Oy: This Is How Thai VietJet Celebrates An Inaugural Flight

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I’ve enjoyed the inaugural flights I’ve taken over the years, as airlines always try to make them a bit special to drum up some buzz. I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Thai VietJet just inaugurated a route from Bangkok to Dalat, and they celebrated in a rather unique way.

For those of you not familiar with VietJet, it’s originally a Vietnamese airline that is known for their annual bikini calendar of flight attendants. The way they sexually objectify women seems a bit degrading to me, though interestingly the CEO of the airline is a woman.

Thai VietJet is a much smaller airline, with only three planes so far. So, how did they celebrate this inaugural flight? According to the story from Thai Visa, with a “mid-air surprise” from the “trolley dollies.” Here it is:


ฮือฮา!! #ไทยเวียตเจ็ทแอร์ สายการลูกครึ่งไทย-ไทยเวียตนามทำเซอร์ไพรส์เที่ยวบินปฐมฤกษ์ฉลองเปิดเส้นทางบินใหม่ กรุงเทพฯ (สุวรรณภูมิ) – ดาลัด ของเวียตนาม แอร์โฮสเตสจัดหนักจัดเต็มเดินแบบเซ็กซี่บิกินี่ดอกไม้กลางเวหากันเลยจ้า #เครดิต: เพจข่าว "บิ๊กเกรียน"

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All I can say is…

What do you make of VietJet’s inaugural “mid-air surprise” from the “trolley dollies?”

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  1. As somone who is ethnically Vietnamese, I am not particularly surprised.

    I am with you. It’s sad and sickening. Just no.

  2. Well if they aren’t forced I don’t see the big deal. Fire departments have been known to put out calendars featuring male firefighters and wouldn’t consider that to sexually objectify men (I don’t conform to bullsh*t SJW narratives) — do you have a problem with those calendars that feature male firefighters, Lucky? You must because otherwise that would be a double standard and you seem like a pretty rational/logical individual. Personally, I don’t care as long as no one is forced to do something against their will. Not crazy about this post but thanks for all the work you do for your readers

  3. – From the part of me that grew up in Vietnam: this might raise a few eye brows but otherwise accepted by a majority. The public simply sees this as an advertising trick. People who like it share it; the ones that don’t, just ignore it. The older generation will condemn the revealing outfit, but the younger generation just laughs at it. Some Vietnamese women i know even enjoyed it and admired the girls for their beauty.
    – From the part of me that grew up in a Western country: this objectifies women a lot, and very degrading, and probably will get extremely angry comments from the public, especially the feminists.
    But in the end, how is this different than a Victoria Secret fashion show??

  4. @jake, I am pretty sure they aren’t forced in the sense of holding a gun to their heads but probably in the sense of social and job pressure. I’d imagine they don’t want to upset the status quo in their job security. Also re your comparing it to men in calendars its a little different since men in general have not been objectified or downtrodden as much as women, particularly women from limited-resource countries where jobs might be scarce. Just a thought on perspective re what goes through someone’s mind as a woman in this kind of situation when offered to “volunteer” for this.

  5. Is it really degrading to allow FA’s to participate voluntarily?
    If it was forced I would say yes, voluntary I think it celebrates women’s rights and power.

    Ill take a voluntary bikini over a mandatory burqa.

    Probably wouldn’t work in the US because the FA’s are out of shape.

  6. Just an FYI, vietjet is a Vietnamese airline, not a Thai airline.

    Flew them last month, it was unremarkable. Wasn’t as bad as flying spirit. They are a true Low cost carrier, even charging for a cup of water. There was no water in the bathrooms to wash hands. I’m assumijg to prevent people from using it as drinking water?

  7. @Lara Feminism is about equality going forward not correcting past wrongs. Get your definitions right. If its ok to objectify men in the sexualized society we live in , its ok to objectify women. And stop patronizing these women- their body their choice. Yes I am deliberately using abortion terminology but most abortions are also due to “social and job pressure” of “limited-resource” women.
    You cannot advocate for a right to choose in one field of life and against a right to choose in another.

