Hilarious: United Ads Pulled From The Tribeca Film Festival Because People Couldn’t Stop Laughing

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Okay, I’m literally laughing out loud at this. United Airlines has long been a sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival, and as part of that they had the right to show a 30 second ad before every screening. They chose this ad to play, which highlights their new Polaris product:

After a couple of days of the ad playing, a mutual decision was made to stop screening the ad. Why? Because audiences apparently burst out in uncontrollable laughter when an ad played that showcased United’s great service, to the point that it drowned out the next ad. Some even thought that it seemed like a parody. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

On opening night, April 19, prior to the world premiere unveiling of the Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, the spot “touting United Airlines’ pampering of passengers drew so much derisive laughter it drowned out the next ad entirely,” writes THR critic John DeFore. Others note that it played like a parody. Festival attendees confirmed that similar reactions plagued other screenings — both public and industry — where the spot was shown over the next two days. By Friday evening, April 21, the spots had mostly been pulled, and by Saturday they were gone completely.

A spokesperson for the Tribeca Film Festival issued the following statement, not surprisingly:

“United is a valued partner of the Tribeca Film Festival, and we are grateful for their continued support of our filmmakers and the arts,” said festival spokesperson Tammie Rosen.

Oh my…

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  1. But meanwhile their stock has risen since the drop after the drama… Let’s see if this “boycott” affects their earnings next quarter. Shall be interesting..

  2. P – Police who will be called for unjustifiable reasons (and who willingly respond)
    O – Order that will be lost
    L – Low actions that turn advanced seat assignments into a fight
    A – Accomodation of those we deem fit to fly
    R – Reaccomodation of those we deem unfit to fly
    I – Imbeciles running UA, from Gate Agents all the way to CEO
    S – So long profit margins

  3. More than anything else, to me it’s a commentary on corporate America. There HAD to be someone on the PR team or at the film festival smart and hip enough to know this could happen. I would bet anything somebody knew, but they were afraid to send the recommendation up the chain – or it was quashed.

  4. Intresting article! Did you here Hawaiians new livery was leaked? It was taken down but I have a screenshot

  5. Big deal, the Asian airlines had these hard products for many years and their soft products are beyond what US’ big 3 can imagine. Time to recognize the fall of the state.

  6. Hey, did you see Oscar’s Letter in this month’s onboard magazine?
    Talk about lousy timing…

  7. Yes You have access to “even the aisles”
    We will also provide dragging service before the flight for your extra bed in the hospital.

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