Earn 250 Starbucks Stars With Free Spotify Trial

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I visit Starbucks a lot, not because they have the world’s greatest coffee (far from it, actually), but rather because they’re consistent and are a great place from which to work. I frequently post about opportunities to get discounts at Starbucks, often by using mobile wallet promotions.

Well, here’s another opportunity to get some free items from Starbucks. At the moment those in the US can earn 250 Starbucks Stars when you sign up for a free 60 day Spotify trialĀ through this link.

Spotify is a music streaming service that’s quite popular, and the 60 day free trial is the standard offer. So what makes this special is that you get 250 Starbucks Stars, which are enough for two free items at Starbucks (a free drink or snack costs 125 Stars).

You’ll have a code for your bonus Stars emailed to you three days after you sign up.

The terms also state that this offer is only available to those who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before (this is generally determined based on your email address). Furthermore, the promotion is only valid for the first 74,215 people who take advantage of it.

At the time you register for your free trial you have to give a credit card, though you should easily be able to cancel your subscription online.

Bottom line

This is an easy opportunity to get two free items from Starbucks, and the Spotify Premium trial is the icing on the cake. I like Spotify, and if I didn’t already have a subscription I’d take advantage of this.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

  1. Thanks for posting these Starbucks deals. I always save these stars for 6 shot venti drinks on late night road trips that I would never pay close to $10 for otherwise.

  2. It appears that you’re not eligible for this offer. You can still enjoy Premium for the great price below.

  3. Ok, I have to ask – why 74215? That is a very specific number. Why not 75000, or 80000, or any other round number?

  4. Truth: Brooklyn born Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will never become president of the United States running as independent. Trump is guaranteed a second term if Schultz runs as independent!

  5. Has the Starbucks/Spotify offer been yanked? I see the Spotify free trial part when I click on the link, but nothing about Starbucks šŸ™ And it’s no longer in my Starbucks app, either.

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