So much for having Cathay first class to myself….

It looks like I spoke too early last week in hoping for an empty Cathay Pacific first class cabin. I just noticed that my flight is now sold out in first class, which scares me a bit. It seems like four tickets were booked at once (or within the course of a few days), which makes me think the other four passengers in first class are a family. If they’re a family, will there be screaming babies? Oh, the potential horror!

On the plus side I guess the chance of the whole family canceling their tickets and leaving us alone in first class are greater than four individual people canceling.


  1. Ahhhhh, that lovely elitist traveler mentality. Keep up that wonderfully selfless spirit! It’s oh so becoming of you.

  2. DiscoPapa, I could see it being the former. The latter, not so much. 😀

    moi22, I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek with that statement, in case you couldn’t tell. Feel free to interpret otherwise, though. I think you’ve been reading a few too many Chris Elliott articles. 😀

  3. Sorry. Guess I fly off the handle too easily since I come across the real thing too often. Tongue-in-cheek stuff is one of those tricky things to spot with just text. They need to add an actual tongue-in-cheek smiley face to insert for those of us less astute readers.
    Carry on and keep up the good work…

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