Star Tribune: Delta drafts merger plans for frequent flier programs

The Star Tribune has an interesting article about the eventual merging of the SkyMiles and WorldPerks programs. While the article doesn’t contain anything unexpected, it does seem to confirm that:

  • Delta will allow members to qualify for status via segments, which they don’t allow at the moment. This makes perfect sense, in my opinion.
  • Northwest customers will be receiving systemwide upgrades, like Delta Platinum members currently receive. Of course these aren’t nearly as lucrative as American or United systemwide upgrades, since they can only upgrade high fare classes. Think $2,000 to Europe for the chance at an upgrade. Now if they allowed lower fare classes to be upgraded, that would be nice.

While it’s not specifically mentioned in the article, Northwest Platinum members receive a 125% mileage bonus, while Delta Platinum members only receive a 100% mileage bonus bonus. I’m betting they’ll stick with Delta’s bonus on this one.

It will be interesting to see if they offer any other benefits that would make the program better since they’ll likely have a lot of disgruntled customers.

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