The most ridiculous thing you’ll read all week…

What better way to end the week than to read about the 47-page handbook that the Abercrombie & Fitch CEO has for models staffing his private jet? It includes good stuff like:

Crew members are provided with a specific uniform by Abercrombie & Fitch: jeans, boxer briefs, polo shirts and flip flops. When it is 50 degrees or colder outside, all crew members are required to wear winter coats. The jacket should be zipped up to the “forth button from the bottom,” the manual specifies. “The lowest button should be left undone,” it says.


Michael and Matthew’s dogs Ruby, Trouble and Sammy are nearly as picky as their owners, it seems. The manual outlines a five-point instruction set for seating the pets. “When Ruby and Trouble travel, Ruby will sit opposite Michael in the cabin, in Sammy’s seat,” it says. “When Sammy travels, Ruby will sit in Trouble’s seat.”

Thanks for giving me another reason not to shop here. And to the CEO, Mike Jeffries, you’re 68 — stop trying to dress like a 20 year old.

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  1. Megan took me to an A&F one day to try things on. Let’s just say it’s an entertaining way to spend a few hours pretending you had a career as a clown.

  2. I had the unfortunate (dis)pleasure of being in HK when the HK A&F store opened. Saw them being insane and ridiculous on the streets and also at the W and the Ritz. Very very unfortunate.

    Although I think it is ridiculous what cabin crew has to go through. I wonder if there are other ridiculous rules for private plane crews…

  3. Contrived, overpriced, and not to mention subtly racist (I guess it’s an improvement from being overtly racist in the early 2000’s)… not sure why anyone still shops there.

  4. Never saw the appeal in A&F even when I was in my younger, stupider days. Can’t imagine working for them, yikes!

  5. The last time I was in an A&F the lights were too low … the music too loud …. and I quickly realized that I was outside the target demographic. I immediately did a 180 and bought some chili cheese fries. After that the Universe for me was in balance again šŸ˜‰

  6. Ummm, I don’t get it. Boxer briefs are required?

    Errrrrrm, how would Mr. Jeffries know whether the models are wearing boxer briefs underneath? Does he… check?

  7. I recall the CEO had to give up his jets use benefit in 2011 when the economic crisis hit hard the company. AFitch had to pay him something at the time (this benefit was in contract part of its pay package) for him to give up his benefit.
    But the handbook is creepyyyyy

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