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This year TAP Air Portugal is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and as part of that we’re seeing more promotions through its frequent flyer program, Miles&Go. TAP’s goal is to expand its membership base, especially outside of Portugal.

TAP Air Portugal has just introduced a great new status match promotion, which might be of interest to many.

TAP Air Portugal status match promotion

TAP Miles&Go has introduced a status match campaign, making it easy for members to earn either Silver or Gold status, which corresponds to Star Alliance Silver and Star Alliance Gold status.

This promotion is available to both new Miles&Go members, as well as those who have signed up for the program in 2020:

  • If you’re a new member you must register and attach a copy of your frequent flyer card for the program you wish to match from; the copy must include a complete image of the card and include the cardholder’s name, the card number, the expiry date, and the status
  • If you have been a member since January 1, 2020, just send a complete copy of your frequent flyer card to [email protected]

You’ll then need to complete one of the following two challenges to receive your status within 10 days of of being notified that your application has been validated:

Which programs are eligible for the TAP status match?

You can match status from most non-Star Alliance programs. You can find a full list of programs that TAP will match from here, along with corresponding status you’d receive with TAP.

How long is TAP status valid for?

Your status match will be approved within 15 days of completing all eligibility requirements, and then the status will be valid for a minimum of 12 months. You’ll even be able to extend it beyond that with reduced requirements, as follows:

  • Maintain Silver status with 10,000 status miles and two flights on TAP Air Portugal
  • Maintain Gold status with 25,000 status miles and four flights on TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal elite benefits

If you decide to match to TAP Air Portugal status, what kind of benefits should you expect?

TAP Air Portugal Silver status offers:

  • 25% bonus miles
  • Priority check-in, security, and boarding
  • Free seat reservations
  • Lounge access when traveling on international TAP flights
  • Star Alliance Silver status

TAP Air Portugal Gold status offers:

  • 50% bonus miles
  • Lounge access whenever traveling same day on a Star Alliance flight (even on domestic flights within the US you receive lounge access
  • The ability to nominate a companion to Gold status (however, this time around this isn’t available to those who have matched)
  • Free Economy Xtra seat assignment
  • Increased checked baggage allowance
  • Star Alliance Gold status

The benefits here could potentially be valuable, especially with Star Alliance Gold status, which even gets you extra baggage and lounge access when flying other Star Alliance airlines.

Bottom line

TAP Air Portugal’s new status match promotion is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Your status will be valid for at least 12 months, and while you do need to make a small purchase, there’s otherwise no flying requirement.

The only flying requirement is if you want to extend your status beyond a year, in which case you can requalify based on reduced criteria.

This is an easy path to Star Alliance Gold status, which can get you lounge access on all Star Alliance itineraries, even domestic ones within the US.

Is anyone taking advantage of this new TAP Air Portugal status match promotion?

  1. Lucky/anyone, what would you recommend are the best Star Alliance Gold lounges to visit, particularly in Asia? Have always been a oneworld loyalist so I’m very intrigued by this!

  2. Best I can tell there doesn’t seem to be a minimum amount of miles that must be purchased, right? Not registered and the confirmation email seems to take a while to arrive, what is the minimum number of miles you can purchase?

    12 months of *A Gold for a low price could be a good deal, especially if living in a *A hub

  3. If you can’t get the list to open just scroll down on that same page and you’ll eventually see the programs which qualify.

  4. Whats the minimum number of miles and $ amount that can be purchased to meet the requirement? I don’t want to sign up for an account if I don’t have to.

  5. Here’s the e-mail I got (on March 20, 2020) when I applied to do the status match with AA Platinum Pro:

    We inform that in order to be elegible [sic] for the Status Match Challenge, you must purchase at least 2.000 miles on our shop miles or join one of our TAP Miles&Go Clubs (Club Basic, Club Extra, Club Top or Club Platinum) by March, 31st.

    Best regards,
    TAP Miles&Go Program

    Not sure what it costs to purchase 2k miles, but Club Basic costs US$122/year.

