UK Hotel Asks Air India Crews To Stop Stealing From Buffets

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The Times of India is reporting that a layover hotel used in the UK by Air India crews has sent the airline an email, informing them that some crews are allegedly bringing “to go” containers and taking food with them from the buffet. Per the article:

Titled, ‘A buffet is not a takeaway’, the warning note was sent on Monday by an assistant general manager (AGM) of the in-flight service department. It said: “We have received an unfortunate email from the management of hotel in London stating that some AI crew members regularly come down for breakfast with empty boxes into which they fill food items from the buffet, presumably to eat later.”

The letter warned that AI would be forced to take serious disciplinary action against the offenders, adding that “we are aware that this could be a very small minority indulging in such a behaviour”. “This may include, not being scheduled on international sectors, as we have no desire to allow the reputation of Air India to be tarnished by a handful of such individuals,” the note warned.


A lot of crew are reacting negatively to this, suggesting it’s only a very small minority of people doing this, and that there are bad apples anywhere (which is certainly true — I’ve seen people in airline lounges take tons of food to go). They also point to two potential causes for this:

  • Layovers in London are now “only” 26 hours, while they used to be two days, so crews don’t have that much time to eat and catch up on sleep (that seems like a bit of an exaggeration to me — Emirates crews have just a one day layover in New York when flying all the way from Dubai, which is a much longer flight)
  • There are many crews on a lower pay contract, who largely make 60% less than others; room service has a 10GBP tray charge, so that’s quite expensive, especially for someone on a much lower pay scale

So it sure seems like this might be more of an isolated problem than something that’s happening across the board. And it’s also sort of demeaning to send such a note to all crews.


Oh, Air India…

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  1. That “Oh, Air India…” at the end of this article suggests that this is just another bait post that contributes absolutely nothing of value to OMAAT. It’s almost as if you’re trying to insinuate that this sort of behaviour is somehow linked to Air India and the country it represents. Way to go to exemplify the ‘ugly American’ stereotype. You can take the American out of hicktown, put him in a suit, and jet him around the planet, but you can’t take the hick out of the American. Everyone already knows you have a penchant for baiting Nazis to this blog who can then later drive up your revenue.

    I guess that’s just how businesses work. Devoid of ethics.

  2. The racists have been showing up more and more. Pretty despicable.

    To the main thrust of this post, I certainly have taken a bite to go from the executive lounge at hotels, depending on what my day looks like. I’ve never brought tupperware though!

  3. This is a universal behavior, it’s nothing wrong calling out what you see, except the poor souls in this country can not say what’s on their mind publicly. I am an asian & used to work at a Chinese restaurant as a waiter. On our Sunday brunch buffet, i regularly see white and hispanic ladies loaded egg rolls into their purse. Even they are a small of customer base, our boss has to stop that behavior.

  4. Also, it is important to note that Ben Schlappig or however you spell his unpronounceable name purposely demonised the crew by rephrasing the incident as ‘stealing’. For all you know, the crew could’ve taken just their fill – the regular amount that they would have filled onto their plates regardless – to eat at the airport, perhaps? Ben Schlappig instead deemed it fit for himself to rephrase the article and interject the idea of theft when there is nothing that remotely insinuates theft – like Chinese tourists systematically cleansing buffets and stripping it bare.

    No, this is a case of Ben Schlappig automatically assuming the worst about AI crew because a biased, bigoted and money-grabbing piece of shit is what he is. Not too far off from the stereotype about the followers of his religion, but I’m not going to stoop that low.

  5. If you have been in the “hobby” you know whites, Asians, blacks, browns all fighting for measly $10.

    Every one is cheap ass thief. One blogger had even admitted he steals blankets on planes.

  6. Despite jet-setting around the world, this guy doesn’t seem to know that it is absolutely normal to pack breakfast from buffet to eat it later. Being a business traveler, I have seen the many hotels themselves offering this option for people who prefer late breakfast. And the usage of the phrase “Stealing” is absolutely disgusting. Of course, this just shows how racist his mentality is!

