To mileage run, or not to mileage run…

I’m in a bit of an odd situation with American this year. Here’s what my mileage tracker looks like:

Yes, I’m 13 miles short of Executive Platinum. That’s less than half way to the airport from my house.

I just moved and really actually like staying home now (thanks in part to my W bed), so don’t really want to get on a plane if I don’t have to.

Historically American will give Executive Platinum to those within 1,000-2,000 miles of requalifying. The issue is, they usually only do so retroactively at the end of the year.

So I realize I probably should get on a plane to be on the safe side, though I have such a hard time justifying it when I’m 13 miles short. Why can’t the continents drift a bit quicker?

I might just fly to Miami and back, which might qualify as the most boring mileage run ever.

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  1. I have the same with United, but I am probably about 100 miles short.. πŸ™‚ And by the end of the year, you mean 2011 or 2012?

  2. DEN-COS-DEN last year on 12/31 was quite eventful for me.

    I almost took a bump but I had a party to prepare for.

  3. Buy a one way, scan the boarding pass at the gate and then go home. You dont need to board as long as you dont check baggage.

  4. Just email them and ask. Once I would have hit status on AA based on segments, but for that my final qualifying segment was on January 1st. In the morning. I emailed them, they took care of me no problem.

  5. @ Claudia Beatriz — I meant they would only offer such an exception come January 1, at least historically.

    @ Marisa — Unfortunately American doesn’t have such a program this year (so far).

  6. I’ve done LGA-BOS as a miles run – my only one ever needed. That may have been the easiest MR out there, too!

  7. You can get EQMs from the Citi Executive AA card. The tickets to Miami will probably be less expensive.

  8. if you qualify last yr with challenge not sure if they will honor EXP with less than 100k. I would go on the safe side. why not going on a trip on 31/Dec, returning after new years so you half of your trip counts for next yr qualification.

  9. Delta doesn’t have a status tier at 100k, but right now it looks like I’ll end the year at 99,999 elite miles…

    There’s probably a 95%+ chance that they move you up, but I’d probably book something.

  10. I wouldn’t mind a trip to MIA if I were you either… Enjoy the weather and the food… of course you living in Florida doesn’t make this as enticing since you have good weather as is πŸ˜›

  11. You could do a December 31 positioning flight to begin a mileage run and do the bulk of the itinerary January 1 to start off the new year right!

    And though AA has historically handled folks who are close after the fact, I might call in or even just email that I had 99,987 qualifying miles… that I’d really love to spend a weekend at home after all those miles! And could they see their way to letting you know now they’ll take care of EXP for next year so that you don’t have to buy a TPA-MIA roundtrip you don’t need?

    Can’t hurt to ask.

  12. “[D]on’t really want to get on a plane if I don’t have to”?? That’s heresy, coming from you… πŸ˜›

  13. Heh, I’m 83 miles short on United. Just did the Elite Maximizer. Too bad AA doesn’t offer the maximizer.

  14. Why risk being denied? They know who you are and why you do what you do. I suspect that they’s like nothing better than to deny you, and yes, even for 13 miles. Fly the segment and keep your various proofs handy. It is close and yes, they usually grace folks who are close. They also don’t like your kind and could easily refuse you. I don’t think that last week’s BKY will change their position, but… it sure won’t make them any more liberal. Jump on a plane before 12-31 and with a qualifying ticket. If you now hate airplanes that much, you can take the train or a bus for your return leg. Get the full 100k and be able to prove it. Why run the risk. – that is IF you really want their benefits. As you well know, the 100k benefit at AA and most others is not really worth much. Happy flying and I’d like to hear more about your W-bed. -C.

  15. Coins,

    I’m disappointed in your poor planning. Tsk Tsk. How on earth did you back yourself in to this position?

  16. @Cook

    You’re wrong. AA loves Benn and will give him status now that he tweeted this. He’s actually *requesting it* passive-aggressively with this tweet. AA flew him for free to S America! This takes sucking up and log rolling to a whole new level. Disgusting.

  17. I need about 7 segments to qualify for EP status with American.. I got this awesome segment run deal — PHL > DFW > MCI > DFW > MCO > MIA > PHL — for $300 all in.. can’t beat that price for the amount of miles i’ll accrue and the segments that i’ll get before end of the year..!

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