This AFA video is haunting me!

Since contract negotiations are coming up for United’s flight attendants, the AFA has released a video about their “demands.” I was shocked when I saw that a flight attendant I had an “issue” with was in the video, so imagine my surprise today when I flew with one of the flight attendants in this video without realizing it at first.

I was on the afternoon flight from JFK to LAX and talked with the crew for a while (what can I say, they loved my shirt). I kept telling this one flight attendant that she looked familiar, but I couldn’t pin down when I flew with her. Eventually we were talking about the contract negotiations coming up, and I mentioned the AFA video (yeah, I know, I’m obsessed). At that point one flight attendant said “hey, I’m in that video!” As it turns out it’s the lady 0:26 into the video, which is how I recognized her. She was extremely nice, so I really don’t think she belongs in that video, but oh well. That’s two of the video flight attendants I’ve flown with now, and counting.

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