  8. Yes – and my cousin in the USA works for $10 ph. How degrading! I am sure she is forced to work for so low pay.

  9. Honestly, the teeth gnashing over this might be a little much.

    I always ask this question before putting on my outrage hat, “This effects the quality of my life in what way?”.

  10. Now Lucky – if it were Shawn Mendes and Justin Beiber parading down the aisle in Speedo’s (I just threw up in my mouth), would you consider that degrading to men?? I didn’t think so…… 🙂

  11. @Lara If society wants equality, and not some distorted made up definition, then there is no difference. What is historically wrong is not righted by making an sort of exceptions. Otherwise nothing progresses and we go in circles. It’s either both are wrong or neither are. As far as the forced thing goes, if they sent out a company wide invite to women who might be interested and it was a purely voluntary basis then it’s all personal choice. I am not one to tell anyone what is in their best interest — it’s their choice. However, if it is indeed a situation where the airline put pressure on these women to do it or they’ll get fired then obviously that is wrong. Personally, I think the whole trolley dollies are hokey and in bad taste but if no one is forced then like I said it’s not my choice to decide what’s best for others.

  12. There’s one old saying in Vietnam that you can’t know what is a fish thinking since you’re not the fish. You’re not those girls so you can’t judge anything on behalf of them. They might be or might not be happy about wearing bikinis and walking in front of people. That’s the most common mistake the feminists made: they thought they could represent everybody.

    The best we can do, which is the only thing we should do, is that tell those girls to speak their real feelings out, and let them choose what they want to do. Not just telling them this is objectifying women and simply criticizing this.

  13. Lots of horny dudes in the comments who feel it’s very important to share the fact that this makes them horny.

    So far by my count, flyinryan, Mark, and Walt Parman are definitely horny for the bikini flight attendants. Jake might also be, but his pent-up reddit-style anger over “bullsh*t SJW narratives” seems to be his dominant feeling right now.

  14. If these women have an actual choice, that’s one thing. If they are “choosing” to do this because they perceive it as part of the requirements for the job or because society has told them their value is based on their bodies, that’s a completely different thing.

    And for all those talking about male objectification, yes, that occus—and I don’t think it’s necessarily right either. But I would also say that male objectification does not lead to the same level of negative consequences (in terms of sexual assault, victim blaming, measuring one’s worth on external appearance, etc.) that female objectification leads to. In some ways, male objectification only entrenches the idea that males are “macho” and “dominant.”

    Of course, I fully recognize that I am viewing things from a western perspective. Having grown up in a Vietnamese family, I know that most in Vietnam would either ignore it or see it as OK. Doesn’t make it right in my opinion.

  15. Er.. did I take blood pressure med this morning? Check!

    Think I’ll go lie down for a while…

    And Lucky, under one of the most non-surprising comments I’ve read this year “All I can say is…” OK, but have you driven a Ford lately…

  16. @ Walt Parman –
    Wow! You must hate people….

    To make such a ridiculous, sexist and unnecessary comment.

    “Hate beauty”?! Who the hell doesn’t enjoy seeing and experiencing lovely things?!

    However, equality – not feminism – should also be considered and not undermining a person/people based on their sex, sexuality, race, creed etc. especially for branding purposes.

  17. Happy holidays everyone, from feminists to misogynists and everyone in between! It’s just a promotional video done to gain attention for its maker…mission accomplished. If someone is looking to be offended, then surely it will happen. 🙂
    Love your blogs Lucky.

  18. Women love being objectified. They know they have the power. They just get angry if the objectification doesn’t result in some sort of payoff.

  19. I am in awe of women who can do this and I find them beautiful. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for those women and wish them great success in their modelling careers.

