ACT FAST: All Singapore Airlines award space available to Star Alliance partners!

Singapore Airlines is upgrading their computer systems this weekend, and as a result their website is down for 28 hours.

It just so happens to be that ALL award availability that’s usually available exclusively to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members is now available to Star Alliance partners. As I’ve mentioned many times before, Singapore is among the stingiest airlines when it comes to releasing award space to Star Alliance partners. They have a policy of not releasing first class or longhaul business class award space to Star Alliance partners.

However, I suspect as a result of the system upgrades, ALL of this award space is presently bookable with Star Alliance partners (however, Singapore Suites on the Airbus 380 isn’t, since it’s not technically coded as first or business class).

This is an AMAZING opportunity to fly Singapore Airlines first class using United, US Airways, and Aeroplan miles, just to name a few. As I’ve noted before, Singapore Airlines is actually pretty generous about releasing award space at the “saver” level to their own members, so right now award space is amazing.

First and business class award space on all flights between San Francisco and Singapore

If this interests you I highly recommend making a booking immediately. And I’d also highly recommend ticketing a reservation as opposed to just holding it, as Singapore could decide to pull the space when their systems are back up if the ticket hasn’t been issued yet.

Singapore’s systems are supposed to be back up at 10PM Singapore time on July 8, which is 10AM tomorrow (Sunday) morning on the east coast of the US. I suspect that’s at most how much time we have to ticket these reservations.

C’mon folks, make it snappy! I want all of you to fly Singapore Airlines first class!

(Tip of the hat to Apurva)

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  1. Great tip Lucky. And thanks. I don’t know how you keep up to date on these issues, now looking @ Ewr-Sin.

  2. Yep, I see it! I have to let it pass for myself. I got in on the last days of the BMI availability though and was able to book FRA-JFK on the 380, and MUC-SIN in business, not TOO shabby! Best of luck to everyone!

  3. @ LufthansaFlyer — When Singapore retired the 747 it was no longer possible to redeem for first class, since it was their last route with the old product.

  4. wow, this is amazing. And to think I’m not really sure I can take advantage of it =/ Every flight is available!

  5. Love to book something from East Coast, but no idea what are best deals. Have 200k UA, 130k US and more 200K+ each of MR and UR. Love suggestions from those familiar with Singapore’s program.

  6. Chatting with agent. What I see on the UAL website showing available on SQ, they say nothing available

  7. @ greek2me — Your best bet is Newark to Singapore nonstop in business class (longest flight in the world), or Houston to Singapore (via Moscow) in first class, in my opinion. It would cost 60,000 United miles in business class or 70,000 United miles in first class.

  8. Thanks Lucky and Apurva! Just booked SQ F from SFO-MLE via SIN for 160k UA miles, all online, took only 5 minutes to ticket. The MLE segment is business of course, as it is a 2 cabin flight.

    @Lucky – as an arriving F passenger connecting to a 2 cabin flight, do i have access to the Private Room?

  9. @ Carl — Nice! I do believe you should have access if you’re connecting same day, though not 100% sure. Working on verifying.

  10. Bummer… don’t tell me that USAir cannot see and only United can see it! That would suck…

    Lucky – is that possible?

  11. @lucky- thanks! EWR-SIN sounds great. Can I add a further destination beyond SIN on the award ticket?

  12. Thanks Lucky! Got two first class tickets for the missus and I from IAH to BKK for Christmas and New Years!!

  13. @ Arthur — Sorry, it’s looking like these seats aren’t bookable via US Airways from what I’m seeing.

  14. Anyone other than Arthur and Lucky on phone with US Air?

    I don’t want to get further depressed by calling them and finding I cannot get it to go through 🙁

  15. Lucky, in your experience, do you think SQ would cancel all of these award bookings?

  16. @ infamousdx — If they’re only on hold they very well may. If they’re ticketed, absolutely not.

  17. For folks already with reservations, I wouldn’t make the change to SQ and risk losing out on whatever award space you have now if it’s not honored, but for those making new reservations, it’s definitely worth the shot!

  18. @ Arthur- you’re not alone… I was hoping to relieve my US balance. Thanks for going on hold for me!

  19. @apurva…..let’s cross fingers! I need this change on my travel next month. I won’t cry if I can’t as I’m on Asiana 1st now……but want to try SQ

  20. For those of you making reservations, log back into the reservation a few minutes after they’re issued and make sure they don’t show as waitlisted, as it seems to be happening to some people.

  21. Just booked GRR-IAH-SIN (via) DME (yes Moscow) in SQ F for IAH-DME-SIN

    Return booking TBD 🙂 – looking for Asiana just to compare F’s.

