Whoa: The St. Regis Cairo Opened?!?

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If one good thing comes out of 2020, it’s that the St. Regis Cairo has finally opened… seemingly out of nowhere? If you’re wondering why I have such an interest in this hotel, let me explain…

The controversial St. Regis Cairo

St. Regis is one of my favorite hotel brands, and Cairo is a city that I travel to quite often (or at least did travel to often prior to the current pandemic).

The St. Regis Cairo had been in the pipeline for a really long time. While hotel opening delays are common, the delay at the St. Regis Cairo was next-level. For a few years the hotel always showed an imminent opening date, only to be pushed back again last minute.

That seemed strange, until I learned the reason for this — authorities were withholding the hotel’s operating license. There’s an interesting political reason for that  — the hotel is owned by Qatari Diar, a Qatari real estate company. As most of you are probably aware, since June 2017 there has been a blockade between several countries (including Egypt) and Qatar.

The opening of this hotel essentially suffered from that blockade.

The St. Regis Cairo has finally opened!

This has caught me completely off guard, but the 366-room St. Regis Cairo has finally opened (thanks to Ryan for the heads up). The hotel is accepting reservations immediately, and is a Category 5 Marriott Bonvoy property.

Collectively you guys know everything, so I’m curious if anyone knows the backstory here? I can’t seem to find anything else online about this, so does anyone know what had to happen for this Qatari-owned hotel to finally open?

To me that’s already super cool, but this gets even better than that!

There’s a second St. Regis in Egypt?!?

Initially we couldn’t get one St. Regis to open in Egypt, but it looks like there are about to be two.

Marriott has also this year taken over the management contract for the former state-owned Almasa Royal Hotel, located in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, just outside of Cairo.

This hotel is in the process of being rebranded as the St. Regis Almasa — it’s already on Marriott’s website, but isn’t yet bookable. This rebranding was supposed to happen in the spring of 2020, though with everything going on I imagine it’s just delayed a bit.

This is a 434-room hotel, so we’re talking about two massive St. Regis properties here.

Bottom line

I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about the greater Cairo area all of a sudden having two St. Regis properties. It’s not even actually about staying there (because who knows when I’ll make it to Egypt again), but rather this is a saga I’ve been following for years, so I’m happy to see the hotel finally open.

Not only that, but there’s now even a second St. Regis.

Anyone have the scoop as to how the St. Regis Cairo was finally able to get the permits to open?

  1. Ben, quick! A black woman was assaulted by a police officer at your home airport! Why haven’t you reported on this yet?!?!?

  2. No thanks. ZERO interest in visiting Cairo again. Boring, dirty, noisy, dangerous… Lots of locals trying to scam you or shamelessly asking for a Baksheesh for the most trivial thing

  3. I agree with 1KBrad. I have been three times to Cairo, stayed at the Marriott Zamalek each time but visited friends at other hotels. A person becomes so aggrevated over the constance Egyptian hand out demanding baksheesh for extremely minor trivial items. I found literally everywhere in Cairo there was someone with the hand out or chasing up to vehicles if a foreigner is passenger. I honestly felt the average male seems to have no shame or it is a national sport to smile like an ape and put the hand out for money. Even seemingly well dressed folks have the hand out. The country is filthy dirty, traffic is terrible and every vendor will cheat you and overcharge. I doubt if the place gets repeat tourists.

  4. Yawn, St Regis. Not sure why anyone gets all excited other than as a mediocre at best point spend. Good luck filling 424 rooms at the rates they charge for a hotel that is a wannabe at best Four Seasons. But, it’s Egypt, expect $129 a night rates there very soon.

  5. Maybe they want to try to open one at Luxor. Sofitel Luxor is so pathetically bad. Actually, It’s terrible. I would def spring at a chance to stay at a Luxor St Regis although I don’t see the point of going to that city again. Cairo I would go back and I would love to go to Alexandria.

  6. Like with so many other projects where politics stepped in: Thanks to a shell company and an Egyptian nominee, ownership disputes were finally resolved.

  7. Cairo, the city where an Italian student, Giulio Regeni, was brutally tortured to death by the egyptian secret services. We will never forget. #veritapergiulioregeni

  8. Yes the murder of Giulio Regeni is an absolutely disgusting incident and Ben Schlappig is shameful in plugging this crappy hotel without so much as a mention. LGBT doesn’t matter as long as Ben earns a buck.

    Hilton points anyone? I hear Tallinn is a great deal!

  9. Did you actually travel to Cairo often or just connect through the airport to other destinations?

  10. @Ben – don’t visit . No respect for foreign LGBT in Egypt by government , police and secret service .

  11. @Don – that’s a bit harsh. I don’t believe Ben investigates every single issue (or many) out there. Plus he’s already addressed anti-LGBTQ+ countries/companies: he wants to make up his own mind. (See, for example, his stance on Qatar Air (which he loves)).

    Sadly, we’ll never get the truth about Giulio – not from Egypt, anyway.
    It breaks my heart and there’s no way I can visit that country in good conscience — especially after having read how Giulio was treated in the last days of his life.

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