  20. Lucky, you have no problem with Qantas promoting white males as cool/good looking pilots while hiring no asian male models to compensate the odd ratio in their hiring but you have a huge problem with women being objectified. To me it is the same issue but some people just do not see it that way because they never noticed a different side of the problem. I am not criticizing you because as far as I know, most white men won’t notice it unless repeatedly told but some intelligent ones pick up quickly and think deeper. Others just ignore it and move on but they never learn.

  21. Sorry, Ben/Lucky..

    You’ve lost my readership and endorsement (to others to learn from you).

    Having “things” like Debit on here and allowing “its” statements is enough.

    I thought your blog was about a genuine exchange of information, opinions and experience in the travel industry and related to the travel industry.

    Best of luck for your future endeavours.

  22. @MC “But in the end, how is this different than a Victoria Secret fashion show??”

    A VS fashion show is intended to sell women’s underwear.

    Bikini-clad flight attendants are intended to sell air travel.

    Do you see why skimpily clad models are completely appropriate in the first instance, but perhaps not so much in the second?

  23. @lins Anti feminism is not sexist. Leftist men and women are equally likely to be feminists. Leftist men are more likely to be feminists than conservative women.

  24. Having spent a huge amount of in SE Asia, it’s not a surprising ad. But I’m disappointed to see that (1) nearly all the responses are from men, and (2) All these comments made it through the moderator (Benn?). I can see why @Lins (presumably the only other female to comment) left–this thread has turned abusive.

    (Now you may commence your rants about my comment and help me prove my point)

  25. @a woman flyer

    Lins will not allow anyone have any opinion other than her own. You can suppress other points of view and you will a situation like trump’s win out of the left field. This is not a harassing work place. She could easily ignore comments. But the drama queens with faux outrage are bigger trolls.

  26. @Gbender I am as liberal as it gets but even I am confused by the variety of genders available these days.

    @Debit What? Try using proper English next time you troll; it might make you slightly more relevant.

    @ every other pasty white guy who volunteered an enlightened opinion – writ much larger you are the reasons the Harvey Weinsteins of the world exist.

  27. Worth a read: https://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/24/nguyen-thi-phuong-thao-takes-vietjet-from-bikini-flights-to-ipo-in-5-years.html

    VietJet used bikini-clad FAs in flights in 2012. So this is not new. Also, there are quotes in the article from the female CEO about the issue. I can see why some would object to this strategy, but we don’t know how they are treated behind the scenes. That makes a big difference!

    I find it OK and even entertaining. Women in SE Asia on the whole are treated much worse in many cases… i.e. an FA job where every once in a while you have to (encouraged to?) wear a bikini down the aisle is very mild in comparison to other unfortunate money-making opportunities…

    Also worth noting RyanAir used to publish calendars with scantily-clad FAs. Could be they don’t anymore due to outrage? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/24/ryanair-2014-charity-calendar-_n_4158273.html

  28. Some are well-known models and some are actual FAs. Why is it degrading? Some argued this empower women in a conservative society as Vietnam.

  29. Funny, how the internet seems to be so polarizing, and truly a way to export our prejudices and bias..
    I thought that the idea of forcing all women (FAs) to wear Burkas might settle down this issue.
    We should endeavour to become an asexual, ethnically neutral world.
    That will fix it all.
    Love how some have this very primitive approach of killing the messenger.
    Bless you Lucky, for sharing.

  30. @williamC

    Because a woman wears a bikini she is automatically a prostitute? NOW THIS IS OBJECTIFYING WOMEN in the very worst way.

    Dumb comments like that really make my blood boil.

  31. If you think getting volunteer FA’s to walk down the isle for a promotion in very conservative bikinis is abusive, why are you not up in arms at the incredibly abusive treatment of foreign women FA’s in the ME3? (and others such as Saudia)?

    I think you have your priorities definitely in the wrong order!

  32. Most comment are from westerner who understand nothing about Asian girls, their mind/liking.

    I know a lot of Asian girl who will watch it and like it, and be proud to see other girl with so nice body. Nothing negative, nothing wrong, just different way of thinking.

