What Does A Trump Presidency Mean For Travel?

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Well, yesterday was a big day for the US, and a big day for the world. The United States had their own form of “Brexit” (which I think even Trump supporters would agree with), where the unlikely happened. It goes without saying that there are very mixed feelings about the results given how polarizing Donald Trump is.

Furthermore, in reality we don’t actually know how much of his campaign promises were things he’ll actually follow through on, vs. things he said just to get elected, as is the case with most politicians.

Of course it’s too early to tell what a Trump presidency will mean for travel, though I do think there are some general things we can expect, and things to look out for. I’m trying to be as balanced as possible below, so forgive me on both sides if I’m not expressing things strongly enough:


Trump was the wild card in this election, so we’re seeing how the markets are reacting. Dow futures went down more than after 9/11 when it first looked like Trump would win, though they’ve recovered somewhat since then. It’s not necessarily that Trump is bad for the economy, but rather that the uncertainty scares people, especially in the travel space, given all the things he has said.

A weaker USD

Relatively speaking, the USD has been doing extremely well lately, and there has never been a better time to travel internationally as an American, at least based on how far our currency will take us. As we’ve seen economies around the world performing poorly while the United States does relatively well, we’ve also seen the Dollar perform extremely well against currencies like the Euro, Pound, and heck, even the Egyptian Pound (which has proven surprisingly useful).

Trump realistically wants to decrease imports and increase exports, both of which could lead to our currency being weakened (if we want to export, it’s advantageous for the USD to be weaker). Add in all the uncertainty, and it’s not good news for the strength of the USD.

Less visa-free travel

In the past few years we’ve seen a net reduction in the number of countries that charge reciprocal fees for US visitors. With Trump taking a hard stance against many regions, I suspect this could be reversed, and that we’ll see visas or reciprocal fees required for more countries.


A more protectionist aviation policy

For well over a year, the “big three” US carriers and “big three” Gulf carriers have been in a huge battle. It has centered around the right of Gulf carriers to operate flights to the US. Up until now the US government has sided with the Gulf carriers, and continues to allow them to fly to the US. Given Trump’s “patriotic” approach to things and him wanting to “bring jobs back to the US,” I wouldn’t be surprised to see him side with the US carriers on this.


A lot more reactions to being a US traveler

In the past year I haven’t been able to travel anywhere internationally without talking about Trump. The second I mention I’m from the US, the first thing out of peoples’ mouths has been about Trump. Reactions have been mixed — in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan, they seem to love him, while they don’t in most other places I’ve seen.

I was looking forward to those conversations ending after the election, but I guess they’re only getting started. So if you go somewhere and say you’re American, I suspect the first thing out of peoples’ mouths will be “ah, Donald Trump,” for better or worse.

Be ready to talk! Perhaps it’s time for me to use my German passport and claim to be from Germany again. Not because I’m ashamed of the US, but rather because I just don’t want to keep having that same conversation.


Bottom line

It’s still really too early to tell, but I think the biggest implication of a Trump presidency on travel right now is the uncertainty. No one knows what’s going to happen, and that’s not good for our currency. So I suspect the USD will lose some of the strength it has picked up lately, though over time that may normalize again. Other than that I guess we’ll see.

What do you think the implications of a Trump presidency are on travel?

  1. How does a Trump presidency impact travel? There will be a lot of one way tickets to places like New Zealand and Canada.

  2. Trump isn’t God. Trump isn’t a dictator. Trump was/is a clown. All this garbage that everything trump at one point or another said to pander to some random demographic won’t make it past a speech he made.

  3. No effect on International Travel.
    Sun’s going to come up this morning. The key is we are all Americans. We all want what is best for America. Now is the time for everyone to come together and stop dividing ourselves. The United States of America can show the world that we are Stronger Together and that we are making America Great Again.

  4. Read your history @Lynn. Protectionism and fear-driven policies WEAKEN the US on the international stage. It has been tried before and failed. Bigotry and racism and hatred and divisiveness have been tried before and failed (though apparently they have remained in the psyche of many Americans so it only took a demagogue like Trump to scratch the surface a little to let the feelings cone out.) We are not showing the world we are stronger together, because we just elected a Hater in Chief. The sun still rose but it’s a sad day in our country and a reflection of how we have not learned from the past of how far we have to go.