  22. I’m on hold with a UA agent trying to book FRA-JFK for me. Seat shows available on UA website, but when she tried to book it, she said she was having trouble confirming it. Been on hold for about 20 mins as she tries to fix it.

  23. @ Matty — If you keep having issues I’d suggest just confirming it online, and then calling back to add other segments.

  24. K2o – how do you check this web page if you do not have internet… O well… this sounds funnier than US Air not booking irony (with me)… Peace to all!

  25. I was just putting something together and now it seems all SFO-SIN in F is gone…looking in Oct but every date is now gone. Anyone else notice this? I’m really hoping it’s just me…

  26. @ Adam — I still see plenty of space on SFO-SIN. I just checked October 10, for example, and both flights are available in first class.

  27. @ Lucky…just got it back! I cleared my cache. Must have been something with my browser. Back to figuring out a new vacation 🙂

  28. Still on hold with UA agent. The flights are showing on UA website already, but with the following comment

    “There is a delay in the issuance of your ticket(s). We have requested confirmation of your flights from Singapore Airlines.This process may take up to 24 hours. Your miles will not be deducted from your account until your flights are confirmed and your ticket is issued. We will notify you via email upon confirmation.

    This reservation is not ticketed. Pending confirmation from Singapore Airlines”

  29. @lucky- trying to figure out what to add on to EWR-SIN (maybe somewhere in India?). If I book EWR-SIN RT now can I add the final destination later?

  30. That showed up on my UA screen after the agent put me on hold as there was a problem ticketing. I also got the UA itinerary email as well.

  31. @ greek2me — Sure, if you don’t have status it’ll cost you, but you can certainly add on segments. Just keep in mind Singapore Airlines award space might disappear again, so if you were hoping to connect on Singapore Airlines, that space might disappear.

  32. Thanks Lucky! I had a BKK-HKG-SFO booked on Thai F from BKK-HKG and UA F from HKG-SFO.

    I switched HKG-SFO to SQ F. The first agent wanted to charge me $75 (non elite) change airline fee. The second did not and only charged me a $10.98 tax difference. No problem ticketing and it doesn’t show any waitlist indication when looking at my itinerary. I figure worst case is if SQ doesn’t honor it then United could put me back on their own metal.

  33. Suprisingly, I called US Air and was put through quickly even though I have no status with them any more and was able to book LAX-ICN-SYD on OZ first then business, and return in SQ first SYD-SIN-SFO. I have a ticket number so lets hope it holds out.

  34. Lucky, are you booking? I don’t think the fact that you are ALREADY booked with them in two weeks is going to stop you, is it?

  35. Any chance I can wrangle a United agent to book MEL-SIN-SFO without pricing as two awards?

  36. @ Adam — Can’t seem to get it to price, and given the time constraints I wouldn’t even try to get an agent to manually price it.

  37. and just booked sin-hkg-sfo-cle-grr return. sq f to sfo, ua f to cle…steerage to grr.

  38. I got it to price at 80k 1 way…might pull the trigger anyways cause it’s all in F! Think it’s worth it at that price?

  39. @arthur, busy with family rite now…will be on it soon … am trying to insert a LATAM stopover in a S.Asia trip…

  40. GAH! Agent wasnt able to ticket saying no Singapore Agents available till tomorrow. So I had her cancel and tried to book online and after entering all the information (credit card etc), at the very last step, I get “One or more flights are no longer available for this request. Please begin your search again”

    I’m cursed.

  41. This looks like it might be dead. I’m getting the “one or more flights are no longer available” message as well.

  42. Any luck with US Airways bookings?

    I snagged one from UA miles online, but don’t have enough for 2 tix.

  43. @Lucky booked! This is amazing, thanks! Half of the honeymoon in the books. Thanks!


  44. Trying to get something to price out online involving either one of SQ 25/26 from FRA-JFK, along with connections to Portland and the UK at either end. Don’t mind changing airports in New York. The website can find me availability for each leg, but can never price it out when I try to nudge it with “multiple destinations”. Am I breaking some routing ruling?

  45. @ maccoinnich — No, United’s website just isn’t very good. I suggest holding the FRA-JFK segment online, and then calling to add the other segments.

  46. booked lax-sfo-sin on DEC 22. Cross finger waiting for ticketing. Glad I am at home today. Wouldn’t let me do lax-sfo-sin-bkk-rgn in one award. Now i need to find the flight sin-rgn on dec 23

  47. @maccoinnich That’s the same flight I was trying to book. No luck with phone agent being able to ticket, tried online and it said flight no longer available. So went back to phone agent again who again was not able to confirm the ticket. It’s currently on hold for me and she said to call back tomorrow. Please report back if you managed to get the ticket.

