SNL Parodies The Southwest Flight Attendant Rap

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SNL has aired two airline skits recently, which I think are worth sharing. Both of them have similar themes, involving flight attendant announcements in the same mock-up cabin (which seems way too spacious, especially for Southwest, since the seats seem to be first class seats).

The first skit was in December, and was supposed to take place on Aer Lingus:

I thought it was reasonably funny, though even funnier was Aer Lingus’ response to the skit on Twitter:

This past Saturday SNL did a skit that’s based on something most of you have probably seen. Specifically, I’m talking about Southwest’s rapping flight attendant:

In the SNL skit, Gareth (played  by Will Ferrell) adds a dark twist to the safety rap that Spencer (Chris Redd) and Sabrina (Aidy Bryant) have created. Here’s the SNL skit:

It’s cute that they went with something airline themed, though personally I feel like this is only mildly funny, at best. Maybe it’s partly that I don’t find Will Ferrell to be especially funny (even though I consider myself to be a connoisseur of stupid humor), but I feel like they could have taken a different angle to make this funnier.

Which of these SNL skits do you find to be funnier?

  1. Do you find the topic not funny or just Will Ferrell? I think people find religion taboo to joke about. I don’t usually like Will Ferrell either, but I do typically find jokes about “off limits” topics funnier. I like the shock value.

    As an A List Preferred, I wish SWA was that roomy!

  2. SNL isn’t funny anymore…I’ve tried watching it a few times in the last year or two, and I end up turning it off.

  3. The original Southwest rapping FA is awesome! The SNL skit based on it is dismal. For one thing, this cast isn’t funny to begin with. And then there’s Will Farrell, whom I have never found to be funny nor entertaining. Add those together and I couldn’t even make it through 3 minutes of that skit.

    The Aer Lingus one isn’t much better – and what’s up with the dogs?

  4. I thought it was hilarious. Southwest flight attendants’ corny antics about a serious topic (safety) actually make some customers uncomfortable. SNL just took that to the logical extreme. Will Ferrel can make everyone uncomfortable.

  5. I thought the Aer Lingus bit was the funny one among the group.

    They got my attention by using a photo of a BAe 146 in Aer Lingus livery. Someone at SNL was in a hurry. I doubt Aer Lingus has flown that plane in many years, although personally I really liked to fly the BAe 146

  6. The accents on the Aer Lingus sketch were brilliant. Many people don’t understand sarcasm so it’s lost on them

  7. Recently there was a nice column by Lucky about Alaska Airlines new uniforms. Some didn’t like them.

    WN has the worst uniform among US airlines.

  8. the aer lingus one was painful to sit through.

    i personally never found snl to be very funny. madTV was so much funnier (if more crude) growing up. here’s one on Southwest that made me laugh a lot

    “This bird makes more stops than R. Kelly in a pre-school parking lot….thank god for SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, the GHETTO BUS of the SKY.”

  9. The Air Lingus one was dumb, but i LOVE irish accents.

    The Southwest one was okay, but i LOVE Will Ferrel. His skit about being famous and coming to his home town for a bbq was way funnier.

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