The AmEx Centurion Studio Seattle (SeaTac) Airport Is Now Open

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As most US-based travelers know by now, American Express has started opening up more of their own airport lounges in part because quite a bit of value has been lost in terms of the lounge privileges of The Platinum Card® from American Express. The card used to get you access to American Admirals Clubs and US Airways Clubs, though that was discontinued last March. Furthermore, guesting privileges have been reduced at Delta SkyClubs as of last May.


So far, US locations of The Centurion Lounge include Dallas, Las Vegas, MiamiNew York, San Francisco. These are all “full service” Centurion Lounges, which have great food spreads and bars, and in some cases even spas.

Late last year, American Express announced that they’d be expanding the Centurion Lounge concept, and would be building a Centurion Studio in Seattle, which was slated to open this summer. Here’s how the new “Studio” concept was described, in part:

Like The Centurion Lounges, The Centurion Studio will be a retreat for Card Members but in a smaller space, featuring some of the amenities Card Members say are most essential: comfortable seating, charging stations, fast and free WiFi, and complimentary healthy snacks and beverages.

The Centurion Studio Seattle is now open

This sort of came out of nowhere — The Centurion Studio Seattle is now open. That makes this the second Centurion Lounge to be opened this month, after The Centurion Lounge Miami.

Here are some images American Express has provided of the new lounge:




Based on those pictures, it does seem to have a similar decor to the other lounges, though is on a smaller scale. This lounge will have a much more limited selection of food and drinks — food will be limited to “snacks” (as opposed to hot meals), while drinks will be limited to beer, wine, and soft drinks (as opposed to a full bar with cocktails).

The Centurion Studio Seattle menu

Here’s the current menu for The Centurion Studio Seattle:


As you can see, this menu looks much more in line with what you’d expect from a US airline lounge than from The Centurion Lounge.

The Centurion Studio Seattle location & hours

In terms of the lounge’s location, The Centurion Studio SeaTac will be located in Concourse B, across from gate B3. That’s a reasonably convenient location, given that it’s close to where you clear security at the airport. The lounge is within a few minutes walk of the trains which take you to the other terminals (at SeaTac Airport, all the terminals are connected airside, so you can access the lounge regardless of which airline you’re flying).

The Centurion Studio Seattle will be open daily from 5AM until 10PM.


Will this be the best lounge option at SeaTac?

What makes the lounge situation in Seattle unique is that The Platinum Card® from American Express comes with a Priority Pass membership, which gets you access to the Alaska Airlines Board Room. I’d say that’s substantially above average for a US airline lounge, as it has great staff, above average food, and good bar service.


If The Centurion Studio Seattle is more on par with a domestic airline lounge, I’m not sure it’ll have a significant advantage over the Alaska Board Room. If nothing else, one big benefit will be that it may alleviate crowding in the Board Room.

The Centurion Studio Seattle access policy

It’s interesting to note that The Centurion Studio actually has stricter entry guidelines than The Centurion Lounges, presumably because it’s quite a bit smaller:

  • Those with The Platinum Card® from American Express and American Express Centurion Card receive complimentary access
  • Those with either of the above cards may bring their spouse and children under the age of 18, or one travel companion as a guest

The difference between this policy and The Centurion Lounge access policy is that you’re limited to one guest (rather than two), and that there’s no way to purchase a day pass if you’re not otherwise eligible for entry.

The Centurion Studio Seattle bottom line

I’m very excited about The Centurion Studio SeaTac opening so quickly. I think the concept American Express is taking with this type of lounge is interesting. Presumably they have lots of data on which airports their members transit most. And in this case I’m guessing they saw quite a bit of demand in Seattle, but not enough for a “full” Centurion Lounge.

Here’s to hoping this one won’t be grossly overcrowded, as unfortunately seems to be more and more common nowadays at the other lounges.

Stay tuned, we’ll have a full review here in the coming days!