  7. @Loz I dont see this article as demonizing the crew, But rather bringing attention to the fact that Air India doesn’t pay some crew members enough, provide enough reimbursements, to allow them to comfortably purchase sustenance in London no doubt, and the crew having to deal with either paying out of pocket. Regardless if the crew took or “stole” the food they might have consumed in the hotel with them, that’s against the hotels rules, and basic buffet etiquette, something you may need to brush up on.

    Your posts ARE the attacks. Since you clearly don’t like reading this blog, please kindly go away.

  8. None of the justifications above for people stealing from a buffet make any sense. The post was clearly not racist, or sexist or agist or even Obesityist?? It comes down what is acceptable behaviour and the GM at Air India simply sent a note to all staff saying that in future anyone that does this unacceptable behaviour will expect follow up. What’s wrong with an early warning. Seems staff of airlines have extremely thin skins, and some of the blog posters seem to want to justify unacceptable behaviour whenever it is called out.

  9. I used to work at a limited service, mid-level hotel and had several regional airlines stay with us (3-8 crews of 3 people each) during their overnight layovers. At least two crew members each morning would stuff items from our “continental” breakfast into their lunch boxes. Although not on the same scale as Air India and their contracted hotels, I would dare say it happens more often than one thinks, from regionals to mainline airlines.

    On a side note, we would do a manager’s reception 2-3 nights a week, catered by a nearby restaurant. Any leftover food would be kept and offered to the crew in the morning if they wanted it and most were appreciative.

    Although a headache at times, I talked to several crew members over my employment at the hotel and learned a lot about the industry.

  10. I find it sad that comments have become far nastier and venomous of late.
    When there are antisemitic comments, comments reach a new low.
    To all: if you don’t like this blog, then don’t subscribe to it.

  11. Dave and Tony, since willingly oblivious posters such as yourselves love pulling the wool over your eyes and insulting your own collective intelligence: Learn what context means. Look at this post in the context of all AI-related posts on OMAAT, then come back here with a reply that befits your intelligence more. Look at the general trend of mudslinging, AI-bashing, and muted acceptance of KKK-esque comments all over OMAAT, then perhaps you’ll understand the reason behind the backlash against OMAAT. Typical simplistic Westerners. Product of your education system I guess.

  12. I think the focus should be on the hotel and not the crew, how much does it eat into the hotel profits with a few to go boxes. if it was an American or Canadian crew, this complaint would never exist. it’s always the skin color.

  13. As the vast majority of the posters are obviously well-travelled and are acquainted with many hotels and airlines, I can say that I have seen a FA or a pilot or two take something away from hotel buffets on the way to the airport. Taking a couple of biscuits, some hashbrowns, even an omelette, things like that – all of them were from European airlines.

    It’s normal human behaviour. It’s not theft. It’s akin to people rushing out of home and eating their sandwiches on the way to work because they’re pressed for time. But because this is AI, it’s being scandalised and it’s being made acceptable for people to spew venom against innocent crew members. And that brings up a whole new issue: These FAs work hard to serve us and the ingrates on this blog, yet OMAAT did not think twice before realising the ramifications of unnecessarily scandalising them. It’s not long off before the owners of this blog get banned from setting foot on any airline again because of their behaviour, not to mention literally scamming these airlines by constantly finding loopholes to fly for free after the airlines plug in the old ones.

    It reeks, this whole thing. This would have been a non-issue had it been some blonde from Aeroflot taking some cookies and sandwiches before leaving for Heathrow.

  14. @Loz So in that manner in which you characterize us as “Typical simplistic Westerners. Product of your education system” Fine I’ll play go along. You must be reeling from trumps muslim ban to lash out on a blog post about about a letter AI sent to the crew and a bit of…. how do we put it? FREEDOM OF SPEECH? is that still a thing here?

  15. Oh, Dave, India is equally *as* democratic as the United States the last time I checked. As of 2017, both are ‘flawed democracies’, with the US being less democratic than Japan while India being more democratic than Belgium. They’re very close together in the list. Did you think we were a dictatorship? We have freedom of speech here, too. You’re not special, snowflake.

    And why would the Muslim ban make me mad? If anything you’re learning from *us*, given that we’re deporting 20 million illegal Bangladeshi migrants this year. Or did you confuse India for a Muslim country? You Christians and Jews are more similar to Muslims than Hindus and Buddhists are, given that you’re all adherents of an Abrahamic faith.