  5. In 2008 when Mr Obama won the election, the democrats said: “The people HAVE SPOKEN”. Now, the PEOPLE who have spoken THIS time are called stupid. Talk about double standard. But hey, it’s politics.
    I never said this on your blog, but this post of yours is just to get traffic knowing very well that your readers are divided with regards to their political views. I am disappointed.

  6. I am concerned now about my trip in 15 days to India and Egypt, with short trips to Doha, UAE, and Turkey. I will be traveling a month. Im concerned! I already have the e-visa for both India and Turkey, we will see when I arrive in Egypt if they give me one.

    Should I be scared?

  7. I have a second Italian passport and despite the obvious reasons for using my U.S. passport to visit Canada or Mexico, I now really want to use the Italian passport, just because I’m so ashamed. This is not Bush-level shame. It’s worse than that.

    Also, a lot of people with dual-citizenship are bragging on FB or Twitter, and this makes me uncomfortable, because I am horrified and (extremely) depressed — the point of tears — by Donald Trump’s “win” (if you call losing the popular vote a “win”!). At this point, we have a huge privilege, and we don’t want to rub it in the face of others who don’t have this privilege.

    If we share that we have this privilege, let’s do it in a helpful way — for example, I’m happy to help others of Italian ancestry pursue dual citizenship.

  8. I read something about the Dodd Frank Act being repealed. It will be interesting to see what happens with this. I believe this was the reason that point earning debit cards went away.

  9. @Tony,

    You have nothing to fear. Do you think Persians fear coming to the U.S. because our governments don’t get along? People are people — and they don’t blame you for the passport you hold. People always say, “I understand the difference between you and your government.”

    Have a good trip!

  10. Yes the people have spoken. Everyone has known from the beginning that Trump’s Make America Great Again meant Make America White again. It was a silent wink to the sleeping racism and fear-driven protectionism in this country. That’s why the KKK paper praised him and his policies and his slogan in their newspaper editorial. Stupid? You be the judge of that.

  11. It will be legal and acceptable to molest women on the way to work.

    Considering the number of women that voted for him, I think they enjoy it too.

  12. While my choice did not win, I consider the constitutional powers of the presidency when I wonder how this will impact travel. Especially with a tight Senate who must approve all trade deals etc. I agree with Ben that the biggest issue in the short term will be uncertainty. The Asian markets crashed but the Dow is steady. I am really just glad it’s over.

  13. @Lynn — to think that electing someone who has talked about banning the people of nations that we count as allies from entering the United States has no effect on international travel seems naive. Having a President who does not think before speaking will surely have an effect on international travel: it will be less safe for Americans. While many people may be able to separate the words of the government from the feelings of individual people, there are certainly large groups of people who will not make that separation — just as many of my neighbors who voted for Donald Trump can not separate a religion from fanatical terrorism. That’s what scares me.

    I’m not saying that I won’t travel. In some ways, perhaps it is more important than ever for American people to become the ambassadors of America. But to say that the result will have no effect is just naive.

    I’m obviously very disappointed in the result and you can imagine I feel that way for a myriad of reasons (despite disagreeing with them). After seeing the numbers roll in last night, I wouldn’t feel remarkably better had the result gone the other way by only a slim margin — either way, it is what the result says about America that troubles me. I feel sick in so many ways. That said, I know the sun will come up tomorrow. I worry for the future for sure, but also know that life will go on. But realistically, I’m not sure how anyone can see something other than a net loss for us in regards to international travel. Clearly, an isolationist leader was chosen — that sends a message to the world. Those of us who do travel will be forced to grapple with that message again and again as Lucky said.

  14. Lots of liberal hand wringing here. It will have no impact on travel. Your assumptions are based on a false premise. Please follow through on your empty threats to move to Canada, libbies. Enjoy those 6 month wait times for surgery and other wonderful fruits of socialism.

  15. As a non-US Muslim, my travel to the US will be limited or even completely stopped if Trump goes through with his ‘ban Muslims’ plan.

  16. Wow you just pull this stuff out of left field. As of this comment the dow is down 30 points. No big deal and win he lowers corporate tax rates the markets will soar. Less visa free travel? Give me a break already several countries like russia, Egypt, Philippines have pledged their support and renew of relationship. How will this lead to more visa fees.
    Trump was elected as a popularist you think he is siding with aviation. Same aviation system that forced Trump aviation out of business? What he does we don’t know becuase he hasnt’ said one word about it. But I think it is just as likely for him to be first president to roll back TSA craziness and pass a bill of rights for travelers than do as you say and side with aviation.

