Taxi gets pulled over…. a first for me

Nothing beats international adventures, like the time a taxi driver in Bangkok accused me of denting his door, but today was even more exciting. We get in a taxi to head back to our hotel, and at first the driver says “400 pesos, ok?” While that’s under $9USD, it’s more than double the normal cost, so obviously he’s trying to screw us. We say “no, meter,” and he agrees.

We made the stupid mistake of trying to get to the hotel during rush hour, which meant the 15km drive took over two hours. Well, this taxi driver decided he wanted to get creative, so he drives in the bus lane. Unfortunately for him he did so in an area with traffic cops, so he got pulled over. He begged for the guy to let him go (and tried to use us, the passengers, as leverage), but the cop wouldn’t give in. The cop wrote him a ticket, and after about ten minutes we were on our way.

By the way, you gotta love how cheap Manila is. Our two hour cab ride cost under 200 pesos, which is about $4USD. Much like in Ho Chi Minh City, cab rides can be scary and entertaining at the same time.

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  1. I love a good cab story! This one reminds me of the taxi we took from Tijuana to Rosarita, Mexico. We negotiated the price in advance, but wanted to stop for some beer to drink for the trip! “No, no … la policia,” the cabbie kept telling us. But we convinced him by agreeing to buy him cigarettes if he stopped at the grocery store. We drank our beer during the ride, but everytime we passed a cop, the cabbie would yell, “La policia! Rapido!” and we’d hide our beers. It was an interesting day excursion from San Diego!

  2. I was pulled over in a cab right outside of Havana on the way to the beach. The cabbie was speeding, something in the range of 80-100 mph, which was impressive given that the car was 30 years old. It was a routine speeding ticket and the cabbie was relaxed enough to urinate on the side of the road while the police were writing up his ticket.

  3. On one of my Turkey trips our cab driver got hassled at a police checkpoint. Apparently some insignificant paperwork was out of order, and the cop fined him the equivalent of $7 in Lira on the spot.

    We felt awful for him, and gave him as a tip the fine amount. If I remember correct, the actual cab fare was only about $5. The driver was very thankful, and wanted to buy us a cup of tea (which we begged off).

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