Just Got Told To “Go F&ck Myself” In US Airways Club

So I’m flying US Airways today… or “the new American”… or whatever they call it.

I have a long layover. It was four hours to begin with. Add in a delay of over two hours, and it’s turning into a long evening. So I’m stuck at a US Airways Club.


It’s quite impressive just how many packaged snacks they have here.



Not that other airlines have “fresh” food by any stretch of the imagination, but usually they at least put the crappy food in “towers” and display cases so that you can’t take food with you as easily.


Full disclosure — I’ve certainly taken food items with me from lounges in the past. But in moderation. I’ve taken one granola bar or one package of cookies in the case of a flight delay. And I’ve also seen people take snacks in larger quantities in the past. But nothing like today.

There was one guy in front of me at the “buffet” (or whatever you want to call it), so I stood behind him as he served himself. He saw the packaged cookies and literally grabbed fistfuls of them and threw them in his bag until there were none left. He’d look around every couple of seconds to see if anyone around him was watching (he didn’t turn all the way around, where I was standing).

I wasn’t going to say anything. But then he took the plastic cups, filled them with snacks from the snack mix “towers,” and then dumped them into Ziploc bags he had in the laptop bag that was over his shoulder. After he had filled four of those cups to the brim and dropped them in his bag, I couldn’t help myself — “sir, you realize these snacks are meant for consumption in the lounge, right?”

He told me to go f%ck myself. Fair enough…

Have you ever witnessed someone preparing themselves emergency food rations in a lounge? Have you ever said anything?

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  1. You were clearly in the right but really, Lucky, what did you expect him to say? “Oh, excuse me sir. I didn’t realize that!” He’s a boor.

    Like you, I’ve copped stuff and never felt guilty but this was clearly above and beyond. Might have said something to the staff, especially if there was nothing left for me! What can I say – a$$hole!

  2. @ Steven S — Oh no, didn’t expect any different response and he was totally in the right to say that. Not “proud” of what I said and wasn’t expecting an apology. Just figured it was a funny story to share while bored on a layover.

  3. I have also taken some fruit for a Dash 8 Service or even a hot chocolate mix from 1 particular lounge as some of my other regular lounges don’t have them to have in transit, but really he is over over the top. It is not the grocery store.

  4. One time in a UA Global First lounge, this 6-7 year old kid was stuffing his face with every food item offered in their so called lounge. Within like a half an hour he threw it all up all over the middle of the lounge! Since it was a United lounge, of course it didn’t get cleaned up for the entire time everyone was there. So basically the same thing.

    What would this guy do if he was in the Korean Air First Class LAX lounge where they only offer like one piece of food for the whole lounge?

  5. Someone was super excited about the Milano cookies at the United lounge in SFO…I saw him shove a huge stash into his carry-on

  6. Jeez, Ben, sorry! I didn’t realize it was you! 🙂

    Just kidding, but on the serious side, I saw the headline and assumed you were told off by the lounge staff or someone connected with the airline. I’m not sure it’s quite fair to associate the airline so prominently with the event as it could have happened anywhere.

  7. If it really was as blatant as you make it out to be, I would have immediately gone to the lounge staff, reported the situation, and hoped they reviewed the security footage.

  8. Lucky, why did you expect him to say that? Why do you think it is ok for him to say that to you? You don’t go into a lounge to be verbally abused by another passenger. I don’t think your comment to him, was out of line at all. I would have probably said something like…leave something for me! I generally try to avoid getting in the way of idiots like this guy. Seriously though, this is why the airlines in the US, don’t do elaborate spreads. Enough people don’t get the benefit, for the cost spent.

  9. I’ve seen some interesting lounge behavior myself. Someone hacked a loogie and spit it in to a napkin and dumped it on to the counter next to the food….

    @The Shy Guy: Sometimes the LAX KAL First Class lounge doesn’t have much food in first if the flights with F have left for the day. Otherwise I have never had issue with the amount of food served there. Besides, wouldn’t you rather save your stomach for the flight?

  10. @ Ben — Get the security footage for what? Telling someone to go f&ck themselves isn’t illegal, and violating club rules won’t get one kicked out, typically.

  11. @ JohnB — Why did I think it was okay? Because I blog for a living. Do you see what people call me on a daily basis? Much, much worse things. 😀

  12. This kind of attitude was only expected from passengers from Spirit, Airtrain, Delta before. Now you can find these folks even at AA. Damn you fare drops.

  13. Good to know the fake cheese made it over to US. Did they buy the remaining stock from Delta? It lasts that long correct?

  14. On a tangent:

    Is there a reason you need to disguise “fuck” as “f&ck”? Are there truly people who are offended by “fuck” but who wouldn’t be offended by “f&ck”?

