Singapore Tourism Board Video Goes Viral… Then Gets Deleted

I admit it, I post more videos than I should, but if there’s one video you have to see this week, it’s this one. And after this morning I think we could all use something on a lighter note.

A couple of days ago the Singapore Tourism Board released their latest promotional video, which was so cheesy and bad that it went viral… so they decided to delete it. Of course not surprisingly the fact that it was deleted has made the video go even more viral.

Check out the video here, and be sure to watch it till the very end:

I mean, I’m really not sure which part of the video I love the most — a pregnant lady drinking, the shaky camera work, the cringe-worthy voice overs, or…?

(Tip of the hat to David)

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  1. If anything is going to surprise them since last year’s trip, Gardens by the Bay would not be it.

  2. The worst is that the woman presented “HONEY” with a results stick from a home pregnancy test. This is just a whole three-minute video of “no.”

  3. I love Singapore (& they do so many thing right in Singapore) but that was so wrong on so many levels….

  4. Thanks for this Ben, I was laughing out loud. This is awful!!! Everything from start to finish is awful.

  5. This video is worst than the “Get Lost” Singapore Tourism video.

    Cringe worthy, poor dubbing, birth of surprise in the end.

  6. Whats the big deal about a pregnant woman drinking. Thats a very US-centric attitude – in some parts of the world, its perfectly acceptable for a woman to drink in moderation.

    But yes, an awful video.

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