  48. @lucky As best I can tell, it’s an extra 40k roundtrip for F over C. At 2cpm, is the service and food $800 better?

  49. Even though I can’t take advantage of this, posts like this are why I think this is the best blog. Nice job keeping on top of stuff like this!

  50. Need advice, quick!!

    ZRH-YUL in LX F, or FRA-JFK in SQ C? Which would you choose?

    Thanks for the find Lucky!!

  51. @ PurduExpat — All else being equal, I’d say Swiss first class is a better product.

  52. @lucky My apologies, I was wrong. It’s a 20k spread (120k vs 140k for SFO-SIN). Same question — is the food and service $400 better?

  53. I made mine a RTW. Through Dulles and London outbound and back through Houston on the return. Ticketed and receipt in hand

  54. My US Airways agent said her dept. has just received a bulletin about SQ reservation systems being down & all bookings on SQ should be attempted 42 hours later.

  55. @ wfb — Fortunately news spreads slowly at US Airways. As far as they’re concerned Hong Kong is still in the Middle East. 😉

  56. Darn. My +1 will have to join me in HKG via UA while I fly SQ, I’ll be sure to tell him how terrible the service is on SQ 🙂

  57. ok, now can I call in and add the 2 segments sin-bkk-rgn to my ticketed reservations? worst thing the can say is no, right?

  58. @ Peter_Ng — Correct. Just have them leave your current segments alone and you should be able to add extra ones.

  59. Well I managed to book flights MSP-SGN which include SQ1 and SQ2 in First…. have ticket numbers…..

  60. Something tells me that SQ is going to try and void all these bookings tomorrow. Don’t wanna jinx it, but just saying….

  61. Just tried to snag 2 more seats on UA and…..

    Due to rapidly changing partner availability the following flights are no longer available. Please choose another flight or modify your search criteria.

    Singapore Airlines flight SQ1 – 12/14/2012 – 12:05 a.m. – San Francisco, CA (SFO) to Singapore, Singapore (SIN)

  62. Anyone flying all the way Down Under? Let me know if anyone passing by the region. 🙂

  63. @ Michael — They’d have a VERY hard time doing that if the tickets are already issued.

  64. @ Dale — I suspect there are so many people trying to book right now that someone else snagged the seats before you and the system hasn’t updated to reflect that yet.

  65. @lucky agreed, but from what I understand the tickets are not officially ticketed until the partner airline confirms. At least that’s how it works with AA partner booking. Correct me if I am wrong.

  66. Great tip, but looks like it’s been plugged.

    I see availability, but when I go to ticket, it’s not available (SF0-SIN F RT on United’s site).

  67. sucessful again although the last 2 segments will be on coach
    My final itin will be lax-sfo-sin-bkk-rgn, pefectly positioning me for the infamous RGN ow J ticket

  68. I take it back. I tried May/June and it worked!

    Super Lucky! I know I’ll have to add on connecting flights as I just booked LAX/SIN RT, but it’s worth the change fee.

  69. what is the time limit for the return flight if I book a round trip and postpone the return flight?

  70. On US Airways award, just ticketed DFW-IAH-SIN with return of SIN-SFO-DFW in F (160k miles). US agent couldn’t provide a SQ record locator & suggested calling SQ to confirm reservation. I don’t like sound of that. Fingers crossed but have ticket number in hand from US.

  71. @ Will — Tickets are valid one year from the date of issue, though you can always only book about 330 days out.

  72. @ RKToledo — Is there a ticket number (it should appear at the bottom of the confirmation)? If so, you should be good to go. I wouldn’t be worried about them not having the record locator.

  73. @Lucky -So if I ticket today for departing next Jan I will have to use the return by 7/7/13?

  74. @ Will — That’s correct. Though keep in mind that US Airways doesn’t allow changes after departure, if that’s a consideration.

  75. Lucky, you should probably warn people that are considering changing an existing award reservation. In the event that UA/SQ fails to honor these tickets a already planned holiday could be seriously messed up…..just a thought

  76. Thank you VERRy much, ticket purchased but still in process on UA to replace a downgraded return on CX from BKK after thanksgiving. I hope that all goes well.

  77. Does SQ fly to other European destinations aside from FRA? Trying to change a UA F ticket to CDG. No availability for my dates from JFK-FRA. Currently on SFO-IAD-CDG on UA F.

  78. @ D — Unfortunately not from the US. They fly to many other European destinations from Singapore, but not the US.

  79. Lucky – on JFK-FRA, would you choose SQ C over LH F? Continuing on to BKK on a TG 380 in F.

  80. Ouch, my return date was a week earlier than I thought, now it’s just an 10 day trip which is way too short for what I wanted.