  15. You had every right to comment to him……..and I do think the lounge staff would do something about someone filling plastic bags with the food……..actually it sounds like he needs to have someone from social services talk to him…….he might just be the husband of the woman stowaway…..was it San Diego or San Francisco………the more you think about this guy the sadder it gets………….

  16. But back on topic:

    I’m glad you said something. The reason we have boors like that guy is because no one ever calls them on their antics.

  17. The “I’d have sex with you” comments ( like the one from “Joe”) should be removed. I’ve noticed an increase in these types of comments here lately and it just doesn’t seem like the place.

  18. This is the sort of trashy, ignorant, rude, no class behavior that you unfortunately see everywhere these days.
    I would have stuck out my hand and introduced myself. Told him he looked famiar and asked his name. Then walked away and promptly called the lounge desk to have him paged to the furthest gate from the lounge.

  19. You’d better be careful Lucky, posting something like this. That guy may see it and then try to call you – from his 0bama phone!

  20. From the title I assumed one of the lounge agents was the one who said it to you … so I guess the actual story is a step up 🙂

  21. My grandma does all that stuff (well… besides the go f$&@ yourself part 😛 ) Also, are you sure that wasn’t JRL? Because being thrifty (by taking food in this instance) is kind of a Jewish stereotype. (no offense here) 🙂

  22. He was definitely out of line….. big time! On all fronts! You were right to say something, but I would hope that you mentioned it to Lounge Staff as well.
    I think we are all guilty of grabbing that odd bag of chips or pack of cookies. Sometimes time dictates that’s what you have to do in order to make a flight. I often barely have time to dash in, freshen up, make a cup of coffee and it’s time to head to the gate. So, yes, I will grab something and go. If it is something like the bagels and cream chesse, or the soup… then no.

    But he takes the cake! Literally!

  23. Based on the headline, my fist thought was that it was a US Air lounge staff person which told you to ___ yourself.

  24. Most gluttonous individuals will hoard, eat in private and hoard some more. When the veil is pulled back they will turn to anger just as any person who is caught doing something wrong will do to “push back” against the accusation or divert away from it. The loser is the glutton. So be it.

  25. Who knows that guy’s intentions … but a colleague of mine used to do the exact same thing, bring home these snack goodies for his kids… and they loved it. So you never know – although you are right!

  26. this reminds me of the similar situation. When I stayed at Hilton Berlin Mitte (it’s a decent 5-star hotel, i would say), during breakfast in the main restaurant, I happened to sit on the opposite side of an American guy (I assumed he’s an American as there was a US flag on his backpack). After he finished his breakfast, he kept bringing all sorts of bread, croissants, dries fruits & nuts, small jam & honey bottle and then put them into the ziploc bags. I thought …. “O me God, Only God knows how many ziploc bags he has in this backpack …” Btw is this kind of behavior acceptable even if you paid for breakfast buffet?

  27. If you’re in Philly, that’s a basic greeting. You should have considered it an invitation to start a conversation. 😉

  28. What a fool. It’s all crappy packaged foods anyways. What would he have done if he was in a lounge with decent food?

  29. Hand him one of those paper United Club “One Time Pass” cards from Chase and tell him they have plenty of hot and cold sandwiches over there. And an open bar.

  30. Whenever I read stories like this I always hope there’s an accompanying photo of the offender. Why can these people not be publicly shamed? They deserve it. Are there legal implications in doing so? I understand maybe one would want to avoid confrontation, but maybe take a photo discreetly?

  31. Watched a guy at the T7 United club in LAX do the same exact thing a few months ago. I literally have no idea what goes through people’s minds sometimes.

    Agree with what several others have said that the title of the post makes it sound like a US Airways employee told you to go f*&% yourself. This really had nothing to do with US Airways – you just happened to be in their lounge, but this could’ve happened anywhere (and does).

  32. Someone was stuffing Biscoff cookies from the Delta Skyclub in their carry-on as though an apocalypse was all but certain, granted a ice cold glass of 2% and those packaged bites of ginger heaven do hit the spot but everything in moderation.

  33. Eh, I’ve seen ziploc bags in pockets at an “all you can eat” chinese restaurant buffet. the guy was literally pouring in sesame chicken with the sauce into his ziploc bag lined pockets! Was 15 years ago, but the memory stays with me…

  34. That had me weeping. So much for making new friends in the club.

    I was in PHL on a layover couple of weeks ago. It was raining and there were garbage cans set up all throughout the US & AA terminals to catch the leaks. Another bonus – air wasn’t working so areas had large fans set up. In the future take the train and visit the Reading Terminal Market for some great food options.

