United lowers Red Carpet Club membership fees (after raising them)

I’m pretty sure most of us were shaking our heads in January when United raised Red Carpet Club membership fees substantially in the middle of a recession. Well, they’ve just lowered them back down, in some cases close to the cost of earlier in the year and in some cases even lower. You can find the breakdown here.

While the 1K membership fee is $25 higher than it was in January, membership is either the same price as it previously was or cheaper for other membership levels. Not surprisingly the membership costs are now in line with Continental.

The one thing that’s ridiculous is the cost of spousal membership fees. It used to be a minimal premium, while it’s now $175-225. Insane!

Oh, and still no sign of free alcohol, it seems….

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  1. The reduction of RCC fees for single membership as a $25 increase is much more reasonable, but the spousal fee increase is ridiculous. It should have been an additional $50-$75 making the maximum full cost of the RCC $400 for a year.

  2. I don’t see why the spousal fees are ridiculous. My spouse and have frequent business travel separately from each other, and only once a year together. (I counted: I’ve visited a US domestic airport lounge around 50 times this year, precisely once with her; and she’s traveled more than I have.) Why should we get any discount just for being married to each other? In fact, I still see the spousal lounge fee as a bargain. (I’m a CO member, so I’m used to these rates.)

  3. Either way, its still alot of $$$ compared to what you get at other lounges. If I spent similiar at Continental I could at least have a beer verses having the insult of being charged another $6 on top of the membership fees……

  4. Just use your RCC card at the Continental lounge. Went to DEN in A concourse today and had 3 beer, works like a charm.
    Unfortunately I assume the club will disappear soon with CO moving to the B concourse.

  5. HNL RCC offering free drinks for the past few months.

    Of course no “top shelf” stuff or “premium” wines.

    So which do you prefer; free or good?

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