TAP Air Portugal Offering 15% Off Flights

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TAP Air Portugal is already known for its excellent fares, especially on transatlantic flights. At the moment TAP Air Portugal is offering a further 15% discount.

Admittedly many people aren’t able to travel on transatlantic flights and the future is uncertain, but this is at least worth being aware of for those who are planning transatlantic travel.

Get a TAP Air Portugal flight discount

TAP Air Portugal is offering 15% off flights, and is also promising one free booking change:

  • Tickets must be issued by August 18, 2020
  • Valid for travel through March 31, 2021
  • Blackout dates apply for December 17, 2020, through January 10, 2021
  • This is valid for both economy and business class tickets, with the exception of “Discount” and “Top Executive” fares
  • Use promotion code MULTI15 (on the promotion page just click “MULTI15” along the right side of the page, and it will take you to the booking page with the promo code pre-populated)
  • This is valid for fares to & from Europe for all TAP destinations in the USA, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico, along with Casablanca, Marrakesh, Cape Town, and São Tomé and Principe

There are some incredible deals to be had

TAP Air Portugal has many great fares, though let me just give a couple of examples…

TAP Air Portugal flies from Boston to the Azores, and business class fares start at $633 roundtrip.

With this 15% off promotion, you’re looking at paying just $548… wow!

Alternatively, TAP Air Portugal has Boston to Lisbon business class fares for $1,199 roundtrip, even for 2021.

With this 15% off promotion, you’re looking at paying just $1,032.

Why TAP Air Portugal is a great option for transatlantic flights

TAP Air Portugal has come a long way as an airline, and there are some things that make TAP a particularly good option on transatlantic flights:

  • TAP now offers fully flat beds on all transatlantic flights, as the airline flies a combination of A330-900neos, A330-200s, and A321LRs
  • TAP Air Portugal has attractive one-way transatlantic fares, which is extremely rare among airlines
  • TAP Air Portugal allows a free stopover of up to five days in Portugal when booking a roundtrip ticket, which is a great opportunity to see Portugal enroute to your final destination

TAP Air Portugal’s A321LR business class

Bottom line

TAP Air Portugal is offering 15% off flights booked in the coming days, which further discounts the carrier’s already low fares.

It goes without saying there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, though I’m sure some people will benefit from this. For example, Canadians can travel to the European Union, this can be used for connecting itineraries beyond the EU, and perhaps some are hopeful that transatlantic travel will be possible for Americans by next year.

Again, proceed with caution, but I figured this promotion was at least worth passing on.

  1. Portugal stopover is up to 5 days, not 3 days as posted.
    Cool that this promo stacks with the PDL fare!

  2. TAP has turned into a fantastic option for connecting to Africa – especially more “off-the-beaten-path” destinations for more intrepid travelers. Plus it’s hard to beat the free stopover. Sao Tome is very high on my list and would love to combine with EG, Cameroon, and Gabon.

  3. I would NOT recommend TAP to anyone. I bought tickets for them for CPT to MIA and those plans fell through especially since South Africa is closed for travel. They were supposed to provide me a refund originally, minus $350. They then changed the online cancellation to voucher only minus the fees. I contacted them on twitter and on phone and finally twitter DM said they’ll refund to original payment since I couldn’t keep $2000 on hold. It’s been 2 months since then and I’m still waiting for my refund. In the meantime making payments to the credit cards. Horrible customer service and business ethics!

  4. Does anyone know what the cancellation/refund policy is for these fares? If Canada continues to have the 14 day quarantine policy (which is a good thing imo) for another 6-12 months the trip isn’t possible for us.

  5. I like TAP but they have been very challenging to deal with even on a fully refundable fare over the past months. The only way to get a refund was via a DOT complaint and a credit card chargeback. That said I would fly them again due to the budget-priced yet comfy business cabin.

  6. I live in Brazil and I have flow TAP many times to go to Europe because of their good prices, nice airplanes and also cheaper one-way transatlantic tickets.

    Unfortunately, during the pandemic, I got dozens of flights cancelled that I had to deal with concerning a full refund and/or voucher. I managed to solve all the issues with other airlines, but TAP proved to have the WORST customer service EVER!

    If you enter Brazilian consumer complaints websites, you will notice that TAP is the international airline with the highest amount of complaints. They are NOT refunding money for cancelled flights (even thought they must do it by law), they are giving vouchers with the wrong amount to customers and it is impossible to contact them on the phone.

    So my advice is… book at your own risk, because if anything happens to your flight, TAP will simply ignore you…

  7. Do not fall for this SCAM: once they cancel your flight, or of you’re unable to travel, you will not get your money back.

    Check the latest DOT customer report and you will see that tiny tiny TAP has more complaints than most international airlines including behemoths like Lufthansa and British Airways.

    They owe me several $k due to their cancellations for months now. Plainly they are the WORST.

  8. Flew TAP last year when you advertised a 50% off base fare offer. Flew LHR-LIS-BOS-LIS-LGW in business in February 2019 for around £750 which was cheaper that PE on BA!

    What’s remarkable is that the fair included £156 worth of U.K. APD plus a smaller but still substantial amount for airport fees.

    Thought the onboard service was professional rather than friendly, and the food and the seat were good. Think I was on an A330.

    Based on the inflight service I would fly them again.

  9. Yes, they are cheap, but there is a reason for this. The worst customer service of any airline I have ever encountered, there is no end to their corner-cutting and the poor underpaid staff have to deal with it. 6+ hour queues in Lisbon airport for customer service desk when flights inexplicably cancelled, impossible hold times on the phone…. If you find a deal make sure you can go, but if they cancel, it’s your funeral… personally I dont really see the reward for all the risk involved with an airline like TAP in a pandemic.

  10. Interesting enough, TAP does not allow you to use a voucher AND use the 15% promotion code at the same time. It’s either or.

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