    Do they allow free cancellation if I do it tonight?

  81. @GPESO8: I just changed an award reservation to take advantage of this. I ended up with a ticket number (actually, the same ticket number as before). I think I might be in a *better* position than those booking new tickets because there is no question of a waitlist or a hold.

  82. @ beachfan — With United you can cancel for free within 24 hours, if that’s who you booked through.

  83. Too bad I cannot change my existing award reservation for 3 people. United web site shows availability while the United agents tell me only one award seat available. I called twice and same reply. Booo

  84. My guess is the odds of changing the date later (but more than a few weeks prior) on for SQ2 SIN-SFO in F is close to zilch, right?

  85. Kept seeing avail RT SQ EWR-SIN-EWR late Dec and 1st half Jan, but when clicked through got message that due to rapidly changing partner avail it could not be booked. Finally after every date combo then I gave up and went out to May, when I finally found some avail. Did not have enough miles in acct but it let me put it on hold till midnight Sunday. Went to transfer in 200k UR for balance, but since my Chase Sapphire had fraudulent charges from Juarez Mexico on Friday,it was closed and a new card issued today. But until that shows up in my online acct (Chase says Mon or Tues) they cannot be transferred (not even by Chase- I called). OMG. Any ideas on what I can do?

  86. @ beachfan — Correct. Once they pull the space (tomorrow morning at the latest) you won’t see Singapore first class redemptions via United for the foreseeable future.

  87. @ greek2me — Oy, that sucks. Try finding someone else with Ultimate Rewards points they can loan you, maybe? Tough situation to be in…

  88. One thing I did notice when looking far out into the future is United showed all 8 F seats on a 77W flight HKG-SFO. So is it possible, that there was no limit to the amount of seats in the system and they could have overbooked the F cabin on certain days? If so, how would that be handled?

  89. So just got off the phone with United – all my flight are confirmed pending confirmation from SQ, which they say should be completed in the next 24 hours. What do you think are the chances they actually issue the tickets?

  90. @ Glenn — I’m pretty sure availability just matched what Singapore had available to their own members. I don’t think it’s entirely impossible that they released all eight seats on a particular flight, or for that matter it may not have actually been bookable. So I don’t think availability is quite *that* good…

  91. @ md25 — Unfortunately if your tickets aren’t issued I’d say your chances aren’t good. It’s all about having a ticket number. Did you ticket by phone or online?

  92. So if I have a reservation that is “ticketed and confirmed,” I should be in pretty good shape, right?

  93. @lucky – Referencing @md25, I assume when you say ticket number you mean from a United ticket number for the itinerary inclusive of SQ? In my case, United said my ticket was confirmed and I have a united eticket number, just that they couldn’t see a specific confirmation number specific to the SQ flights.

  94. @ Andrew — Yes, you should be.

    @ Glenn — Assuming the reservation was newly made and you have a ticket number you should be good to go. You don’t need a specific Singapore confirmation number, which you could get at a later time by calling Singapore.

  95. @ Lucky – No, two passengers are on one record and one passenger is on another record. All business class, no change of dates. I wanted to upgrade some segments from business to first class on SQ. United web site clearly shows 3 award seats available but the agent says no, only one seat available (2 different people with two different phone calls)

  96. Over the phone, said they could not confirm anything pending approval from SQ… not feeling super optimistic.

  97. If I want to modify the reservation by adding LAX-SFO to SFO-SIN, or SIN-DEN to the end, will they be able to keep the existing SFO-SIN or do they cancel the whole thing?

    On American, there is something called a “drop/hold” which means that you don’t lose segments that are already ticketed.

  98. @ beachfan — Adding a segment on another airline to the reservation shouldn’t be a problem, since it wouldn’t impact your segment on Singapore.

  99. @Lucky – Thanks. Mine was originally UA F HKG-SFO but now SQ F HKG-SFO. I figure worst case is UA puts me back on their metal even though it shows no availability in F anymore.

  100. Thanks, Lucky! This is a perfect way to kill a good portion of my UA Miles as after my trip tomorrow, I am switching all of my travel over to AA. As I only have enough miles to book one-way, I snagged SFO-ICN in F. UA’s website says this is flown by a 777-300ER. Never flown on one yet, let alone one of SQ’s. Have you? What do you know about the F product on this aircraft?
    I’m continuing on Thai the following day to HKG as part of the same booking. A couple of questions (thanks in advance for the answers and expertise, as always!)…do I need a visa for ICN to spend the night in a hotel, or am I better off spending the night in a lounge in an airport. Also, what is Thai’s regional J class like on the 777-200?