    Why westerner think they need to force other people to think same like them ?
    See the result in the middle east.

  33. Wow – welcome back to the 70s. Let’s have more of that I say, plus just to be sensitive, something for the women too.

    It makes me want to vote for Trump next time and for BREXIT to boot!

    We didn’t win at Dunkirk by running away!


  34. Great experience with Vietjet.

    My GF was flying vietjet Han-sgn to connect to a AA award back to states. Flight was delayed, she explained the situation. Vietjet staff was extremely accommodating seating her in front row in an effort to help her make the connection. Also helped calm her down over the whole situation by giving constant updates. In the end she missed the connection but Vietjet really stood out to me for the customer service. AA rebooked her on a flight in J even though no award space big thanks to aa for helping out when I explained I had a hysterical gf in Vietnam who thinks she won’t get home.

    Also @lins go make me a sandwich

  35. I find it interesting that some folks are so absolutely certain that the FAs are forced to do this on threat of losing their jobs, while others are absolutely positive that the FAs are voluntarily participating in the name of having fun; never mind coericion/carrot-and-stick. Says plenty about the sort of people commenting.

  36. and if there were half naked men parading up and down the aisle would you have a problem with it? – didnt think so…(and just to be clear neither would I) 😉

    its all a bit of tacky marketing fun i dont see anything wrong with it – once nobody was forced to do it.

    all these feminism comments are making my morning commute that much more laughable!

  37. @Eds

    Thats a dangerous way of thinking. Of course we should let the little stuff go, but sometimes it’s important for us to get involved in things that might not necessarily affect us but would affect the greater good. For the same reason we should vote in elections even if it doesn’t matter to us that much. For the same reason we should look out for each other when we’re treated unfairly.

  38. Vice is the oldest trade on earth and it is still very prevalent in south east asia countries. It’s hardly surprisingly to see any form, trace, shape or derivative to find its way to taxis, hotels and now even airlines.

  39. If they had featured equally fit male staff it would have been less objectionable. Marketing directed at men only overlooks that women book flights too.

  40. There is a cultural difference between mindsets of western feminism and the role of women in Han (Chinese and Sth East Asia). Believe it when you take it all in stride that women run the shots in the family, is mostly the tiger Mom and rules with an iron fist. Husband cant take a 2 nd or 3rd wife without Wife number 1 permission in this polygamous race. Thats how there are 1.4 billion han chinese running about

  41. I’d rather have an experienced, talented friendly flight attendant, chosen to be authoritative and calm and cool in an emergency than someone whose job skill consists of little more than how well do you they look in a bikini.

    Remember that cell phone video of the Emirates flight burning into flames while the panicking passengers were all stopping to get their bags out of the overhead bins, while the flight attendants were trying to evacuate? How much is a bikini model flight attendant going to help in that situation?

    It’s just demeaning. And I’m a guy.

  42. Women are only being objectified when they are at an inferior status, burying their sexuality yet at the same time wearing revealing clothes. All I can see from the commercial is that how they empower themself with fierce red lipsticks, pretentious lofty walking and smoky glare burning in their dilated pupils. They embrace their sexuality. Kind of remind me of Max Black from 2 broke girls. Victoria’s secret seems to be more degrading than it. Even with that being said, I say “yes” to the commercial but a big “hell NO” to Thai Vietjet runway show. It is merely a cheesy, lack of substance, high attitute gimmick.

  43. Wow Ben, didnt expect this from you. Please dont tell me youre becoming one of those easily offended/feminists/ SJW annoying people…..

    Remember fun? Lets just all have a good laugh and move on. If it were Shawn Mendes you’d be sweating of excitement, which to me is gross…and a big “no”.

    Happy New Year.

  44. @MC

    Uh, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show serves the purpose of advertising lingerie, so the skimpy outfits are not only justified, but an absolute necessity. This is an airline using women’s bodies to get people to buy tickets. They’re fundamentally different situations.

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