  6. @Kate – Most lounges I’ve been to in Asia are meh. Singapore airlines has a “peasant” lounge if you don’t fly in business with them. Even their regular lounge was unimpressive, although there was a huge choice of freshly cooked food. EVA has a funky lounge in Bangkok, but the amenities are nothing special. However, the lounge is far less crowded than Thai airways lounges where you can barely get a seat, despite their ginormous size. Hoping to get to try out the recently-ish opened Turkish airlines lounge in Bangkok in the future. EVA in Taiwan has free Häagen-Dazs ice cream and their lounges are way ahead Singapore airlines tiny lounge here, but most of the food is very local, unless you want a sweaty petrol station hotdog. ANA in Haneda was a super let down imho, with mediocre food and amenities. Air China in Beijing is a joke, one of the worst lounges I’ve ever been to.
    Thai airways uses a very nice third party lounge in Mumbai though. Asiana has huge lounges, but very limited food and amenities, although I haven’t been to their supposedly new lounges, due to the wuhan virus.
    Regardless, Cathay beats them all by a mile, except for their lounge in Penang, it’s rubbish.
    Air New Zealand has a pretty decent lounge in Auckland though, but I guess technically that’s not Asia…

  7. @Kate @TLS
    agree. OW wins hands down on lounges. Even Skyteam, with their stingy policy, is better than Star Alliance. I’d say most *A airlines offer decent, but not exceptional/anything to write home about/arrive early to visit J-class lounges, with the exception of TK IST (if only once, and for the wow moment). Only the F lounges (+ AC Signature Suites) are worth dedicated visits, but of course, unlike OWE status, *G doesn’t get you access.

  8. @Kate: I am not particularly impressed by any Star Alliance lounge in Asia and I have been to a few.
    Best Star Alliance lounges in Asia are operated by SQ in cities OUTSIDE their base in Singapore in my opinion –> BKK SQ lounge (forget the new BKK Turkish lounge, SQ with much better food & ambience IMHO) or Manila SQ operated lounge are the best in Asia that I have visited.
    I hope the new Changi airport SQ lounges that they are currently building / refurbishing will be much better than the older version, especially the Star Gold lounges, as those were very underwhelming in past.

  9. @Jon – The new Star Alliance lounge in Amsterdam was pretty nice. The one in LAX is really nice, great spread of food, even though I only had breakfast there. SAS has pretty mediocre lounges, even their “gold” lounges are nothing to write home about. Lufthansa’s Senator lounges aren’t too bad, but it was quite crowded in Munich.

    @Wolfgang – How did you manage to get into the SQ lounge in BKK? It always seems to be closed. As I mentioned, their lounge is Taiwan is outright horrible, hidden in tight corner space, nasty food, uninterested staff and an old, worn look and feel.
    The KrisFlyer Gold lounge in Singapore is a joke, it doesn’t even have its own toilet…
    Singapore Airlines really has the most restrictive Star Alliance Gold policy of anywhere I think, as Lufthansa let you in their Sentator lounges and SAS has a Gold lounge for top tier members, which has some extra amenities over their regular businesses lounges in both cases.

  10. @Fio – If all you want is lounge access and extra luggage, Asiana is the one to go for, 40k miles in two years to get their Diamond card, which is Star Gold, then 30k per two years to maintain status.

  11. I have applied, based on Emirates Gold Status.

    Due to the lock downs I have moved back to New Zealand and this will come in Handy for AirNZ.

    Lets see how it goes.

  12. I applied July 7 with all documentation and and bought the miles that day

    I have received no notifications or status upgrade

  13. Completed the process and I’m not happy, at all.

    After a few weeks to complete the process and paying 70€ for 2.000 miles they matched my Emerald status (Latam-Black) to Tap SILVER!!! Really basic benefits flying other StarAlliance airlines.

    I have already written a complaint since their matching criteria was completely misleading.

  14. Update to previous comment: Gold status matched!!!

    From OW Emerald with 70€ (2000 miles) payment.

    Can’t really tell if the first match to Silver was a mistake but 3 working days after complaining TAP confirmed the Gold status!!

    Thank you Ben!

  15. Do you have to wait to receive some sort of notification of approval to do the status match (above seems to say that they will notify you and THEN you have 10 days to buy)? I signed up almost two weeks ago, and have not received any notification of eligibility … worried that I was actually just supposed to buy the miles right away?

  16. Hi Everyone, so I purchased 2000 miles upon registering, and then 10 days afterwards received an email that I must do 1 of the following:

    Buy the club or buy miles.

    Ending up purchasing the second amount of miles for €70 and the next day received a successful match to Gold. It states that you need to wait up to another 15 days for status to reflect on your account.

    Lesson = Sign up and wait for the email from TAP to purchase the miles.

    Total cost = €140 for me, not bad considering I was about to Purchase AirNZ Koru at NZD $800 for a year.

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