Rappers Get In Fight On Emirates Plane In Dubai

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At least it wasn’t Spirit Airlines for once? But in all honesty, I’m surprised there wasn’t more of a punishment…

Two rappers fight on Emirates plane in Dubai

Two British rappers I hadn’t heard of — Tion Wayne (Dennis Odunwo) and Headie One (Irving Adjei) — got into a physical pre-flight altercation on board an Emirates aircraft that was supposed to fly from Dubai to London Heathrow.

In a video posted to Twitter and viewed around 900K times, one of the men is seen striking the other man, while other passengers look on in horror, and some even try to stop the fight. Interestingly this is happening in economy…

Headie One posted the following to Twitter:

And to that, Tion Wayne responded as follows:


Could someone… interpret this for me, because I’m confused?

Tion Wayne also stated that “ain’t no-one been arrested stop listening to lies,” and “nothing major just an argument over a seat.”

What surprises me about this situation

To me the most interesting part of this story is how the men allegedly weren’t arrested. It’s always worth remembering that laws differ around the world, and that what’s okay in one country might not be okay in another.

Many people like to point out how the Middle East has strict laws, and how people should exercise extreme caution when visiting these countries. For example, in the UAE “writing bad words on social media” could get you arrested, even if it has only rarely been enforced.

One would think that if punches are thrown on a plane that someone would get arrested in most countries, and particularly in the Middle East. So I’d be curious to know what happened here — was the situation not fully reported to authorities, or…?

I think one thing is for certain — if a “local” had gotten punched, someone would be serving a jail sentence.

Bottom line

Two rappers on an Emirates flight from Dubai to London had some sort of disagreement over seats, and this ended up getting physical. I’m surprised that neither person seemed to be jailed or punished in any sort of significant way.

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  1. British rappers don’t tend to be the most intellectually talented beings. Their ‘music’ shows it.

  2. The UAE authorities thought about this situation for two seconds and someone on-site determined they didn’t want these “gentlemen” to spend one more minute in the UAE, so they sent the flight on its way.

  3. A cretinous genre with moronic followers. The profoundly dumb drooling over every discordant note of the uniquely untalented…

  4. LOOOL this is not over seat selection. This is down two two groups that have issues in the streets. Unfortunately as Dubai is the new London (especially in winter like now) people can cross paths easily and this happened here. In terms of the Twitter message it’s just in regards to being called an attention seeker. Unfortunately with all the street money/music money they have they still don’t know how to use it for business class or even F seats.

  5. So two “Rappers” whom even they have never heard of fake a beef for the attempt at controversy. Even the air police know it is more fake than the WWF.

    Please let me know how this becomes one of the 4 or 6 stores highlighted in the newsletter. I understand that it may be a slow aviation day, but the only relation to aviation is these clowns were flying on a plane. You would be better to cover the travails of a dog flying in the hold, as more people would be interested.

  6. This is such a stupid thing to do but why is everyone, including the author, belittling their career choice? ‘I’ve not heard of them.’ or calling them untalented, or even calling them out for flying economy. I don’t feel this is acceptable and all completely subjective. Lots of people know who they are, hence how much exposure it has had. One has a recent number 1 album and has featured on tracks with artists such as Drake. Maybe the main demographic that this website receive views from just don’t know about them. That’s ok, but also not a reason to attack them.

    The point then of this post? Call them idiots, yes. Are they lucky they got away? Yes. However, in the modern day, people in the comments, and especially the author, should know better than to make snide comments about someone’s career choice or how popular or famous they are.

  7. They fought, calmed down, then went to their respective seats in the middle two seats of the 4-seat block…right next to eachother

  8. Too bad, when they arrived in the UK, that they were not arrested and deported. Given the text and the way they speak, I doubt the are “British”. Get a grip.

  9. Emirates way too cowardly and never arrests anyone, too much admin for them, the police usually rocks up and tells the rowdy passenger please not to do it again

  10. @Paolo what a bunch of bs you just wrote, you clearly no nothing about music, nor the history of Hip Hop/Rap and what it meant and means.

  11. @fedup, it’s lovely to see how openly racist you are. You sound like the type of person who’s says their not racist but says everyone should be deported because their not of a certain colour. A shame you can be some so lame lol.

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