    Love your guys blog but stay out of politics. Your biased in your thought process.

  17. I did a fair amount of traveling in Europe this summer and I really didn’t have anyone ask me about Trump but I did have a lot of people ask/complain about Obama. These were not conversations I initiated. Also, there is a conservative wave in Europe starting with Brexit and perhaps spreading to France, Germany etc. due to the immigrant/refugee situation. Leaders like Angela Merkel are in increasingly precarious positions as well.

  18. He won without cheating or inciting violence
    He is not a fascist and is/was not under CRIMINAL investigation
    The media and certain bloggers evinced their bias toward him because he didn’t fit their narrative

    Everyone – take a deep breath – please be gracious – all will be OK – Gay men and Women (am one of those) will do fine – African Americans will do better – am old enough to remember Reagan’s election – the reaction we’re seeing today is EXACTLY the same as the rxn Reagan’s election – Reagan was excoriated by the press and populace and we’re all still here today.

    Travel – no impact – the food on AA will still be lousy.

  19. Oh to be a fly on the wall in Trump’s locker room today! He probably went to bed last night dreaming of all the !2#$ he was going to be grabbing in his new job, reflecting on Kissinger’s missive “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”

  20. “Given Trump’s “patriotic” approach to things and him wanting to “bring jobs back to the US,” I wouldn’t be surprised to see him side with the US carriers on this.”

    I dunno, Trump’s business ties to many of these countries might make him lean towards the GCC countries.

    “I really didn’t have anyone ask me about Trump but I did have a lot of people ask/complain about Obama”

    Well, when you only hang out with neo-Nazis, what do you expect?

  21. @sparky: “But I think it is just as likely for him to be first president to roll back TSA craziness and pass a bill of rights for travelers than do as you say and side with aviation.”

    Uh, no. One of Trump’s biggest shouting points has always been security. He focused on preventing Islamic terrorists from entering the country, but it’s not a great leap to go from there to enhanced security checks all over the place. More invasive TSA searches (a la Israel) rather than the current ineffective security theater, and more security checks wherever there are crowds.

    As for a passengers’ bill of rights – he never weighed in on that AFAIK, and there is no reason to believe he’ll care one way or the other about it.

  22. @Jacinda The “tolerant left” speaking once again. You truly believe anyone who disagrees with you is a neo Nazi. That is just sad. No wonder leftist protestors are so prone to violence, with a mindset like yours. You worry about Trump being corrupt, but ignore actual past evidence of Hillary’s corruption. Trump was not my first choice, he is a total blowhard douche, and I prefer more of a libertarian viewpoint, but I’ll take that douche over a socialist any day.

  23. For business travel, there will be significant effects if Trump is as protectionist as his rhetoric suggests. Far less incoming business travel and, as other countries retaliate, far less outgoing business travel.

    For personal travel, the effects will be much more muted and will mostly center around the exchange rate and visa formalities. However, if business travel declines, so will airline schedules – initially this will be good as there will be bargains, but capacity will drop in the medium term.

    For the travel industry, expect to see fewer tourists to the USA – people who think they will be unwelcome won’t come. That’s bad for hotels and the tourist industry.

  24. @Rob

    I very much hope that it will be like Reagan, where the media hated him but he did great in office. I fear that Trump won’t follow that playbook. One of Reagan’s greatest strengths was that he surrounded himself with extremely smart advisers and followed much of their advice – essentially what all good leaders should do.

    Sadly, there is no evidence to date that Trump has anyone smart on his side at all. No one can know everything about everything, but you have to get advice when you don’t know – sadly, it seems Trump knows little but believes he knows it all.

  25. This blog looks like it wants to spread its own fear among travellers. As a person who travels internationally 50% of the year, I can say there should be no fear for travel to other countries. People in all countries do not judge an individual American by its government. Act like a good person and you will be treated like one.
    As for all the other speculation in the blog, that’s all it is. Just an opinion of a person having a bad day. Tough day for all Hillary lovers.