    You proved my point. You truly are a product of your education system, white male. Do me a favour and never change. The gutter white trash of the world are a better source of entertainment than comedy movies.

  16. Hotels usually bend over backward to make nice with airline crews. I have a FA friend who works Rome JFK flights regularly and the hotel sends her a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers to her room in the afternoon. Hard to imagine the hotel would respond this way for a few isolated incidents. Maybe it’s more widespread.

  17. I’m pretty sure Loz is Melissa in drag.

    If the buffet behaviour is so noticeable that the hotel felt the need to write a letter, I’m sure this is more than taking an apple and a coffee to go.

  18. I used to work at a Sweet Tomatoes in high school and stealing food does not discriminate. Everyone put rolls and cookies into their purse. Mostly the older folks would wrap up a dozen muffins in napkins and hold it in front of them like a badge of honor as they walked out of the building. Some people have no shame. A few of the regulars were banned form the store after multiple warnings.

  19. Oh now I understand why Air India is such a poor company with horrible staff… they are starving! Come on increase your staff wages! It will service on board!

  20. Yo, Who you callin gutter white trash,

    I’m sure if Holiday inn express offers a box to take away, other hotels and airline lounges have it all built in.
    They have been in the business a lot longer then most of us have been alive and know what’s going on.

  21. Years ago, my airline first started flying JFK-MIA. I walked into the galley late at night only to find an elderly woman stuffing everything in the galley into her shoulder bag. Same flight: caught several people stealing the life vests from under the seats. When challenged, they said it was, “for the pool.” Have seen many instances of passenger theft including stealing purses from flight attendant storage areas. Have never–in 27 years–see a flight attendant steal food from any buffet. Complain about the food? Yep. Steal? No. Shame. Loz…get over it and go back to Faux News.

  22. Eat then GO !!! not Eat and take lunch with u and Dinner too if U can get away with it . Their reply is “Well we paid for it ” food is big bucks there I steal too doesn’t make it right . But I do tip them very well like a 20E my 3* hotel will bring buffet food , coffee to my room too. Their doing LOTS and LOTS not a little like I do and I Love the pkgs of chocolate coffee I wonder why they don’t have that anymore or the high end cream @ my local restaurant ..


  23. @Loz, I can see that you are visibly upset by how Lucky wrote the post, but do you also feel the same way on how some of the AI crew behaved themselves at the buffet table as mentioned on the company memo?

  24. @Dave

    “how do we put it? FREEDOM OF SPEECH? is that still a thing here?”

    If your best defense of an opinion is that it’s not illegal to express it, well, that’s not much of a defense…

  25. A buffet is a buffet, and while you can stuff your face to bursting point at it, you do not, that is NEVER, do take-away under any circumstances! I think most regular visitors from 3rd world countries know this.
    The hotel concerned obviously has a contract with one/some airlines, and probably reminded all of them of this simple expectation. While I am unfamiliar with the food offerings on AI, it is probable the hotel buffet selection is more appetising than Economy on AI to cabin crew.
    The hotel has to pay for all this take-away, a considerable extra cost over the course of a year, you’d have to agree.

  26. i don’t get what the big deal is. we routinely bring food from the breakfast buffet to the room for sleeping/jetlagged family members — in the hotel’s plates and without trying to hide it. as long as it’s a reasonable amount (which it probably is if it’s perishables) nobody should have a problem. but really — a whole blog post about air india crew being warned about taking buffet items to their hotel room?!? very immature.

  27. What is the necessity to put the word STEAL in this article.. This shows how short minded and cheap Lucky is becoming.. Moreover he is bringing racism, hatred and ugliness to his blogs… rather than promoting a positive/constructive blog contents…


    Good bye forever to your blog…

    Note: Though it is technically allowed to get sign ups/collecting points thru all the means we could, WE are all morally should be ashamed for taking advantage of this.. This is called CHEATING…

  28. Stacey
    It was fine till they loaded up the cart then asked for ice to keep it fresh . I’m a Cavelord I know what people do .