    Now to figure out a way back to the US from HKG…lol, probably should have thought of that before booking.

    Also, FWIW, I booked the above on UA’s website and was ticketed and confirmed in under 5 minutes!

  101. @ md25 — So does your ticket show as “confirmed awaiting purchase,” or what’s the message that appears at the top of your reservation right now?

  102. @ lucky – I have a United confirmation number, but it says “This reservation is not ticketed”. Seen a couple other people on FT say it took an hour or two for it to come across, so guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. Not sure calling UA back would do me any good.

  103. Seems like the availability has been pulled… SIN-EWR is no longer available on any dates I’m searching for (Jan. 2013)

  104. Well, I have a confirmation email from United, but no ticket number yet. At this point, I’m not expecting much… I’ll just be surprised and happy if it works out.

  105. I got a couple seats on SQ1 HKG-SIN in business, ticketed in a few minutes.
    Now the rest of the trip on the other hand (that was all booked before this whole SQ thing came about), still hasn’t ticketed.

  106. Do I have to call united to book? Any website I can see availability from Melbourne to ljr???

  107. @ Rae — Nope, you can book online with United and Aeroplan.

    @ beachfan — Yep, plenty of space available still.

  108. just received confirm for return of SIN-HKG-SFO (SQ F)-CLE-GRR – this even after UA agent had to call SQ for some technical issue. Ticket came back confirmed from SQ. Maybe this is for real…..

  109. I just realized that SQ1 is not a non-stop to Singapore. I’m based in LAX, don’t know that three stops to Bali (for instance) is that appealing compared to Cathay, which can get me to same place with one stop.

  110. @lucky;

    Which months? I see nothing for late February or late May.

    Also, I think after reading your trip report, maybe I’m better off searching for LAX-SIN non-stop (all J). But I didn’t see those either.

    PS Thanks, even if this doesn’t work out, it’s exciting and potentially a gold mine!! THANKS!

  111. booked Biz from LAX to Kuala Lumpur for 3 1/2 days then fly into Singapore for 3 1/2 days, then first class on singapore airlines for Sin- SFO to LAX for 130k miles

  112. Thank you for choosing United Airlines. Your purchase is confirmed. You will be promptly notified once the internal processing of your reservation has been finalized so that you can request additional receipts, export to Microsoft Outlook, refund or change your flight, view/change seats, check-in, or email or print your itinerary.

    Does it mean I may not have a ticket???

  113. @ sil — That means it’s in the process of being ticketed. Give it 20 minutes and it should switch to a prompt stating what time your reservation was e-ticketed.

  114. Now all we need is SQ to announce they are upgrading SFO-HKG-SIN to the Airbus A380!!! 😀

  115. I confirmed my booking and while I was waiting for an email from US and i called and SQ pulled my seats.

  116. thanks! just booked sfo-rgn to complete the RT from the mistake rgn-sfo f class fare sale in May.

    First class RT on SQ, Thai (business), and Korean for ~$400 and 70,000

  117. @Lucky – atleast that’s what the agent told me after putting me on holt for 20 minutes.

  118. Used 70K UA miles to book one way F on SQ1 SFO-HKG in August. Ticketed shortly after. Only then did I realize SQ2 is all sold out on my return date(s). I ended up finding a CX F HKG-SFO seat available for 67.5K (*0.9) AA miles. I placed that on hold in case SQ voids my ticket. I get to experience both SQ and CX F. If all goes well, I’ll be a very happy traveler on my first Int’l F trip. 🙂

  119. Thanks for this lucky!

    Was going to book for a meeting in BKK anyway. Now flying WLG-AKL(NZ Y)-SIN(SQ O 773)-BKK(TG I 380) and return BKK-SYD(TG O)-AKL(NZ I)-WLG(NZ X)

    Did this online and ticket number received


  120. 45 min with US Air and got my trip booked, that I had to anyways do this week… using UA, SQ, TK & OZ – all Biz… I have no attachments to F even though I tipped Lucky for this great find… am so glad you all could get into this opportunity!

    Enjoy…. safe travels!

  121. given seat numbers for all SQ flights and UA stating my ticket has been purchased and confirmed…am i good to go???

  122. My agent was super! She gave me the PNRs of each airline I am travelling on as well, checked for all my visa requirements for all my stops / destinations, etc. That was service from the US Air Pref. Desk!

  123. @ sil — You *should* be. Though let’s see if Singapore tries to do anything when they “wake up” on Monday morning.

  124. noticed that singapore fares are back on kayak, they were missing most of the evening. Wondering if their systems are coming back on line…..