  26. Okay right- travel blog. So as someone who travels internationally for several months per year, I can say, it will have a huge impact for sure. The rest of the world already thinks we are self-important pigs. Now we elected a meglomaniac racist with a history of abuse of women and power and the economic system, the ultimate self-important pig. “Leader of the Free Wold”??? I have never liked that title. Now it just seems like a joke. Whatever our individual values and politics are I am disgusted and ashamed that this is how we now will represent ourselves to the world for the next 4-8 years. I always thought it was kinda funny how Canadian travelers always have their flag somewhere on their jacket or backpack or cap. It’s not to tell people they are Canadian so much as to make sure they aren’t mistaken for obnoxious Americans. And BTW protectionist policies will lead to serious erosion of our currency and we will all be paying substantially more for our travel very soon- just like the Brits post Brexit.

  27. @Lucky – just a check on the economics of currencies: if a country implements policies that boost exports and decrease imports, that country’s currency should go up over time. So given your view on exports, USD should strengthen.

    Weakening the currency can be used as a way to make exports more competitive, but in the US presidents don’t have the power to weaken the dollar directly so he will have to resort to other policies to make exports more competitive.

    However, your point that the USD has risen a lot lately is a good one, and many would argue that it’s now overextended and unlikely to go up further over the next year. Although we should also note that if the Federal Reserve increases interest rates that should make the USD strengthen as well.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  28. Travel will go down. Arguable the only group trump has shown real protectionist tendencies so far are countries in the Middle East. Every well else he wants to make deals and work with all countries. Middle East travel is 1/75 of all us travel. About a million a year even if every single middle eastern no longer travels which is ridiculous to say the least it would only mean a 1 percent drop in hotels and flights. Same if it is harder to travel to Middle East this would account for 1%. If trump doubles economy output we would more than make up for any scared visitors who didn’t want to come.

  29. He should fire all those lazy ass screeners at airports who have not prevented a single terrorist act. Then turn it over to a private company.

    Secondly screw all the PC nonsense and selectively screen likely terrorists rather than everyone, we all know it is muslims who do the radical acts. This is policy of El Al and it works just fine.

  30. @ Matt: It would be Der Fuehrer you uneducated loser. Get your German prepositions right if youre going to use it

  31. I like to think it will be friendlier to our “hobby,” if/as they plan to dismantle the over reaching effect of Dodd Frank.

  32. This is Germany 1933. Luckily Trump is 72 years old and hopefully his ticker gives out before he tries to move tanks into Canada.

  33. Hopefully nothing will change in the travel world. Of course if the US economy declines and dollar tanks against foreign currencies that would bring us back about nine years ago for perspective.

  34. @Credit Yes and a billionaire paid out $0 dollars on sexual harassment claims because guess what? It is all just leftist rhetoric to get you to vote for their candidate.

  35. Hilarious. Crocodile tears for the ‘proud-to-be-an-American’ apologists. Love the guy who admires Canadians for sewing flags on their backpacks. Oy vey.

    What it really means is that you don’t have to make petty apologies to the rest of the free world in the name of political correctness. You can once again walk around knowing that your countrymen have wisened up and elected a president who represents America’s greatness and isn’t afraid of it. It means you don’t have to take guff from namby pamby UN internationalist types who cannot build a proper capitalist democracy anyway – hello European Union!

    Who lives their life being ashamed like this? What kind of zero life is that? Be proud, get some balls, live life to its fullest. Don’t let others define you. Don’t let other countries (who are mostly losers anyway, and I say that in the sweetest way possible) define ours.

  36. Just have to note the “magical thinking” of the Trump trade policy. Yes, he would like to reduce imports and boost exports, however, that is not how protectionism works. Trumps raises trade barriers and reduces imports (denying the citizens of the US access to those products previously imported). That does not cause other countries to suddenly salivate over getting more American products, it causes them to raise their own trade barriers and reduce American exports. So the US consumer loses access to imported products and US business loses access to foreign markets. Congratulations, everyone loses and welcome to the dirty thirties all over again, as this is pretty much exactly what caused the depression

  37. Re: Dodd Frank impact – unknown at large..there are some good portions of it, I can’t believe I’m saying that as a person who had to help assist other firms in complying with the rules in this, such as the work on reforming mortgage packages and with the CFPB. That said the rules were onerous at best and mind boggling for anyone to navigate through.

    What I’m more interested in is the impact on potential FACTA the election results will have (not just from Trump but the broader House/Senate).