Will you be checking out The Centurion Studio Seattle anytime soon?

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  1. There are different access rules for the Centurion Studio. Only one guest is permitted, and only Platinum and Centurion cardholders can enter (no day passes for other Amex cards).

  2. Lucky,
    Don’t forget that the Priority Pass also comes with access for the two Lounge Club locations in SEA (Concourse S and A). Which IMO, are better than the boardroom in terms of food, beverage, and amenities

  3. Unfortunately it looks like the Centurion Studio at SEA will NOT have a full bar but will only have wine and beer. (It also looks like it may be self serve.)

  4. @ choi — I think part of the issue is a lack of available space to build it, and also how many of the terminals aren’t connected airside.

  5. Why such a limited build-out? Though I assume it’s the usual space issues at SEA.

    Hahaha wait….CRUDITE? Is this a midwestern bible study in 1988? Nothing in the photos or on the menu says “PNW” to me at all. Kind of a lost opportunity in my opinion.

  6. Great timing – I’ll plan to check it out on 7/8 when connecting from my LH F flight on the 744 FRA-SEA. It is a bit disappointing that it’s not a “full” Centurion Lounge, though.

  7. Also, SEA is a major DL hub and the AMEX plat admits you to the Crown Room Club. I expect that with such a large and growing presence on high revenue routes, DL must have a pretty good one there.

    So you already get Lounge Clubs, Board Rooms, and a Crown Room at SEA available for AMEX plats and now they’re adding one more. Seems excessive when AMEX doesn’t even have a presence at LAX yet.

  8. @Lucky – Any idea if Amex is planning on opening lounges outside the US? One in London would be quite nice as the priority pass and lounge club options aren’t great.

  9. “If The Centurion Studio Seattle is more on par with a domestic airline lounge, I’m not sure it’ll have a significant advantage over the Alaska Board Room.”

    One advantage would be for AmEx Platinum cardholders when traveling with a companion: the Centurion Studio will admit a guest free, while there’s a $27 charge for a guest in the Alaska Board Room.

  10. I wonder when Alaska will open up the second Seattle lounge….it says summer of 2015 in the N-Concourse….know any more about this Lucky???

  11. What did it look like? Can you see anything yet? I assume it must still all be closed off behind the windows. I am excited for it to open. I don’t think Alaska has announced an opening date. I will have to check it out tomorrow morning en route SFO-SEA-ANC

  12. @Chris Norwood:

    It’s all blocked off still but there were some cool renderings on the wall.

  13. Was in Seattle lounge yesterday. Limited options as discussed. No bar but wine, beer are served by servers. Location is good but once busy space will be limited in the lounge. The vegas lounge had me excited for seatac, and while the space is pleasant doesn’t have the comfort feel of LAS. They are giving entry gift now: 3 packing / compartment bags.

  14. That looks like the location where the Delta Crown Room used to be years ago. I used it several times when it was there.

  15. Checked out the lounge on July 04. During check-in – gifts are given out. They are the the three compartments bags and also a battery storage bar, with centurion lounge seattle over it.
    There are three types of beer. I tried the IPA from Georgetown brewery. It was excellent. Service for wine and beer is by the server. They had two wines as far as I could tell from Yakima Valley.
    The snacks were very limited with hummus and various breadsticks plus containers of nuts and similar items, various veggies.
    Compared to the regular Centurion lounge it is a disappointment. The front desk guy did say that the Sbarro pizza place next to the lounge will not be renewing their lease and hoped that it may get used. He seemed almost apologetic over the limited services and size.
    WiFi access code is the same as the other Centurion lounges.

  16. I’m still trying to figure out the Amex card hierarchies – I have. Delta Reserve Amex – is this equivalent to the Platinum card for the Centurion access?

  17. @ Jim Wilkerson — That card wouldn’t get you into a Centurion Lounge, but rather only SkyClub. Only the non co-branded Platinum Card gets you into the Centurion Lounge/Studio.

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