  125. @ lucky Just for follow up and general discussion – my itinerary just got confirmed and got same message as Sil above. Fingers still crossed. Thanks so much for sharing this regardless how things turn out!

  126. Thank you lucky! Booked SFO-BKK online in F RT via HKG for mid Feb on SQ and TG. It ticketed in about 10 minutes and SQ1 and SQ2 even came back with seats assigned. I will gladly pay change fee to add on flights from East coast when I deal with agent tomorrow.

  127. Ugh. My US Airways booking is showing SQ dropped my segments, after being ticketed for 3-4 hours 🙁 But my SO’s is intact (ticketed at the same time on separate record locator, also US DM). US Airways is saying nothing they can do. WTF.

  128. Those who got segments dropped – can you post details on what segments & classes were they?

  129. @ Angeleno228 — That’s pretty concerning. Out of curiosity did the space go back into inventory or disappear entirely? Had that happen to a client’s itinerary and while the space didn’t initially appear, they had to remove the particular segment from the itinerary and sell it in again for it to work. It has stuck ever since.

  130. Mine does have ICN-SFO in J though, concerns me too! Will check tomorrow…

    If it drops off for whatever reason, I will fight with US Air to refund all my fees and cancel the whole thing (coz I cannot travel on dropped segments right in the middle of my connections) – hopefully within 24 hours, they should honor a cancellation for free… lets see how tomorrow unfolds when SQ wakes up with a big liability !

  131. @Lucky, unless someone else grabbed my space in the last 1/2 hour, the space is not back

  132. I have SFO-SYD booked… any way I can do what your other commenter did and change to EWR-SIN-SYD for 80k? Do I have to call? how do I book those segments online?

  133. @ Kevin — You would have to call, but are you sure you want to make the change? EWR-SIN doesn’t have a first class cabin, while SFO-SIN (via HKG) does.

  134. just booked all biz class from Lax-KUL-SIN-LAX on Biz class for my mom….not getting the electronic ticketing number and they are on Singapore flights.


  135. can i add my HNL-SFO gateway segments without re-ticketing? I didn’t even try when i booked, because UA online usually does not display awards to Asia via the mainland, or they don’t price out well, and plus, i wanted to just get it booked online and ticketed without dealing with an agent.

    Bottom line for me is i got my SQ F flights, so am very happy, and am used to purchasing revenue tickets for gateway flights. But if i can add segments, that would be great, but i don’t want to muck with the ticket if i don’t have to.

  136. I would do EWR-SFO-SIN-SYD… just wanted to call and add a segment. Would that F’ up my existing SQ res?

  137. @ Kevin — That shouldn’t cause an issue, since you’re not changing the actual Singapore segments.

  138. @ Carl — I doubt it will price, though you can certainly try. There’s no downside since it won’t screw up your Singapore segments. But I believe that would be backtracking and exceed the MPM.

  139. hey lucky
    i couldnt get anything with first class for my dates. im going

    EWR-SIN in biz (stop)
    SIN-MLE in biz (open jaw)
    JNB-NYC in biz

    i feel like an idiot that i didnt get anything in first but as i was booking the SFO to SIN or vice versa segments disappeared

    was it even worth it to book tonight? i dont think i usually see EWR-SIN direct availability in business even…

    i have a month in singapore to travel se asia and oceania. is there anything else i could redeem miles on now in april to experience first class on SQ? i cant find anything coming up anymore on the SIN to AKL or SYD flights…

  140. @ holland — You’re looking at an awfully complicated itinerary there. In your shoes I would just aim for a roundtrip to Southeast Asia, and then work on the other segments separately. You don’t have much time to book, so focus on something like San Francisco to Singapore roundtrip in first class, for example.

  141. I’m nervous – on phone with UA agent trying to add that ewr-sfo segment and shes saying system shows sq as ticketed but its not showing up as a real reservation with SQ

  142. Follow up to my post above. Just got off a lengthy conversation with US Airways about my dropped SQ segments. The agent went through my history, and noticed UNITED is the who dropped my flights!!!! (since I have both UA and SQ segments). I am not sure how this could happen, but she called UA and had me listen on the conversation, and of course UA was not helpful at all even though they did see “someone” at United dropped my segements and tried to place it back in and at that point the reservation went “unconfirmed”. It was NOT SQ!!!

    Now I’m thinking it might not me a human being, bit could a computer action. Why I think? Might it be because I tried to add my UA number to my itinerary on and the SQ segments dropped? I don’t know. Scary if so.

    She promised me she will call Singapore Airlines tomorrow and get a solution to this since SQ is currently closed she said. Anyway, I kinda have given up hope 🙁 but will see what happens.

