Singapore Airlines first and business class award space is NOT available anymore!

After the fun we’ve had with Singapore Airlines this weekend, it’s worth noting this deal is DEAD. I realize some of you still see longhaul first and business class award space on United’s website for travel on Singapore, though unfortunately it’s “phantom” space, and not bookable via Singapore’s Star Alliance partners.

I mention this because I’ve received dozens of emails and comments this morning from people asking why they see space online but can’t book it. Sorry, there’s nothing you can do to get that space anymore!

To those of you that got in on the “deal,” congrats! I know I did, and I’ll be flying with my favorite Singapore Airlines leading stewardess in less than two weeks. If anyone has any gift ideas (for her and the crew) or special requests (pictures, video, etc.), let me know!

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  1. Hey Lucky… I realize first and business are all dead. However, I just tried to book a segment on SQ2 in Y (the horror, I know) and while the agent could see the space, she said we have to wait at least 12 hours for SQ to confirm the seat. Is this also a case of phantom space, or just normal procedure with their system change? Seems like there is still quite a bit of Y space left if anyone just wants to get to where they’re going without the luxury 🙂

  2. @ glu800 — That’s an old rule Singapore used to have, though it’s not the case anymore. Just let the agent hold the reservation and call back five minutes later, and they should be able to ticket.

  3. Her flight schedule? She just might achieve rock star status for the next year with all the Singapore F bookings by all of us reading your posts – well, at a minimum, she may receive way too many chocolates!

    An outside the box gift (or inside)… Penzeys spices sells some really nice small gift sets online that are pretty reasonable, and won’t take up too much space or weight….

  4. Great, I called back the the new agent was able to ticket it right away. Thanks for the info.
    I just checked availability again and it looks like even Y seats have mostly been pulled. I hope my leg on SQ has actually been confirmed… dreading a call or email later that says my itinerary has been canceled.

  5. Hi Lucky, sorry for a bit off topic but do you know how LX or NH release their long-haul I space to *A partner? Only close to departure? After all, even if SQ is dead, we still have LX and NH. Thanks!

  6. Ben- Has Singapore cancelled any of these first or bus cl bookings made this weekend? I’d be shocked if they honored all these.

  7. @ Jerry — Unfortunately Swiss has more or less stopped releasing first class award space to Star Alliance partners, even close to departure. As far as ANA goes, they’re really unpredictable. For travel Jan-Mar they’ll often release space months in advance, while for other times they’ll often only release space within about two weeks of departure.

  8. @ John — So far they’ve honored them. They don’t really have a way of NOT honoring them, so I can’t imagine the reservations won’t stick.

  9. With her permission of course, could you post Wong Chin’s schedule for the next two months? I’m sure there are many eager F award bookers who wan’t to see if they’ve hit the FA lottery.

  10. They could re-route people (if the arrival times are close) and not have to pay a penalty for the cases of people booking the Suites or they can just do a schedule change, SHARES will cancel the itinerary, and you won’t be able to get them back.

  11. @ Scott — Except most A380 routes don’t have that many frequencies. As far as a schedule change goes, are they really going to do that to kick out a couple of passengers on an award ticket in a cabin that would otherwise likely be empty? Doubtful.

  12. Lucky, is the award space not available for intra-asia in F and J as well? Or does SQ still release this as before (I belive).

  13. @ blueline7 — It’s available for intra-Asia business class, though not first class, as it was before.

  14. It looks like no SQ flights whatsoever are popping up on anymore. You can’t even book revenue flights.

  15. @Lucky @David I agree. We really want Wong Chin’s schedule! That said, I’m not flying until February, so I’ll want an update then. Until then thou, I’d love to see who wins the lottery!!

  16. lately i’ve noticed something odd about NH awards on :

    i could find NRT-SFO on brand new 777-300ER with top notch first class, but zero inventory for NRT-HKG on regional ghettobird

  17. @ mark — I appreciate the jab (as always), though “leading stewardess” is her job title. If you have a problem with it take it up with Singapore Airlines, not me.

  18. Ben!!congrats!…take a picture of the stewardess please! SIA has the best stewardesses in the world!! Useless fact of the day for you: did you know the uniforms were designed by a French designer in the 60’s? They use the same specs up to this day!

  19. Lucky,

    I was going to book those SQ seats while they were hot, but you talked me out of it 😉 Now I missed my chance forever. Look what you’ve done!

  20. I actually thought the handdrawn card with little stickers reflected very poorly on their professionalism and maturity. Maybe I’m just a dick, per my ex bf.

  21. @Blaine, I’ve been reading the blog for a while, and apparent lack of interest in the the ladies may indicate lucky could swing a different way 😉

  22. @Lars let’s not start with that again. What he does with his personal life is his business. I think you’re being tongue in cheek, but the last time that started it got a bit out of hand.

  23. Well, seeing as she has a thing for cards, paper flowers, & stickers I would suggests a trip to the artist supply/craft store to see if they have anything nice that she can use to brighten the day of all us blog readers who just got F seats! (It’s not creepy either.)

    As for the rest of the crew, prior to your departure from the plane why don’t you give them a hand written thank you note thanking them for a great trip and complimenting them on something they did well. (Sometimes it’s the small things that have the biggest impact.)

  24. Lucky – I’m 99.9% sure I know the answer, but would kick myself for not checking. Your post states that the United inventory is phantom (although all SQ inventory appears to have entirely disappeared now), is that also true for the Aeroplan availability I see?


  26. @Lucky We want to see her picture. If possible I want her to be in all my flights. If single, give it to me. Save me from searching an air stewardess wife anymore. Just joking.. 😉

  27. Lucky, any gift would be fine I’m sure.

    Why not ask her out for a nice dinner while here in Singapore? d(^_^)b

  28. Right now I don’t see ANY Singapore availability whatsoever, even in coach. I wonder if it’s a backlash after the sweet deal a week and a half ago.

  29. @ Antonio — There actually is still some coach availability, United’s website just isn’t displaying it.

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