  29. Question here: Ignoring how much was being taken from the buffet for the moment how many crew and how often does AI send crew to the hotel?

    From a business PoV I would say there’s a breakeven point in this as a loss prevention measure vs goodwill “marketing” to the airline (aka hotel mgmt looking the other way if its a small enough percentage of occurrence). I suppose what I’m trying to get at is this: If I was the owner of the hotel and the airline consistently booked the equivalent of $200-300k in revenue annually of which I made 15-20% margins on I would probably look the other way on a loss of $2-5k USD equivalent in food or even triple that amount.

    It may be a bad habit and the mgmt may get peeved at it, but I’d rather encourage the airline to spend MORE money at my hotel instead.

  30. 1. The food on Air India is amongst the best there is. Real flavour.

    2. Attacking Lucky’s religion is pretty despicable.

    3. I guess the USA still has free speech – as long as your free speech agrees with the President, right?

  31. Room service tray charges are often waived for airline crew as well as substantial discounts on food and beverage. However these discounts merely bring the prices down to a reasonable level (still high) since hotel prices are often expensive to begin with. I would be surprised if Air India didn’t have these benefits for crew in place

  32. This is symptomatic of the problem with including a per diem in salary packages for air crew; such arrangements encourage people ( and probably NOT a minority) to minimise expenditure on meals by loading up on buffet ‘take out’ and pocketing the tax free per diem. Many companies shifted to a cost recovery model to avoid lessen this: it’s not very healthy for staff to be consuming left overs or instant noodles rather than proper meals.

  33. Hey all…
    Saw my honest, factual response deleted within 5 minutes. That means there’s no free speech here. So enjoy your airline employee complaints, Ford’s not cute enough, etc but count me out as annoyed and bored.

  34. Shocked at the hatefu comments. We’d. Like to escape from that hence our participation on here.

    If it’s published that Air India addressed it with crew it is newsworthy. While flight pay is low, I thought a lot of foreign carriers give cash in local currency for layovers. Still, it’s not good behavior and it use be happening often enough that it’s a problem. Might also host other airlines, see it and do the same. Perhaps other airlines have too been reported yet it’s not public

  35. Poorly spirited and researched article. How about time zone and body clock issues faced by cabin crews and some of them wanting to eat their breakfast at an appropriate time later, rather than comply with strict timings of middle of nowhere airport hotels.

    I must say I am big fan of this blog but vile ridden articles like this force me not to come back. Yes I am Indian.

  36. Gosh how dare anything be said against these poor little Indians! What horrible while racists we all are! WTF!

    Firstly if the asst manager is writing a letter it’s because these people are taking the absolute piss. You can bet that they are eating a full breakfast and then filling a box for later. While one feels for them if their pay is not geared for London, but what they are doing is the against the spirit of a buffet and certainly borderline stealing.

    Slightly off topic but I know one hotel who cut their fruit selection to just apples because the Chinese tour groups were filling their bags with it. FACT!

  37. So I did a double check on the story, here and on mashable as well as at which seem to have some more info along with the ToI original.

    @Lucky- you snipped off a bit I think that may have been important in your bullet points; namely that the cabin crew get approximately $600-1200 per month in layover allowance and usually do at least 10 layovers in said period.

    Additionally it seems like AI issues a meal coupon to its crew members, which they would rather use on the buffet and instead save their meal allowance instead. This bit seems to me rather a nominal behavior for people on a per diem allowance. It happens.

    That said again I think both AI and more importantly the hotel has approached this issue wrongly. The hotel could simply have offered a “goodwill” package to AI by having no tray charge for air crew and again simply looked the other way for the most part if a few of the crew are packing up extra food in boxes (or better yet offered to those crew on quick turnovers a To Go box breakfast). Said package can be negotiated into higher prices/extra revenue via bookings with AI. The AGM too who appears to be new at her post should have contacted the hotel to get more details and prepped a set of options on responses that AI could offer to take. Note she may have jumped the gun in authority as well as she didn’t seem authorized to issue the notice that she did. This was an opportunity squandered by both the hotel and the airline imo.

