Thai Airways announces second daily A380 service to Tokyo Narita

Via, Thai Airways has loaded a second daily A380 into the schedule for their route between Bangkok and Tokyo Narita. Presently the following frequency is operated by an A380:

TG676 Bangkok to Tokyo Narita departing 8:00AM arriving 3:50PM
TG677 Tokyo Narita to Bangkok departing 5:30PM arriving 10:30PM

The second daily A380 will begin operating the route daily on October 27, 2013, with the following schedule:

TG640 Bangkok to Tokyo Narita departing 10:35PM arriving 6:15AM (+1 day)
TG641 Tokyo Narita to Bangkok departing 10:45AM arriving 3:45PM

While the TG676/677 frequency presently operated by the A380 is great for those connecting to/from North America, the TG640/640 frequency is great for those connecting to/from Europe. And if I’m just traveling between Bangkok and Tokyo I’d much rather take the redeye. The highlight of the Thai Airways first class experience is the ground product, given that as a first class passenger you get access to an hour-long full body massage in the spa. In order to “maximize” the ground experience for an 8AM flight you’d have to leave your hotel in Bangkok by around 4:30AM, and there’s nothing fun about that. I far prefer a redeye where I can leisurely go to the airport in the evening, have dinner, get a massage, and wake up in Tokyo.

Now, like all things Thai Airways I wouldn’t count on the schedule staying as it does. This is the same airline that announced A380 service to London as of December 1. Then they changed their mind. They announced a new service to Vienna. Then they changed their mind. They announced an additional four weekly frequencies to Los Angeles. Then they changed their mind. So, as I’m sure you can guess, they may change their mind. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Funny. If I was just travelling BKK to TYO, I would take TH660 to Haneda instead. 2pm departure, arrive at 10pm. Still early enough to get public transport into Tokyo, and not the a bit too short red-eye. A 747, sure, but at the moment the flight I am on (for example) is showing the new F (though today is flying the old-old F)

  2. If Thai believes they the pax to fill a second daily A380 on this route, they will do it (and keep it.) The ground turns for that monster are reasonable. That said, let’s remember that Mr. A380 is still in diapers. If (no, When) they encounter a mechanical that cannot be cleared during the turn times, they will PO just that many more customers. I don’t know of any current A380 operator that stages ‘spare’ A380s for short notice replacements; they are just too expensive.

  3. It makes perfect sense for TG to put a second daily A380 on the NRT route. They can charge nearly the same on the premium Japanese market for a NRT-BKK return as they can do on BKK-LHR. To run a daily BKK-LHR route the would need to have 2 A380 planes scheduled, whereas on the NRT route they can fly one bird. If they have a LHR route with A380 it means they would have to schedule a short intra Asia trip as else the ground time would be too long to have the A380 sit idle in BKK.

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