  143. hey lucky, i already booked online
    i need to come back from africa so we dont have to backtrack in the trip. limited time

    i booked, to bexact,

    (open jaw)

    what im asking is was there a reason to rush into this now since i wasnt able to get first class? is EWR-SIN in SQ biz something hard to get usually anyway?

    we could actually do our trip in either order (africa or asia first) but for either sets of dates, there was nothing avail in first class.
    also i want my final return to be after june 10, so im hoping my flights back from africa open up later as the dates open. that would be impossible with returning from singapore since this will be dead so soon

  144. @lucky – yeah that is usually the case. I will stand pat, plus i still have some sky kit vouchers and will probably just spend the night in SF anyway. Thanks again to you and Apurva for the heads-up.

    Now i just have to get my wife tickets! She is still in Asia and i did not want to spend 80k miles for a 5 hour flight to MLE. Will likely just do a revenue ticket for her.

  145. Thank you SO MUCH. Because of your post, I will be spending my birthday next year, historically a shoddy time, eating char kway teow and pedaling a beach cruiser down East Coast Park. 🙂

  146. @ holland — Singapore doesn’t usually release any longhaul first or business class award space to partner airlines, so chances are you’ll be out of luck after they pull the space tomorrow at the latest.

  147. Great tip – UA is still showing space on SQ #1 from SFO-HKG (also SFO-ICN). But on further review I am not excited about spending 25 hours to get to Bali (even with 15 in F on SQ) and nothing else nearby really appeals, so I think I’ll pass. Mrs. B told me today that she really wants to visit Sicily – of course finding C/F saver seats on UA to FRA is near impossible so I guess I’ll just have to keep watching this space.

  148. OK successfully added the EWR – SFO leg: here’s what I have now:

    Fri, 29MAR13 UA1668 XN NEWARK, NJ
    (SFO) 10:31 AM 737-800 Purchase
    Fri, 29MAR13 SQ151 O SAN FRANCISCO, CA
    (SIN) 1:05 AM (31MAR)
    (SYD) 7:55 PM 777-300

  149. Whew I just booked SFO-MLE next year in F. Hope it sticks and can get the e-ticket number in few hours. By the way, I got lucked out because it won’t show SFO-SIN in F but after trying for half hour, it finally shows up. Finger crosses that it can get ticketed.

  150. So, I’ve spent more time clicking “refresh” on this page and others tonight than it actually takes to fly from JFK-FRA… but I finally have a ticketed itinerary. I’m missing the connecting flights from Portland, but I’ll sort that out later.

    I’ll still be surprised if this works out… but if it does… oh my.

  151. Given the choice of JFK-FRA-SIN in A380 J vs EWR-SIN in the all-J cabin vs JFK-SFO-SIN in F, which would you prefer?

  152. Holy crap…

    Successfully booked SQF IAH-SIN-NRT R/T for 120K US Miles!!!!! Thanks Lucky!

  153. Wow, it was hard, but I got it done!

    Now it’s a little longer than I bargained for, but it will be grand. I

    LAX-SFO-SIN-DPS-SIN-SFO-LAX, with SQ in F longhaul, business regional. 280k miles plus $88 for two. Since I have 16 days, I might squeeze in some time in Borneo!

    Lucky, you are the man!! Thanks again.

  154. ahh i found a better itinerary but the phone agents are idiotic.

    NYC-JNB-MPM in J
    open jaw
    SIN-SFO in F

    this should be 130k miles.
    however it wouldnt price online except all in biz class so i had to put SIN to SFO in J and reserved the ticket

    then i called and got the last leg changed to F

    but they havent been able to price it even though the pricing should clearly be 130k a person (120k is coach, first is 10k more each way!)

    ive been on hold for more than an hr and he keeps coming back saying he needs more time

  155. Also got mine booked. I will have to buy Lucky a drink when we cross paths.

    Had choice of using US DM or UA, but in the end I wanted the flex of UA OW.

    My Itn is EWR-IAH-DME-SIN-BKK in J-F-F-J for 70k + $58

  156. Changed my whole itin to do a pure, vanilla SQ – F experience, a once in a lifetime for me and many others here!

    Gonna get blissful sleep… just a little steep based on my final destination @ 160K miles – which I took a while to digest, but did it!

  157. Wow! Unfortunately I was away all day and didn’t get a chance to open the computer until 10:30p PDT tonight! Needless to say – knowing how most of these deals end up – I wasn’t too excited and figured it’d all be dry by the time I had finally gotten to notice this brilliance!

    But… Never say never! After about 25 minutes of toying with the AP and UA sites I finally came up with something – shhh… don’t tell my award booking clients that I snuck this personal booking in while putting their’s on a short hold.