  38. I’ve seen the staff at hotel buffets dump all the leftovers in the bin after closing time.

    Some Hyatt Place properties leave a tray in the room for your convenience to take food back to the room.

    Don’t paint with a broad brush with this issue.

  39. This happens all the time, but apparently with Air India crews it got so bad that the hotel had to say something and the airline had to put a notice out to the employees. If my flights on Air India are anything to judge by, the crews were probably messy, disrespectful and argumentative, and the Renaissance saw this as an opportunity to shame them and maybe get out of a contract they were sick of honoring.

    We might be “simplistic Westerners,” but I’ll take some comfort knowing the streets of my country aren’t paved in excrement, we can keep our power on regularly, and the tap water won’t kill me. Yes, you can keep India – the only “!ncredible” thing about visiting it is the sheer relief you feel when the plane’s wheels leave the runway. Wretched place.

  40. Pretty racIst hotel and pretty racist to put this article here. I would take food from breakfast if getting late. So many hotel chains give you box to take with you.

  41. I still don’t see how this article is racist lmao. To Loz, I am most definitely not white lmao or have any Caucasian blood in me. Full blooded American born Chinese So I full well know the racism(not really racism) against Chinese tourist, because most,90%, is true. I fully aware of what my people do, and the lack of respect and I am disgusted by it, though I still love going to visit the country and call it my second home.

    Outside of China, they act like animals, and have no respect for their surrounding or care about how they are perceived. Inside China, it’s just another average day.

    I can’t really comment on how India is seeing how the British Pretty much ruled that shit.

  42. Culture clash. The Tiffin box is an integral part of Indian culture, together with the expectation that staff bring their own food to work rather than being catered for by their employer. That said, surely Air India much feed their staff, although actions suggest the rations are even more awful than a middle of the road hotel breakfast.

  43. @Dave — even if the Chinese tourist stuff is 90% true, it is a US cultural norm that merely bringing it up is racist.

    Just like it’s racist to claim black IQ is the lowest of all races. A true fact, but if you bring it up, you’re going to be called racist.

  44. Not sure why the hotel management would not have approached the offenders directly.
    As for the letter to the flight crew, sometimes it is prudent to remind your staff that while in uniform, they represent the company and can enhance or reduce the image of the ‘brand’ by their actions/inactions.

  45. Seeing @Loz triggered and mad is absolutely hilarious lol! He clearly identifies with the behavior of the AI crew, and thinks his “social justice” overrules hotel policy. If the hotel says do not take food to go, then do not take food to go. It doesn’t matter if the fatass next to you ate more food than you did. All I can infer is that Loz is probably some Indian/Bangladeshi who likes to steal from buffets. Its also extremely ironic how he talks out at people being “racist”, “bigoted”, and then disses Ben’s last name, the fact that he is Caucasian, attacks people he assumes are Caucasian, and then starts spewing hatred of Christianity/Judaism, and Americans.

  46. I am always a late riser, so I will normally grab a apple or banana if I make it before the buffet is closed . My friends and coworker will also grub something for me if I asked. Hotels like Embassy suites do provide trays for people to bring their breakfast back to room. If a hotel write to IA about this seriously, I guess the behavior is at least serious enough to affack other costomers there.

    @Loz Just look at what a piece of shit you are when you attack Ben on his name, guess you’ve got a name three time longer and is totally unpronounceable to 80% of the reader here. It is AI that linked the behavior to their image, and even India’s image then sent a email to warn their crew, not Lucky!

    Lucky and other bloggers here have been rubbishing not only AI but also a lot of Chinese airlines for years, did you see such amount of hater there? No, because we know they’re talking about facts. Even my friends in air industry accepts those and try to make improvement, then you see Hainan and other airlines got better and better. Also, even when chinese stripping buffet bare, they are still playing under the rules, they didn’t bring boxes and carry everything away!

  47. Kevin, Americans are hated by every single nation and people today. Just look at your crumbling nation, crumbling infrastructure, your violent history, your Jim Crow and anti-native American caste system, the visceral piece of garbage you just elected as a president… Need I carry on? You’re a violently imperialistic nation that doesn’t know how to keep its business within its borders and deems it necessary to infect the world with your gutter culture and military presence.

