The AFA wants sexier flight attendant uniforms?!?

The first time I read through this article, I thought the AFA was complaining that size 18+ flight attendants didn’t want to have to wear the bright, red dresses that Delta rolled out a while back, but it seems that I misread the article. The same organization that encourages flight attendants to work well into their 80’s seems to be saying the opposite: size 18+ flight attendants are offended that they can’t wear the red uniform.

“Red is a color that attracts attention and someone, somewhere has made a decision that they don’t want to attract attention to someone in a dress that’s larger than a size 18,” said Patricia Reller, vice-chair of the grievance committee at the flight attendants union’s executive council at Northwest. “I’m very offended by it.”

I have to admit that I’ve only seen the red uniforms once or twice in the terminal here in Tampa, but I’m not sure what to think. Does it look great on Deltalina? You betcha! Does it look good on some of the more senior, plus sized flight safety professionals that are there primarily for our safety? I’ll have to think that one over…. 😉

(And yeah, please don’t take this post too seriously)

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  1. I have to wonder about this sentence:

    > Does it look good on some of the more senior, plus sized flight safety professionals that are there primarily for our safety?

    Are the younger (and maybe slimmer) FAs there primarily for us (male pax) to look at them in their sexy uniforms?

    Because I don’t necessarily see a correlation between good service and age.

  2. I still say if they want sexy uniforms, lend them the body painters from Air New Zealand.

    Alas, I’m not sure 1) where to get that much paint, 2) distractions of safety and 3) how many trowels will be needed to apply the make up…

  3. @ Ripper3785 — C’mon now, they *can* look good….

    @ Oliver — Absolutely not. I’ve had fantastic flight attendants of ALL ages. Heck, some of my best service has been from flight attendants about 60 years my senior.

    @ Kevincm — After applying that visual to any US airline, I think I’ve just gone blind!

    @ Gary — 😉

  4. I think Gary just wanted to add another Deltalina / sex reference to drive more traffic to your blog.

    Oops! Did I just do it as well?

  5. Size 28? Any flight attendant who is that big shouldn’t even be working on the plane and who wants to see some big red dot bouncing down the aisle. Everyone might think they are in a Target commercial!

    My advice to the union is to offer weight-reduction programs to your size-plus attendants and offer them a red dress as a reward.

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