The Funniest Reason I’ve Been Given To Not Take Pictures At A Hotel

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As you guys know, I document just about every aspect of my hotel stays and flights so that I can write detailed reviews. I do my best to take pictures as subtly as possible. On planes I make a point of being the first aboard and taking cabin pictures without people in them as much as possible.

The same is true in hotels, though in hotels it’s almost inevitable that some people will end up in the pictures. If someone tells me they’re uncomfortable being in a photo I’ll of course respect that.

In July I wrote about my stay at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, where one of the employees in the restaurant told me I couldn’t take pictures of the breakfast buffet. To clarify, we’re talking about pictures of the actual food, without anyone in them. It goes without saying that this was simply a bored employee who was on a power trip, as the hotel confirmed there was no such policy.

Well, I’m staying at the St. Regis Rome right now, which has been incredible. It’s truly a fantastic hotel, and the employees have been exceptionally friendly and accommodating across the board.


But I did have to share one funny interaction from breakfast yesterday morning. We arrived right as the restaurant opened, so it was virtually empty.  The restaurant was impressively grand, and I started taking pictures right away.


After I took my second picture one of the guys working in the restaurant stopped me and said “no photo” please. After my last experience I wasn’t about to let someone just make up their own rules, so I said “to clarify, no pictures of the restaurant at all, or…?”

“Oh, please take pictures of the restaurant, just make sure I am not in them. My wife doesn’t know I work here.”


Hah, fair enough… I guess? I won’t ask. He was super nice throughout the whole interaction, though that has to be the funniest reason I’ve been given for a request to not take pictures.

  1. I was taking photos of the Marriott breakfast buffet in Panama City Panama a couple of years ago and was told “no photos”. I assume a lot of places are thinking it is their competition that is taking photos for ideas

  2. Stayed at the St Regis Rome with family last June. Got two junior suites and had a fantastic stay. Georgia at the concierge was the best.

  3. Guessing with the stagnation of the Italian economy he either got laid off from another job and hasn’t told his wife or has taken a second job to make ends meet and hasn’t told her.

  4. Wasn’t nearly as impressed as you are with St. Regis Rome. The “restaurant” you’ve mentioned, Lucky, is actually a temporary spot given the ongoing renovation.
    We found the property to be a bit of a hot mess all around, and is desperately in need of the update it’s getting. The staff was hardly service oriented, and the physical property is in disrepair and not up to brand standards.
    Hoping the finished product is better than what we experienced this summer. Enjoy your stay!

  5. Lol that’s a funny reason! Have stayed at the St Regis Rome a couple of years ago and they didn’t have problems with photos at the breakfast area – maybe the guy didn’t work there then! But overall, I found the staff and service fantastic.

  6. That is the main reason why I have strived to avoid taking pictures of people in hotels in my photos. It is a privacy issue. Many people have reasons for not wanting to be displayed in a widely read travel blog.

  7. Does his wife work for the Italian immigration office? I’ve been asked to not photo at a lot of European farmer’s markets. Happened just last week at La Boqueria in Barcelona when a vendor held a sign in front of her face. Illegal immigrant workers, tax evasion, and other nefarious reasons are speculated. Too bad, these colorful markets make great vacation photos.

    PS: St Regis Rome is an awesome hotel with great off-season rates and upgrades. I recall champagne on the breakfast buffet.

  8. @jean please refrain from your useless comments with the hope that people will click on your stupid face/link to get traffic to your uninteresting blog, thanks

  9. Being Italy probably some form of tax cheat….. he can be super nice but, like many Italians, still cheat their system hence why the country is a basketcase!

    Vive la Brexit!

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