    America is doomed. You have no future. You’re being swamped by Hispanics and you’re on the verge of becoming an extension of Mexico. You’re the laughing stock of the world. It’s funny that you think I’m a SJW and that I’m triggered. If me defending my people against unwarranted slander makes me a SJW, then so are you for getting so triggered by my comments that you felt the need to launch into a Caucasiany tirade to defend your mayonnaise-coloured folk. Sad!

  48. Keen, I couldn’t care less if my name is unpronounceable to white subhumans. That would be like worrying about whether a dog or a cat can pronounce your name. Who cares about the opinions of a lower race with no history and culture?
    At least my name is thousands of years old and means something. What the hell does ‘Schlappig’ mean?

    You white subhumans have some nerve. You go to your fancy yoga classes and have no problem pronouncing the names of those long asanas, but you’ll jump at the opportunity to attack our names in an instant. I’m merely retaliating in kind. You whites are such cry babies and pussies since you’re getting all triggered after being shown a mirror.

  49. The only person being triggered is you, Loz, a subhuman individual troll hahaha. I am NOT Caucasian and I don’t go on a senseless tirade of insecurity telling people why East Asian culture is superior yada yada and the centuries of history and heritage blah blah bullshit. It doesn’t matter what culture anyone is from. The fact is you will always be a parasite and scum of a human subspecies since you clearly do not fit into any modern society. Your hypocrisy is hilarious. YOU were triggered by this article (second comment), when Ben merely reported on facts: Air India crew and hotel buffet, etc. And then you proceeded to insult his last name, which sounds totally fine by the way, and every white person in existence. Why don’t you just leave this website or troll somewhere else where you can spread your Bangladeshi supremacy? I sincerely hope you get SSSS on every flight going forward, and banned from every country where people you despise make up the majority.

  50. Kevin, everyone knows how eager East Asians are to suck up to white supremacy and how hard they try to assimilate into whiteness by taking on white names, converting to Christianity, and trying their hardest to be white in all aspects of their lives. I’m doing you a favour by expediting that process and calling you white, since you seem so eager to just spit on Asia all for the sake of satisfying your gweilo masters. Just because you’re jealous that you don’t have the integrity to stay true to who you really are, don’t attack others for staying true to themselves.

    Try learning something. 2000 years of Indian efforts to introduce Buddhism into China wasted, and all for what? So you can pivot towards the people who gave you the Opium Wars and death?

  51. @Loz I’m literally dying laughing right now… Jealous? Attack others? The only thing I am attacking is you, a piece of shit and worthless object. Consider this the last response as I am quite frankly wasting my life and feeding a troll. From beginning to end, you have attacked every single demographic mentioned, and found offense in everything. You have attacked this blog owner, Caucasians, Americans, even Mexicans, East Asians, Hispanics. Maybe you should just continue on in your miserable pathetic life trying to compensate by attacking any other demographics not yet mentioned. Your racism is absolutely revolting. Not to mention that everything you have mentioned is completely and utterly false. Eager to spit on Asia? The only thing spewing hatred of any ethnicity is from you. The only object everyone wants to spit on is you. Please disappear.

  52. Kevin, you seem to love degradation and BDSM, what with your fascination for spitting on people and calling them worthless objects. I think I like you. Call me so we can have a Christian Grey-Anastasia contract sometime? xo

  53. I like how you think a £10 tray charge is what’s stopping them buying hotel food, and not the outrageously prices hotel menu itself.

  54. I stay mostly at hyatt hotels since i have the chase card and am a platinum member
    Usually at the hyatt places breakfast is free, however I dont usually have an appetite that early. I also will pack some bagels, pasteries, take some tea bags. This is for later when i have an appetite usually after the buffet closes.

    Now let me say this I always bring at least 4 to 5 dozen macadamia nut chocolate,
    Boxes of candies, coffee, cookies and I pass them out to staff, kitchen helpers, drivers, in addition to tipping housekeeping I also give out goodies.

    This is very common for many people from hawaii to do, i am not the only one.
    Thats why i can never be a carry on only or minimalist packer, i need almost one whole luggage to bring all the goodies.

