Super Shuttle discount codes

Lately I’ve been forced to use Super Shuttle more and more, especially when traveling to cities like Los Angeles, where public transportation options are virtually non-existent. While Super Shuttle is reasonably priced to begin with, here’s a link to some discount codes that will take a few more dollars off your fare. Entering YUS68, for example, will take $3 off your fare.

Hey, it’s something! And after I factor in the *50* United Mileage Plus miles I earn for each reservation I make, I figured I’m getting a real deal. 😉

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  1. I vowed to never take a super shuttle again after it took me 1.5 hours to get from JFK to Manhattan, with no traffic– the shuttle was just running around the ghettos dropping folks off. And left half of the people waiting for the shuttle in the terminal wait another half hour for the next shuttle.

    @bmvaughn — rentals in LA can get expensive. I have a rental next month..the fees for parking per day exceed the rental’s cost per day. Ouch!

  2. While not a London, Tokyo, Singapore, san Fran, or Vancouver. You say LAX has no public transit options. I can name 2-3 that are reasonably priced and faster than a 8 stop super shuttle. Green Line into la metro systems, flyaway to Amtrak, flyaway to the valley, flyaway to irvine.

  3. I feel for ya, lucky. I have been forced to take SuperShuttle when traveling with family who are nervous about public transportation. Maybe it’s because I get carsick when I’m not in the driver’s seat, but I have NEVER had a pleasant experience with them–bad drivers, stuck in traffic, waiting an hour to get picked up, you name it. Give me NJT, the LIRR, or even the M60 any day of the week (or weekend).

    As for LAX, rental rates there are decent on weekends but can be horrendous ($90+ per day) on weekdays. I’m fortunate to have family with spare cars there…

  4. SuperShuttle from LAX – worst ground experience I’ve ever had. Never again! As others have stated, the Flyaway buses are a great option.

  5. People with bad drivers at the LAX SuperShuttle should be so lucky. Put those same drivers here in DEN with our snow storms and you can imagine the white knuckle rides as the van fishtails around corners on 6 inches of snow in near whiteout conditions. HATE SuperShuttle with a passion. I rent one-way from DEN and pay $150 before I ride those deathtraps.

  6. LAX does have public transportation options. If you’re going to the middle of nowhere, you’ll need a car to get around anyway. If you’re going to major centers, there are buses. Blue Bus #3 costs 75 cents and takes you to Santa Monica Promenade. Flyaway buses take you to Downtown Union Station (metro stop to Hollywood, Pasadena, etc), Westwood, and Van Nuys for $5-7. There is also a public bus to Manhattan Beach that takes 10 mins.

    Car rentals can be very cheap via Hotwire or bidding on Priceline. As cheap as $10/day for a compact.

    Thanks for the coupon. SuperShuttle is great for getting from Newark to Manhattan (cost is only a few dollars more than the train). It’s not bad for getting from LaGuardia either.

    I wouldn’t recommend SuperShuttle for getting from Manhattan from JFK. Airtrain+express subway A is a much better option (or E subway depending on where you’re going). It’s faster and costs $7 total.

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