  35. A prolific Flyertalker on the United forum is known to do this. Have seen him do it in person as well after meeting him on a flight. Even has his girlfriend get in on it. Great player of the game, but terrible judgement.

  36. Maybe he was upset that they hadn’t put the AA style white pretzels in the towers yet.

    Now you know why he lounges limit how much they put out. He is ruining it for everyone else.

  37. Charlie’s comment is indeed pure greatness — one of the reasons I read the blog. And, Greg, more than a fair smattering of the good folks on FlyerTalk seem to have terrible, terrible judgment about a lot of things besides just packaged cookies.

  38. Companies set up a benefit (even a crappy food selection) that they expect customers to use in moderation, and then people find a way to game the system and use the benefit to excess. They fill a backpack at a buffet, or they MS their way to endless hotels rooms and first class flights. How many of us in this hobby are in some way guilty – and how many of us will justify what we are doing in a most forceful manner, attacking those who suggest otherwise.

    I agree this person was a pig, but suggestions to call security, post his photo, trash his reputation. What’s the line about casting the first stone?

  39. Sadly,this doesn’t surprise me – I guess he wanted food for the flight and to get his money’s worth out of the lounge. In Philly, I use the (small) BA lounge instead when flying US if I can – the food is freshly made, there are cookie jars and the drinks are free (glasses no little plastic cups).

  40. Lisa’s comment hit the nail on the head. In Philly, “Go f— yourself” just means “Nice to meet you.”

  41. A couple years back i went on a trip with my roomates, flying via LAX. I guested them into the Skyclub with me as we had a couple hour layover. Upon seeing the self serve bar two of them proceeded to act like it was some ‘free drinks night’ at the bar. Pouring 2 or 3 drinks at a time and running them back to the table, slamming them, and going back for more, desperately trying to get as many as they could before we headed to the gate. As it got to our departure time one of my friends piled a plate with snacks/trail mix from the buffet and poured it right into his backpack….before then grabbing 3 bottles of beer and shoving those in his backpack as well.

    Needless to say i have never taken them into a club again.

  42. I’ve seen this before actually but in a Admirals club at JFK. What did I do? Nothing because of the following:

    1) There was plenty of snacks to go around – should he have been taking the last snack I wanted when he was hogging the rest, that would of been a different story to report
    2) My thoughts are that one should avoid dealing with an unethical or angry person directly in an airport but rather report it to an employee/official if you feel you must. Should a fight happen, either verbally loud or even physical, it can result in not getting to fly that day or worse. They are often two sided and hard to talk your way out of it should it backfire.
    3) He has access to the club (at least for that day) and don’t recall seeing any rules he was breaking. If the rules weren’t clear as day, then it is not OUR place to say otherwise to him directly.
    4) Keep in mind he might of been having a very bad day filled with layovers, could have low blood sugar or have a social disorder – there are often reasons we don’t know about why people are mean, especially if they have been traveling for hours.

    Just my thoughts…

  43. Nice work calling that loser out, but I’ve found a message dripping with sarcasm won’t elicit a response like that, because they can’t think fast enough to respond…”I think they have some more in the back if you’re still hungry”, or the like.

  44. @ Lucky, next time if you meet this kind of person, can you tell the person in charge of that place (such as lounge supervisor, etc.), just told them immediately if the person is behaving inconsiderately to others (such as the incident of loud military guys in lounge back then and this one). And let us know what happened by writing a post like this in the future, I am interested to know what will the person in charge of the lounge handle this matter.

  45. Maybe I’m just older, but I’m just amazed at the number of posts here giving this guy a pass. The guy was a grade A, #1 a**hole and you should definitely have let him and a lounge attendant know. People need to stop making excuses for boorish behavior. It’s so sad to see how our standards are fading so fast and everyone just shrugs. Yeah, maybe the guy had a bad day – he’s flying US, but you know what? Suck it up! What the heck is wrong with people?

  46. One commenter says “it was none of your business”… I assume that being the dbag the hoarding guy was, he took all the biscuits with none left for you which triggered your reaction. Of course it’s your business!.

    I’m sad you didn’t report him, maybe i’m expecting too much but do you think there was a possibility that the staff with maybe some security personnel could request him to open his bag? the shame moment would be priceless! and maybe he could be banned from access?.. And yes, for full disclosure I love the walkers butterbread snacks (an the ghirardelli hot chocolate mix) from the United lounges and more than once have taken 1 or 2 for later.

  47. Change it to at “a lounge” instead of “US lounge” and I think it is better
    US does not control its pax in lounges nor does anyone else

  48. Not to disparage our mutual heritage, but are you sure that wasn’t a “sweet” older grandma from Germany in disguise? I think I still have bruises on my ribcage from that encounter…

  49. I’m about as non-confrontational as it gets, but I don’t understand people who said this is none of Lucky’s business.

