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This month TAP Air Portugal is celebrating their 75th anniversary, and they’re also celebrating just over a year since they rebranded their frequent flyer program, which is now known as Miles & Go.

The program has 280,000 members based in the US, and today they’ve announced a series of initiatives intended to grow membership in the US, including some pretty awesome opportunities.

This comes as TAP has hugely expanded their presence in North America in the past few years — in 2015 they operated just 16 weekly flights to North America, while by the summer of 2020 they’ll operate an incredible 82 weekly flights.

TAP Air Portugal is offering bonus miles just for enrolling, status match opportunities, discounts on purchased miles, and more.

Earn 1,000 miles for enrolling in TAP Miles & Go

TAP is offering 1,000 bonus miles when you enroll in the program during the month of March using promotion code BIRTHDAY01. There’s no actual activity required to earn those miles, but rather you just have to join the program.

Existing members can earn 1,000 bonus miles for each member they refer, up to five invites.

TAP Miles & Go status match

TAP Miles & Go has introduced a status match opportunity, allowing US members to earn either Silver or Gold status, which also correlates to Star Alliance Silver and Star Alliance Gold status.

In order to qualify, members need to either:

There are some basic things to be aware of:

  • You can match the status of a non-Star Alliance airline
  • You must provide a digital copy of your membership card with your application, including your name, status, and eligible validity; you can apply when you join the loyalty program
  • Your status will be confirmed by April 20, 2020

With this status match you are given status for up to six months, through September 30, 2020. Then to renew status beyond that you need to:

  • Earn 10,000 status miles to maintain Silver (it ordinarily requires 30,000 status miles per year)
  • Earn 25,000 status miles to maintain Gold (it ordinarily requires 75,000 status miles per year)

Here are the statuses that TAP Air Portugal is matching:

What are the benefits of TAP Air Portugal elite status?

If you decide to match to TAP Air Portugal status, what kind of benefits should you expect?

TAP Air Portugal Silver status offers:

  • 25% bonus miles
  • Priority check-in, security, and boarding
  • Free seat reservations
  • Lounge access when traveling on international TAP flights
  • Star Alliance Silver status

TAP Air Portugal Gold status offers:

  • 50% bonus miles
  • Lounge access whenever traveling same day on a Star Alliance flight (even on domestic flights within the US you receive lounge access
  • The ability to nominate a companion to Gold status, which is also valid if you’re matched
  • Free Economy Xtra seat assignment
  • Increased checked baggage allowance
  • Star Alliance Gold status

The benefits here could potentially be valuable, especially with Star Alliance Gold status, which even gets you extra baggage and lounge access when flying other Star Alliance airlines.

Buy TAP Miles & Go miles at a discount

For the month of March, TAP is offering big bonuses when you buy miles, up to 5x. For example, you can buy 100,000 miles for $870, which is just 0.87 cents per mile. This has the potential to be worth it, though I’ll save the overall value proposition of redeeming Miles & Go miles for a separate post.

Triple miles with Club Miles & Go

From March 9-31, 2020, Club TAP Miles & Go is offering triple miles that will be instantly credited to your Miles & Go account.

For those not familiar with Club TAP Miles & Go, this is a subscription service that allows you to earn miles every month, and even to earn some benefits. You can find all the benefits of that here.

For example, you could join “Club Platinum” for $887, and over the course of 12 months you would earn 108,000 miles, along with some other benefits.

Bottom line

This is a really robust and well thought out promotion on the part of TAP Air Portugal. Very rarely do we see airlines try to promote frequent flyer programs in this exciting of a way, so it’s great to see this from TAP.

New members can earn miles just for signing up, status matches are readily available, and there are opportunities to buy miles at a discount, either as a one time purchase, or as part of a club membership.

Is anyone taking advantage of these awesome TAP promotions?

  1. I thought they you suggested they should join One World? Seems they didn’t pay attention to what you have said

  2. Wow, I think this is the first time I have seen an easy, straightforward match/challenge from Oneworld Sapphire (e.g. BA Silver) to *Gold, at least on paper. Even if you don’t end up flying TAP at all that’s still *G status for 6 months, till Sep 2020. Leverage opportunities for onward matching/challenging other *G programmes?

  3. …interestingly, TAP & GO appears to be one of few (only?) *A FFPs that credit 100% mileage even on deep discount econ fare bases. So for me, two round trip LHR-BKK-HAN cheapo econ flights would be sufficient to extend *G status to Sep 2021.

  4. Quite a deal, especially if you have one of those JAL perpetual sapphire status to match from.

  5. Ben, do you think Alaska MVP Gold is an eligible match?

    It sounds like you have to purchase miles by 3/31 … then they’ll match your status by 4/20. I don’t want to waste money (even if it’s $87) only to find out that I’m not elgible.

  6. Ben – one more question…

    Do you know any details regarding the “nominate a companion” for Gold status? Does the companion’s status also expire in September? Or would it possibly be valid for longer?

    Either way, it sounds like a solid 2-for-1 deal. Even if it’s only until September, that’s not bad for $87.

  7. Are matches from other Star Alliance carriers Permissible? I’m platinum on UA and we consider a match based on the earnings opportunity. Thanks

  8. Is it applicable for Non-US persons ? Had a series of flights with ANA this summer & currently holdings BA Silver(OW Sapphire), Would be great to use their lounges.

  9. @Fred and @RST, the blurb on this blog (presumably some of it lifted from a TAP press release?) seems to suggest that but I can’t see anything in the terms and conditions in the actual status match page to restrict it to US-based individuals. I’m going to try it and see, worst case is that they say no..

    And correcting my earlier post, which should say “TAP & GO appears to be one of few (only?) *A FFPs that credit 100% mileage even on deep discount econ fare bases for *Thai Airways (TG)*”

  10. +1 to Michelle’s second question. What exactly are the conditions on the nomination of a companion? Do they need to have any sort of status with the mentioned airlines? What are the conditions for its validity?

    This status match prove to be useful for those of us based on *A hubs, who either fly it occasionally or whose status doesn’t come with things like lounge access.

  11. I submitted my credentials and paid $87 toll. I am not hopeful this would work. They want you to buy miles in March and they will decide on status in April. Sounds fishy! I guess if they denied status on rolling basis folks
    will quit paying them $87. Stay tuned….

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