  38. My favorite thing about the Obama Presidency is all the racial healing that’s taken place in the last 8 years. 😉

    I find all of the Nazi comments by the leftist trolls posting here hilarious, since the Nazi Party was Socialist. If you are so ignorant you don’t understand that just google the meaning of NAZI. Ok, I’ll save you the time, it is short for National Socialist Workers Party. Also for those who don’t know, Fascism is a sub variant of Communism. “Fascist Capitalist” is an oxymoron.

    One of Nazi Party’s favorite election tactics was to violently attack their opponents campaigns. Guess who just did that? As Wikilinks revealed, the Clinton campaign had the “community organizer” Robert Creamer hire goons to go to Trump rallies and beat up Trump supporters. Then Clinton had the gall to criticize Trump supporters for their “violence” (sic). After the leaked email came out he was forced to leave his paid post with the Clinton campaign, but Hillary never apologized for his actions. AFAIK it’s was only Republican sites that were fire bombed this year.

    So enough with the Trump/Nazi comments.

  39. You will see more oversees tourists in USA as dollar goes down it becomes cheaper no one outside us is that concerned about Trump. I live in London and since the pound went down there are tourists everywhere. America welcome to our world.

  40. Right, it’s a travel blog. I’m looking forward to traveling around the US grabbing p***y without consequences.

    Another thing, if Trump pushes the nuclear button at 3am, flights are going to have to be routed around the zone, or perhaps we’ll need to be reticketed via a different transfer point. And if my final destination is obliterated, does anyone know if we can rebook for a week or two later without penalty?

  41. If you are looking to leave the US because of this i have some SWUs that expire in december im happy to give you one to get out of America. (but seriously nothing is going to happen, Obama couldnt even get his most progressive policys passed even when the Dems had control of the house and senate, Trump wont build a wall or exile a bunch of immigrants calm down) But most Hillary supporters are looking for handouts so if you are serious about moving to Canada ill give you a SWU, but be careful of their housing bubble, but most likely if you are so distraught by this election there is 0% chance you have enough money to buy a house in Canada haha.

  42. What swapping passports going to prevent you from having those trump conversations?
    Well you are really stupid slappig, what about your speech?
    Most americans in the world are hated cause they are dumb and ignorant.
    Having dump as pressy only strengthens that view even further.
    and remember americans have the lowest ownerships of passports in the world cause they are ignorant assholes.

  43. Yes! Finally Hitler is reborn! Power to the White people! Let’s rebuild our beautiful race and retake this country again, and then the world!

  44. Well I’m screwed with the passport issues. Other than my American passport I only have my Mexican passport. So I don’t know if I’m better off traveling as an American or Mexican. Definitely not Mexican if I’m traveling inside the US

  45. As I write this all the major US markets are up over 1%, and the dollar has gained 3/4 of a percent over the euro. I checked several news services and saw no reports of the sky falling anywhere. 😉

  46. @david: ‘He should fire all those lazy ass screeners at airports who have not prevented a single terrorist act. Then turn it over to a private company.”

    Doh, private companies handled security on 9/11. Look where that got us.

    “Secondly screw all the PC nonsense and selectively screen likely terrorists rather than everyone, we all know it is muslims who do the radical acts. This is policy of El Al and it works just fine.”

    Yeah, Muslims like Timothy McVeigh, Adam Lanza, Ted Kaczynski…

    @Mark: “Get your German prepositions right if youre going to use it”

    Get the difference between definite article and preposition right if you’re going to excoriate someone for bad grammar.

    @Robert Hanson: “I checked several news services and saw no reports of the sky falling anywhere.”

    Give it time. The market thinks Trump will be very pro business (reduce corporate and capital gains taxes, etc). When his unpredictability and incompetence start hurting the economy, the markets will react accordingly.

  47. @WR

    Oh sweetie, I’m neither a liberal nor a socialist. You must think anyone who disagrees with your worldview is, I suppose. I never brought up Hillary nor Trump’s corruption, but the fact that you seem to bash the left for things the right is just as guilty of (yes, both sides suck) shows where you are coming from. But that’s ok, your ignorance and hypocrisy do make for fun posts to read.