    Assholes deserve to be called out for this shitty behavior. Many of them do the shit they do because no one ever call them out on their shit. A surprising number of them clean up their act with a little public shaming. This guy doesn’t sound like he would clean up his act, but doesn’t mean his asshole behaviour should go unrecognized.

  50. Looks like all the lounges use the same catering conglomerate. That *buffet* is a mirror image of United’s. Both are terrible,

  51. Nice work, Lucky, as that’s a must call-out!

    IMO, taking an extra snack for the road – acceptable; expected practice expected by lounges.
    Filling ziplock bags or the like – theft (or even could be considered burglary, as he entered the premises with the intent to commit a theft therein).

  52. In the late 80s I was in the back of the bus on a transpac that had a final destination in China. There was an older couple who were seated in the middle seats who perhaps were not frequent flyers. After the meal was served, they waited a bit for the FA to pass and then they simultaneously shoved their food–TRAY AND ALL–into large bags that were stowed at their feet.
    My hitherto unknown seatmate and I launched into a giggle fit that must’ve lasted a full 20 minutes. That person and I are still friends to this day.

  53. Sounds like one of your blog readers. I mean, this is exactly the kind of selfish, entitled attitude that you preach and teach every day (and that you depend on to make your make your living). Pot calling the kettle black.

  54. So that’s what Devil’s Advocate does when he’s not trolling you? He steals the snacks from the airline lounges and tells people to go F*** themselves if the protest?

  55. 1. I’ll admit to taking a couple of cookies from the UA F lounge at ORD for my connecting regional jet flight, but ZIPLOC BAGS?!? Seriously? Dat bitch got no class.

    2. Lucky, he had no right to speak to you that way. None. The appropriate response when caught doing something like this is to blush and scurry away in shame.

    3. I find a loud clearing of the throat is a good way to let someone know you’re there behind them. In a particularly difficult situation (such as this one where the guy is taking ALL the cookies), a casual “Do you want to leave some for the rest of us, buddy?” works.

  56. I’m sorry, meeting 10s of thousands of dollars in minimum spend so an airline can fly me on a premium set they probably wouldn’t sell anyways is selfish and entitled? News to me. Go f&@k yourself, Arny.

  57. This makes two weeks in a row you’ve either confronted someone or been on the verge of confronting someone for their lounge behavior. You are correct the guy is a complete jerk but no one gave you a badge so stop trying to play lounge sheriff everywhere you go. As for you two clowns Dax and Luis, if you think the end of society in the USA is this guy copping freebies, feel free to continue on, blissfully ignorant of your destruction of the planet with your gratuitous air travel. End of society indeed.

  58. Wow, and to think I feel kind of guilty for taking a bag of chips or a can of soda out of the lounge (occasionally and never more than that) for consumption on my flight.

    I think the guy was wrong. It’s behavior like his that ruined it for everyone else (taking so much for himself so than others don’t get to take a snack) and causing new rules/signs to be put up (i.e. do not take stuff outside of lounge) because some people have no self-control/restraint whatsoever about “free” food.

    Moderation in everything.

    Obviously not a classy guy the way he responded, but I still think it’s awesome that Lucky called him out on it.

  59. Hmm… an appropriate response might have been “I wish I could”… Oh sorry, is this a G rated site? 😉

  60. I would have said “Mind if I just help myself before you clean everything out?”

    Seriously, if they had real food instead of easily-pocketable packaged crap, this wouldn’t happen (as much). Imagine cramming a ziplock with hummus, melon balls, and an éclair!

  61. The Aspire EDI lounge has sign posted at the entrance that states removing food from the lounge is punishable by law (land lots of legal jargon)…. Normally I don’t report lounge hoarders but ones that speak so eloquently when they tell you what you can do with your person deserve to get reported. What time did this happen, I was in the Aspire EDI lounge on the 29th in the early AM?

  62. What are you ? The lounge police? Why the need for public confrontation? You don’t work in the lounge. Just let it go and be grateful that you were raised better. I don’t understand why people waste energy trying to change or correct the behavior of others. The best case scenario is they will say “go fuck yourself” worse could be they wait for you somewhere and kick your ass….or worse. If he emptied the snack supplies just ask the lounge staff for more and explain to them if you feel the need. Find something better to blog about…and yes, your headline made it sound as if the lounge directed that comment to you. Sounds like cnn reporting MH370….misleading lead-in.

  63. I usually refer to this particular type of lice as “pockets,” whether they are stuffing the snacks into their oversized khakis or their carryon.

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