Video: Angry Spirit Airlines Passengers Assault Employees, Throw Shoes & Fast Food

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Three passengers have been arrested after an incident that unfolded at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Tuesday night, where they assaulted five Spirit Airlines employees.

The incident occurred at gate G12 in Terminal 4 prior to Spirit Airlines flight 1004 to Philadelphia. It’s not entirely clear what caused the conflict to escalate to this level, but apparently the issue arose when boarding was delayed, and it escalated when employees stopped boarding and the jet bridge door closed. It’s not clear why the door was closed.

According to the Broward Country Sheriff’s Office:

“The defendants intentionally struck the victims against their will with miscellaneous items, such as phones, shoes, full water bottles, metal boarding signs and fast food. The victims were also punched and kicked in different sections of their bodies numerous times by the listed defendants.”

A Spirit Airlines spokesperson had the following to say:

“We thank our Team Members for their professionalism and quick actions, and we also thank the Broward Sheriff’s Office for their assistance at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport yesterday. Three Guests became combative following a delayed flight, and they were arrested for physically assaulting our Team Members. Three of our Team Members sustained minor injuries. This violent behavior is completely unacceptable and has absolutely no place in airports or any other place of business. We will not tolerate abusive behavior of any kind. Further questions about this incident should be referred to law enforcement.”

Here’s a video of the incident:

shining outstanding citizens….

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Three airline employees were injured during a violent situation that was captured on video Tuesday night at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.look at these gems…According to Spirit Airlines, the three employees suffered minor injuries when three women “became combative following a delayed flight.”It happened outside the gate of a flight to Philadelphia, and you can see several women on the video throwing things at Spirit employees and then, eventually, going back to the counter and physically attacking at least one of the employees.Three women were arrested:Tymaya Wright, 20, was arrested on charges of touch or strike battery and petit theft.Danaysha Dixon, 22, was arrested on charges of or strike battery.Keira Ferguson, 21, was arrested on charges of touch or strike battery.

Posted by Myriam Solano on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

This behavior is simply unjustifiable, regardless of what happened prior to this. And go figure the ladies assaulting the Spirit Airlines employees aren’t even wearing their masks.

Kudos to the Spirit Airlines employees for their professionalism in handling this…

  1. It will be interesting to learn the inciting factors. Regardless, I hope the assailants are prohibited from flying spirit and from using FLL in the future.

  2. @ Frankie

    One does not, as has been recently demonstrated, need inciting factors to have a riot these days.

  3. A few delightful racially tinged comments already. Lucky, you have some real winners that frequent these threads.

    Somehow the abhorrent behavior of some black people (2 maybe in this video?) is somehow reflective of an entire group of 40 million people and/or a broader social movement in way that seldom happens with individual white people behaving poorly.

    It’s the cousin of the “lone shooter/deranged individual” versus “terrorist” distinction we often see drawn unquestioningly in the media depending on what the person looks like.

  4. Since my previous comment was deleted by the thought police, let me be more specific. My reference to “the usual trash that flies Spirit” had NOTHING to do with the race of the people involved. ANYONE who acts in such a manner, regardless of race, is trash in my book, and belong behind bars and out of civilized society.

  5. @Jesse,

    For the record, I was not referring to your comment. There were a few others that have been deleted that we’re clearly not referencing their status as Spirit customers, but their race.

  6. While we need to realize there are jerks out there regardless of their races, there is a tendency for a double standard these days (if white women have a fist in public, people will not hesitate before labelling them with the racially charged term “Karens”).

  7. @Ryan

    Oh honey I don’t simplify.

    I flew Spirit last year for $37 IAH-MSY-EWR. Not bad at all.

  8. @ John +1

    @Jesse, if the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-WWII American president would have been hanged “and out of civilized society.”

  9. Flight was scheduled to leave at 9:17pm, left at 10:36pm. Scheduled to arrive at 11:59pm, actual was 1:11am. Maybe they ran out of middle seats? Or just a communications problem: FLL and PHL sound alike.

  10. @Jesse
    I think sometimes the policing here in this comment section is way overboard. last week I playfully joked to a commenter who did not understand “I can’t even” with the word “boomer” and an explanation of the phrase, it was censored.
    I fully support a healthy comment section as before there were some truly vile things posted here before policing, but unnoticed blocking and removal of posts is really annoying. should be a flagging system instead of an approval system.

  11. Since the DHS has a no fly list and terrorist screening data base, trash like this should be placed on it , in addition to several months cleaning toilets on Rikers Island

  12. Well. I have no words other than disgusting. These Employees show up to work in an AIRPORT during a PANDEMIC not because it’s fun, but because they have bills to pay. These passengers are disgusting.

  13. Wow,

    Glad that I live, NOT THERE! And I will not be in any hurry to visit Philadelphia in the next ten years.

  14. I’m sorry, just can’t get past BCSO statement: “The defendants intentionally struck the victims against their will…”

    Against their will? Was there a safe-word involved? Who gets struck by choice?

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