  48. Wait so Trump is going to build a wall, deploy troops to deport all the bad hombres (except maybe the illegals he employs in his businesses), allow only the “good” Muslims in (maybe he can make them live in certain designated areas and wear crescent patches so we know who they are and keep a close eye on them and make sure they don’t integrate into our Great Again America), cancel trade deals and add punitive tariffs, tell NATO and our allies to f-off and form a new alliance with Vladimir Putin, tell everyone else to nuke up, bomb the s–t out of ISIS (since he knows better than all our generals exaclty where they are hiding), force China to stop dumping cheap steel in our market (after he buys it all up for his buildings), force Rosie O’Donnell to go on a diet, show the poor black folks they have nothing to lose and that will make the dollar stronger, encourage open borders and free travel and make the rest of the world respect and love us? Okay, great! Oh and PS yeah no similarities to Adolph Hitler whatsoever.

  49. For all of the folks screaming “racist”, check with the NY Times. They are reporting that 29% of Latinos voted for Trump.

  50. Today’s blog discourse illustrates the classic chasm between Left and Right in this country! If Lincoln (a Republican) had let the South go free, the odds are strong we wouldn’t be having this crazy dysfunctional exchange. Those Red State Right-wingers could make love to their guns in Jesusland. The Blue State Left-wingers could join Canada with its socialized institutions to create the United States of Canada.

  51. Well, you might be able to get a good deal on renting Trump’s custom fitted 757, now that he won’t be needing it anymore. You see, he starts a new job on January 20 that comes with a free 747….and a pretty snazzy looking helicopter too.

  52. I think inbound travel and group travel to the US may go down in the short term affecting hotels, tourist attractions and restaurant industry.

  53. As far as travel is concerned to make America great again, fix your airports, fix your airports logistics, train TSA so they have at least a chance of doing their job without holding up and annoying travellers, learn from the rest of the world how to facilitate transit travel without hurdles, and all will be fine.
    Oh ya, and do something about the attitude of check-in staff for the US airlines.

  54. We don’t know what Trump will do. What you say is quite possible, but then again you may be completely wrong. We just don’t know and it doesn’t really help to guess at this point. We will have a much better idea once we see what his cabinet looks like. Cuba started doing military drills when Trump got elected so there is that.

  55. @ Ben — I would expect a stronger dollar. People flee to the USD in times of uncertainty and Trump will probably replace the Fed chairman with someone more willing to raise interest rates, which should strengthen the dollar. Just my, um, two cents.

  56. Look, Trump is a sick narcissistic fascist. You guys who support him are nothing more than Brown Shirts.

  57. Sadly, a son of immigrants, Lucky who, as this post attests, does not shy away from political commentary chose (unlike The PointsGuy) to abrogate any sense of conscience and remain neutral in the Presidential election. (N.B. In the past on his personal Facebook page his “likes” included libertarian beliefs – perhaps a result of Gary’s influence on him, but he has since deleted that).

    Following is an intellectually mature post today from Stefan Krasowski (Raid Travel High) whose blog those with interests that go beyond credit card bonuses and sybaritic reviews of First & Business Class or chain hotels, would do well to follow:

    Editorial: America the Middle Finger

    “A Reprehensible Human.

    Donald Trump is a reprehensible human. Many who voted for him openly acknowledge the same. The reasons for a Trump vote collectively amount to a giant middle finger extended far and wide, echoes of the Brexit referendum and the Philippines’ election of a president on a platform of promised (and delivered) extrajudicial killings.”


  58. Trump supporters are dumb fuck idiots. They elected anybody in anger as long as it wasn’t hillary. He is not going the drain the swamp. He wants to be in the swamp and enrich himself. He won’t do most of the hyperbole he has promised . No mass deportations, or wall building or defaulting on bonds. There are some other things he is likely to do.

    I will enjoy watching you dumb fucks choke and die with lack of clean air, water and healthcare. No compromise. Let the assholes that voted for him pay the price. Scorched earth. I would much sooner let China take over the world than compromise with you racist scum. Whether the Democrats in Congress have any spine or they are just republicans in disguise is something to be seen. Watch the left move to the extreme now, like the tea party with scorched earth policy.

    First we will eat our own who dare compromise , then we will pursue scorched earth.

  59. It’s (always) scary to think about the uncertainty of things. I wish to God Trump will make a good U.S. President! Forgetting what he said through the months of campaigning, debating, and his insistence on putting his “foot in his mouth,” I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that Americans will be able to travel (and retire, as my wife and I would living abroad), without any backlash of problems on budgeting and taxes. Just “leave the light on” at our home in California in case we need to return. I’m hoping also that we can use our American health plan insurance overseas just in case either one of us gets sick.

