Thunderstorms ahead, is it time to divert?

I’m heading to Europe tonight for a trip not motivated by miles and points (who knew those existed?). I’m visiting a friend in… well, I won’t tell you guys just yet, but I’ll let you guess when I post some pictures from the destination. It’s place where I’m told siestas are holier than the church.

On the way there I had planned a stopover in a European city for a night, and when I booked this last week the weather forecast was great, with sun and warm temperatures. Now there’s a 70% chance of rain and it’s not looking good.

On one hand I’m saying to myself “oh well, tough luck.” On the other hand I’m realizing that I do have the flexibility to switch around my travels, and can instead spend a night somewhere else enroute. The weather in Milan looks beautiful, for example.

The logistics of rebooking (both hotels and flights) is a bit of a pain, but it’s nothing that’s impossible and wouldn’t really cost me anything, since they’re all changeable.

So am I crazy? Have you ever changed your destination or stopover point on an award just to chase nice weather? There are lots of European cities I’ve yet to visit, so I kind of figure why not choose one with nice weather where I can at least enjoy the day. Thoughts?

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  1. Go with your original plans.
    A little rain to clean the streets before the sun comes out.
    Weather changes endlessly and I kind of like those days with a mix of heavy rain and sun.

  2. Absolutely! Weather makes or breaks a trip. Nothing worse than plodding along the streets of a new city in rain 🙁

  3. I like Milan, but one needs to make sure they are not expecting fog, which can often close the airport.

  4. It is not hard to guess the stopover city with the percentage of probability of precipitation. Any night away from home in a far away city sounds better, even with rain, though. However, since you’ve already been to this city recently, I’d try for something else.

  5. OK, the Duomo is great, but the best thing about Milan is that it is only one hour away from Lugano. – There, I said it!
    However, Lugano needs to have a sunny day to maximise the experience.

  6. Just missed you in SEA. Left this afternoon and skies were clear on departure. Should stay in Seattle 🙂

  7. The leftovers of yesterday’s tragic storms provided amazing lightning shows from horizon to horizon on my redeye last night. I like storms and rain but the fact ur considering changing suggests ur not a fan despite ur home port. Change it.

  8. Free changes means an AA award as an EXP, so EK F is out.
    I suspect from the siestas it is either Madrid or Barcelona as the destination.
    I can’t figure out which stopover city it is that he has never been to other than Helsinki perhaps or Reykjavik.

  9. As a suggestion, but likely too short of a stopover for this.. perhaps a sidetrip to the scotch and whiskey festival in Islay scotland. I went last year and LOVED it. And flying to ILY is quite the experience.

  10. GVA weather is looking terrible. Snow forecast at 2000 mts.
    Go to LIS. Weather forecast looks great and it’s on the way to/from siesta with plenty of daily flights on TP or IB

  11. I’m watching my rain clad windows in HEL. While Lucky’s welcome here, I wouldn’t come for the weather alone 😉

  12. My experience is that a sunny arrival day taking an eastboard to Europe is key to avoiding several days of jetlag. Sunlight really does help the body clock to adjust.

  13. You’re not crazy if one of the reasons why you wanted to visit that city is because of what you can do in the nice weather. Milan is also an amazing city that you should visit if you haven’t had the chance previously.

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