

  26. Isn’t this the fourth united and chase cobrand personal card? Gateway, Explorer, Quest, and Club.

  27. @Lucky – Seems to be a popular card as the website via your affiliate link is offline. Maybe the link changed..?

  28. @ FlyingHippi — Hmmm, can you give it another try? It works for me, and I just tried it in multiple browsers.

  29. Still not good enough when one can get 3x ( CSR, UR) – 5x (AMEX Plat, MR) in transferable points currencies.

    With respect to the 100K bonus miles, the seismic launch of the still-incomparable CSR stole the thunder of all subsequent would-be imitators, including Chase…

  30. Everyone can thank those of us who had the legacy Platinum Class Visa for 15-20+ years for the ability to earn 3,000 PQMs, as that card was grandfathered into this one and they couldn’t downgrade that benefit…also can’t get that with the (more expensive) top end Club Card.

  31. I don’t understand the point of the Explorer card anymore. It seems that with the 125 credit, it does not make sense to get the Explorer card (especially as one who would never spend on United would likely do best getting a different type of credit card).

  32. @Ben If I redeem for a award flight in a star alliance would i get miles back up to 10K and use the $125 on for example the taxes and fees? thanks a lot

  33. @ Marcelo Jose Silva Rodrigues — In order for an award flight to qualify for the 5K bonus, it must include at least one segment on United. I see nothing in the terms saying that a Star Alliance award flight wouldn’t qualify towards the $125 credit.

  34. Hey Lucky,

    For what it’s worth, the ability to earn 3,000 PQP isn’t exactly new to the Quest card (legacy cards aside). A change was made back in March (I think it was March) for the United Club/Infinite/Select and has now been updated to include the Quest card. From UAs website:

    “Earn up to 3,000 PQP: The United MileagePlus® Select Card, United QuestSM Card, United ClubSM Infinite Card and United ClubSM Card earn 500 PQP for every $12,000 in card spend, up to 3,000 PQP in a calendar year.”

  35. @ Ben — The Queen is being released from 5/24 prison next week. This offer of 100k UA for $10k spend is tempting, but I have finally concluded that the CSP offer of 80k UR for $4k spend is the better offer. Which would you pick?

  36. I’ll probably retire my legacy Signature Visa Platinum card and get this one.
    UA, however, lost my patronage when they waived the Chase spending waiver and went strict PQD. As a 1MM with almost 2M FF miles, I could care less about loyalty to them.
    Doing a status match with AS or HA unless they extend my Platinum status until 2023.

  37. 841 credit score. Initially denied by chase. (I know They hate me).

    Call the recon line, was able to move credit from my other accounts into this one and got the account open.

    It does seem like chase is considering profitability and not necessarily credit worthiness when looking at applications. There is no reason why I should have been initially denied.

    Except maybe I have 50k in credit line with chase and I keep 0 balances. Maybe they like those who leave balances on one single card. Or those who don’t sign up for two many bonuses and never use the card again.

  38. If i want to upgrade my explorer card to Quest card as a product change, I won’t be able to get the 100,000 SUB right? Only if I apply for Quest as a new credit card, then I will be eligible for the bonus.

  39. @ Kev — That’s correct. You are eligible for the bonus if you apply directly, but not if you product change.

  40. OK, the one point no one includes is the club access provided with the current Explorer card. There is no club access with the Quest card. How is this accessed in the valuration?

  41. @ E.A. … What # did you call for application to be reconsidered? I think I’m in the same boat. Credit score is irreparable they have given me as much credit line as they are going to give me. Likely if they know I’d move it around.

  42. I’m thinking I’d have to take a hard pass. 100k is great, but not really short on points and miles right now. Really gets down to the access to great redemptions. I’ve learned well from Lucky and have a bunch of cards opened. Kind of keeping my powder dry to pounce on the new Aeroplan/Air Canada card whenever it is launched and the next Aeroplan points promotion. Feel investing in that program is more beneficial. If I got this née UA card I would ultimately have to buy points to round out a redemption and that is not what I want to do.

  43. @EC2 it was 8882072127.

    I was polite, respectful, and I explained my rationale for wanting this card in addition to my existing United explorer. Told them I had exactly 50k In outstanding credit lines and maybe I hit a threshold.

    Then I offered to move my credit lines so they wouldn’t have to underwrite new credit. They took a few minutes to reconsider my app, and done.

  44. How much is the club regularly? I actually use the club passes and I guess the $125 could go into purchasing access when needed.

  45. Disappointed that the trip cancellation coverage is only $1,500/$6,000 instead of the $10,000/$20,000 offered by the CSP, CSR and the United Club card.

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