  60. You silly silly brainless Trump supporters, it’s the beginning of the end for the United States of America. And you….YOU who voted for him will be the cause of it. Remember these words in 2 years or less. You deserve it all, and it will bad in a bigly way.

  61. One of the first things Trump should do is stop people having dual citizenship. You are either American or you or not!

    The sense of entitlement that dual citizens have is sickening.

  62. I’ve been in Barcelona for 3 months. No one here understands. The site won’t let me post a photo, but yesterday, El Periodico’s headline showed a not-very-flattering (are there any that are?) photo of the Trumpster (NOT going to call him president elect) and the caption, “Dios perdone a América.”

  63. @James Pointer
    I Googled “El Periodico Dios perdone” and hot a hilarious photo of Trumps butthole or face, can’t tell the dif

  64. All of you Trump supporters can rot in hell for what you did to America and the world. You’re all so stupid you can’t even see your stupidity. Each and every one of you should be tried for treason and executed on the Capitol Mall.

  65. No I don’t think most Trump supporters will ever regret their vote. Trump tapped into their latent (or overt) racism, xenophobia, and anti-immigrant resentment and let them know it’s okay to have and express these feelings even in 2016. That’s why the polls got it so wrong: many Trump voters were ashamed of themselves and the person they were about to elect, or at least a bit wary of letting the cat out of the bag. There is a reason why the KKK wear hoods to hide their faces. Watch the tapes of his rallies. His supporters were often shouting racist, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim or anti-semitic chants. So if you voted for him, own it. Own your racist feelings and own the protectionism and paranoia towards the rest of the world, own the blaming of other ethnic groups for your economic or personal woes (it’s the oldest story in the book), own the whining and blaming the rest of the country for being in on some secret conspiracy against you, you poor oppressed hard-working uneducated white folk. It’s your last stand and it will never happen again because in four or eight years there won’t be enough of you left to reelect him or some other Good Ole Boy. America is changing whether you like it or not and is becoming Brown not White, and Americans will be speaking Spanish and Arabic and eating foods you can’t pronounce, and the USA will be an active member of the world community- whether you like it or not. Sometimes we just need to take a couple of steps back before we can take more forward. So enjoy your last stand until you disappear like the dinosaurs.

  66. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Cuba here. The easing of US relations with Cuba are solely due to executive branch actions by the Obama administration. There still hasn’t been an act of Congress endorsing it. Trump could undo everything the second he steps into office, including renewing the sanctions and the ban on travel. Granted it might be hard to put the genie back in the bottle now that we have American companies already investing in Cuba, but this was the first thing I thought of when I read this headline.

  67. @chagoose – Is Trump trying to build a hotel in Cuba? If so, no way he’ll reverse Obama’s actions re Cuba.

  68. Good point @chasgoose but personally I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Even though Trump got a lot of the far right Cuban American Republican vote, his views and platform are not Republican in many cases. He is much more of an Opportunist and probably is much more concerned about the business opportunities for his companies than any political or ideological concerns. A lot of Robber Baron Capitalists like him made a lot of money in Cuba before Castro and some of his comments on Cuba during the campaign indicate that he would not close that door and will probably open it wider to serve his own interests.

  69. I understand the central tenant of Trump’s proposed US infrastructure program is to provide government subsidies to build Trump Hotels all over the US for people to live in as opposed to houses.

  70. “What do you think the implications of a Trump presidency are on travel?” The political vitriol is scary – not funny – with individuals unwilling or incapable of absorbing another’s point of view. Political blogs exist for those in need of election mental enemas; please remember to flush.
    That said, Trump may revamp airport security, promote more competition with less consolidation while diminishing oversight regarding passengers’ rights.
    His hotel industry employees might push for better pay / conditions; Trump may not agree. If he is serious about deportations, this sector’s workforce would be in jeopardy.
    Like others, I have no idea what the future holds nor about what I’m talking.

  71. Trump has announced today that his cabinet will be filled with all previous winners of his Miss Universe contests, who have consented to provide any sexual favors thus required in their cabinet services. P*ssy grabbing and orgies will be encouraged in the White House.

  72. Even though I supported Stein, I briefly contemplated voting for Trump, if only to see all those people threatening to leave the country a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y leave. Good riddance. But the country will be fine, and travel will be fine. The stocks went up, the dollar went up. And the earth still revolves around the sun. Life goes on. So get a life.

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