Disgusting: 50 Taxi Drivers Assault A Single Uber Driver In Malaysia

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Uber has faced a lot of opposition with their growth, both on a government level and also on an individual level. While we’ve seen some peaceful protests from taxi drivers and their supporters (Russel Brand is among them), we’ve also repeatedly seen horrible violence against Uber drivers.

Well, the latest story of violence against Uber drivers comes out of Kuala Lumpur, and is one of the worst I’ve heard yet, since it seemed to be targeted against one specific driver. More than 50 taxi drivers attacked an Uber driver with a passenger, to the point that the passenger had to go to the hospital.


Per FMT News:

A female tourist was left injured after more than 50 taxi drivers struck the Uber car she was traveling in at KL Sentral yesterday.

According to the China Press, the incident occurred on Monday morning when the Iranian couple, who had recently touched-down in Malaysia, were using the Uber service.

More than 50 taxi drivers, who were “hiding” in KL Sentral, pounced on them as soon as they entered the Uber car.

The couple, along with the Uber driver, were pulled out of the car before the suspects used rocks to break the car window.

The injured female tourist was then taken to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment.

That’s just disgusting, and plain stupid. I realize a majority of taxi drivers don’t support violence as a means of voicing their displeasure with Uber. However, for those who engage in this sort of behavior, what exactly are they hoping to accomplish? They’re not going to get sympathy from the public, so is their strategy to try and scare people to the point that they’ll want to take a taxi over an Uber for safety reasons? That’s one way to build your business, I suppose…

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  1. Unfortunately, there are some angry cab drivers looking to intimidate Uber drivers who are taking their business. Stories like this have also come up in China, and at least 1 in NYC.

    On the more passive aggressive side (in personal experience), taxis will often actively block uber drivers from even changing lanes on the streets of Manhattan. All kinds of stupid things.

  2. Crazy. Was just there and probably took 10 rides in my week there.

    I ALWAYS avoid conflict at all cost but getting attacked while riding an Uber is one of the very few things that would make me change my mind…just tired of these stories.

    PS. Violence is bad…don’t succumb to it.

  3. This happens in Brazil everyday. The other day a regular person (not a Uber driver) had his black car vandalized since taxi drivers thought he was a Uber Black driver.

  4. Cab drivers are thugs in pretty much every part of the world. I have no sympathy for them. I’m willing to go out of my way and pay extra to take an uber…fortunately I rarely have to do that because Uber is almost always cheaper and more convenient.

  5. I completely agree this is wrong. However not everyone is a Uber fan. I stopped using them last year after $12,000 in fraud showed up on my AMEX. This happened more then once. I have also several drivers get lost and a few just not show up, even after requested and on the way. I agree taxi cab drivers around the world for the most part suck. Dig deep into Uber you might find out they are not the darling company you think they are.

  6. Happens everywhere, cab drivers are often uneducated poor thugs. Lots of aggressive violent behavior here in the US also. Boxing in uber cars by taxi cabs, vandalism, tire cutting etc.

  7. Don’t mess with malaysian taxi companies. One’s downfall was the cause of the asian financial crisis a few years ago. No joke. (look up peregrine fund)

  8. @OscarGonzalez, just because a few people do a horrible thing, it doesn’t mean the whole country is the same. Yes, Malaysia has issues, but the same goes for every other country. It’s very easy to generalise when you aren’t in the same geo-political area. (I am not condoning what happened to the Uber driver in any way, what the taxi drivers did was deplorable and unacceptable)

  9. Common in Malaysia. All taxi companies are owned by corrupt politicians. Dont even be surprised if the drivers get paid for doing this.

  10. I am fond of Malaysia (but not their governments anti Jewish and anti Semitic policies) and on my recent visit there took UBER at least 10 times usually from Hilton to KLIA. UBER has changed the life of a tourist in KL, Taxis were bad and they had the worst reputation in all of Asia (especially compared to Singapore). Uber has been a godsend to frequent fliers and travellers (5 trips to Asia and 10 trips to Eurpe and 2 to Middle East per year). They face unreasonable threats in India and Malaysia, but do not face any opposition in UAE Qatar, Argentina, Colombia (the last two countries taxi drivers resent them of course). I have stopped taking taxis in the USA and even stopped renting cars in Miami as I can conveniently use Uber. I recently read that the taxi services have suffered a near 50 per cent loss of their business and with the investment of Saudi of 3 billion and also on other car hailing apps such as Gett in Israel, Taxis face a very uncertain future. For recent cuban migrants Uber has been a lifesaver while they are waiting for opportunities to open up, rather than the usual washing dishes or waiter job. Uber has created hundreds and thousands of jobs around the world (I think the technology is Israeli and the business model is American) and it is here to stay! If the taxi drivers in Miami were polite, the KL drivers are downright nasty, and offered similar services, people might use them. RIght now it is UBER.. It is interesting to note that there is no protest against Uber drivers in UAE even though Oman does not allow it

  11. @bradR – Malaysia is not Indonesia 😉 And thats quite a stretch.. the fund went bust due to the financial crisis, and not causing it.

  12. In Paris, France.
    Some months ago there were massive taxi drivers strikes against Uber and other transport companies. They were in groups of 20-30 taxi drivers, stopped all cars in the city, expressways, airports that looked like Uber cars and forced the drivers and passengers to get out. Some cars were broken, put on fire and drivers assaulted and injured. This include a mother passenger with her baby.
    All subscribers to Uber and other transport companies received emails warning them about the situation and informed that the drivers will wear casual clothes (jeans, t-shirts) and ask for passengers to sit in the front seat for security and to avoid being stopped at taxi drivers check points.
    I can tell you that this was really really violent:
    The actress Courtney Love’s vehicle was attacked:

    As a person living in Paris I avoid to use taxi if possible because when you board a taxi in Paris you enter the taxi driver’s HOME. He is the king in his taxi and you should avoid to make him unhappy or he will become aggressive or try to scam you. If your destination is not so far, not in a place that is convenient for him, he will refuse to drive you there (this is forbidden by french law and police can fine them for that). If he wants to smoke, make a call, listen at the soccer comments in the radio he will do so. I know that this happens in many cities around the world, but it also happens in Paris.

    If you come to Paris I really recommend you to use a transport company (there are alot, not only UBER), they are cleaner, safer and not that expensive compared to taxi. And the most important point is that you will receive a real service and not be considered as a money dispenser.
    Before Uber came to Paris, we had no choice but to use the taxi. Taxi drivers knew that and they were KINGS. More and more Parisians now use transport companies and more and more transport companies are created in Paris and other french cities, there is a reason for that and this is not only a matter of price.
    If you know that those people are so aggressive at the point that they created checkpoints to stop Uber drivers, clash with them and put fire to their vehicle, that those drivers who did not participate in the violences agree with that, will you really board their taxi (means enter their HOME)?

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