    And after my stay I always write something very nice about the hotel on trip advisor.

    What Im trying to say not everyone who takes food is classless, there are reasons
    Why they may have to pack. I think I to am generous in sharing alot of goodies from hawaii, on top of that its not easy to pack and bring that many goodies.

    I give a bunch to day staff and to night staff at the hotels, and at places that dont accept tips like Japan I bring extra goodies which they very much appreciate.

    So for those of you judging try to think of reasons why some people do that at buffets.

  55. I just flew UA Business from Mumbai to Newark and while waiting for the lavatory hung around near the Galleys watched how two FA kept munching on cooked food from the main serving trays with their bare heads that repulsed me to no end, and they weren’t overworked as their service sucked like UA usually does on all their Int,l flights (tell me more about Polaris please)

  56. @Bee: they ate with their heads! wow, i’m impressed by the FAs’ skills … but don’t blame them; AI food is delicious

  57. Wow, so many trolls here. Let’s just all be civil and end this… so fuck white people, fuck brown people, fuck black people, fuck everyone. Now can everyone stop getting their balls/ovaries in a twist and just chill

  58. Cmon guys Loz is baiting you and you are responding with the worst parts of your character.
    BTW given that Ben is spending a year schlepping around the world with no home address Schlappig is kind of funny. Schlappig schlepping around the world collecting schwag!!!

    @Loz Schlep means to move slowly/awkwardly. Schlappig is to move slowly like a pig rooting through the forest. Probably at some time in the past Ben’s ancestors searched for truffles as a profession.

    @Ben the contract with the hotel includes complimentary room service with the food from the breakfast buffet to be served to the room. The aircrew is doing the hotel a favor by helping themselves (probably because the service is slow and they are in a hurry to get to the airport and the hotel is simply not staffed to provide room service to that many aircrews in a short period of time).
    In any case this calls for a cancellation of the hotel’s contract with a penalty for breach of contract (the 10 pound room service fee is illegal given that they signed on for complimentary room service when they bid on the contract) Also given this is in London and the wonderful Libel laws the aircrew should definitely consider suing the parent company of Renaissance for character assassination.

  59. Boy, so many comments… I believe Air India crew did something out of ordinary that prompted the hotel management to send the email.

  60. “Schlep means to move slowly/awkwardly. Schlappig is to move slowly like a pig rooting through the forest”

    Don’t quit your day job.

  61. If folks can’t tell the difference between taking a piece of fruit or pastry out the door versus filling a box with food, then there’s nothing to see done. Just because some buffets permit it doesn’t mean you have a right to do that at all of them.

  62. I find the filthy language and insults appalling.
    Where is the moderator to clean up this trashy blog.
    To those faul mouthed individuals take jt to the next level and start posting your cock pics why don’t you.
    This blog belongs in the gutter and doesnt deserve any awards purely based on the filth that is posted.
    It appears nothing is off limits here.
    Shame on you slappig for allowing this!

  63. Can I please ask for decorum in here. Stick to facts. Here is another. I have stayed twice in a Milan Malpensa airport hotel that serves a very good, no, excellent buffet. This hotel’s clients include layover air crew of a mainland Chinese airline. On the fact of manners alone, the crew acted in complete disregard for what is ‘normal’ acceptable behaviour at a European breakfast Buffet. And to make matters worse they were in uniform. This may be a cultural thing, but aircrew represent not only their airline but their country. These people wrapped their take away items in plastic which to me is no different to Air India’s plastic containers.
    And to “No!” I say it is relevant including this in this blog because these are the very same types who will serve you and me in J of F. That is why I wonder to myself when I am told that a certain dish ‘has run out’ on board. This was proven when on a Kenya Airways flight several years I was told that the prawn dish had run out, only to catch the senior purser sitting in the jump seat next to the toilet eating guess what – what looked like the prawn dish that had supposedly run out. What is the common thread in these examples? To me it is developing world mentality.

  64. Hello all…
    Saw my legitimate, true reaction erased inside 5 minutes. That implies there’s no free discourse here. So make the most of your carrier representative grievances, Ford’s not sufficiently adorable, and so on yet forget about me as irritated and exhausted.

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