    In short I’ve got myself the following (mixed) itinerary for 140k US (instead of 147,500k UA):

    YVR-SFO (Y – OMG!!)
    SFO-ICN-SIN (F, 777-300)
    SIN-SYD (F, 777-300)
    —fun week in SYD—
    SYD-SIN (J, 380-800)
    SIN-LAX (J, 380-800)
    LAX-PHX (F, who cares?)
    PHX-YVR (F, who cares?)

    Again, a big thank you to Lucky for the heads up! Anyone joining me for a week in SYD in mid-late February, 2013??

  158. well the agent couldnt book it but i finally got it to show up online so i held it

    then i went and cancelled my old reservation and the miles wont come back into my account 🙁

    the phone agents are completely useless! they want me to call the service center when they open in 3 hrs. i have been working at this for way too long

    and im afriad the singapore glitch will be closed by the time i get the miles back!

  159. @Lucky What are the odds I’ll see Wong Chin on any of my flights? I sure hope I do – with four F segments though, I figure there’s got to be a chance 🙂

  160. Which flights will Wong Chin be working on? Reminders to everyone to Book the Cook and don’t forget the first class ticket entrance @ Sin!

  161. I see Singapore site back up. Trying to find ny sq reservation. Singapore wants a ticket number starting with 618. My united ticket starts with 016. Anyway I can find and select seats online at Singapore site.

  162. Thanks, looks like I was also able to secure a flight in January 2013 with US miles.
    AMS-MUC-SIN-SYD return for me.

    All long-haul flights in SQ First on the 777-300ER :-).

  163. Thank you so much, Lucky! I just booked EWR-SIN-MLE-SIN-EWR in business. This will be my Christmas gift to my husband. I hope he’ll be thrilled! I considered leaving from SFO in order to fly first class but I decided the shorter travel time from EWR was more compelling in business than going through SFO in first. Now it’s time to figure out which resort to stay at.


  164. Called US Airways again & got an agent who didn’t get the memo. Changed an existing OZ F ticket to return on SQ F.
    Thank you, Ben.

  165. yep…i just changed a flight from Biz to lst class from Sin-SFO this morning….hope there won’t be a problem as i don’t see a seat assignment but UA said it has been confirmed

  166. Had trouble with “availability changed” screen last night, but this morning had no issues! Booked Bali to Singapore then SQ 62 back to IAH (the long way!) in first. Got my ticket numbers 5 min later. Thanks for the tip Lucky!

  167. Sorry for asking, might be dumb q, but is it only bookable with Mileage Plus ? I got M&M and cant get these great rates ?! Help ?

  168. @ Mike — I believe the space should be visible with M&M as well. Are you saying the mileage costs are different or you’re not seeing the space at all?

  169. You are the best! I secured PVG-SIN-CDG operated by a 777 and then the 14 hour flight on an A380!! I wish Suites Class was available bus Business on Singapore will be quite nice! Thanks again!

  170. @ David — No, it’s quite different. On the A380 they have a suite like product that’s enclosed, while they have very nice flat beds on the 777.

  171. Still looks like it’s working. I just booked SFO-SIN-SFO in F on SQ 1 and SQ 2 for late December and received a receipt from UA with seat assignments.

  172. Which is the better flight to experience the F cabin? SQ1 or SQ15 both from SFO-SIN; SQ1 departs at 12:20AM while SQ15 departs at 2:10PM. Thanks!

  173. Not finding any A380 availability from the US o/w on Oct 14,15,16. Should I pull the trigger on SQ1 777?

  174. @ tot — I’d say SQ15 since it’s a daytime departure so would have a better meal service.

  175. @ David — If you’re looking at business class it’s the same product. If you’re looking at first class, Singapore doesn’t have first class on the A380, so you won’t find any award availability in first class on any date.

  176. Thanks Lucky. That was what I needed to hear. Now to get to a location where I can book this flight I found!

  177. SFO-SIN and back in SQ F, SIN-DEL in J over Christmas/NYE. Will call back to add segments to/from SFO. Under “normal” conditions, does SQ open up F on SIN-DEL to its partners? I’m confused as to whether they only hold back longhaul F or all F. I’m hoping that it will open up sometime before my trip. Thanks for a great post!

  178. @ lucky – thank you! This is indeed a great find…I got the SQ PNR and my preferred assignment. oh thank you to Apurva as well!

  179. Getting word from US that after it was ticketed SQ came back with no space (but it was confirmed). I think I’ll wait a few days and see what happens.

  180. It’s still alive. UA queried for space and it came back available on several dates. Interesting side question…LH FCT/FCL or SQ Private Room?

  181. @lucky. Thanks! DEL-SIN just opened up in F so I called to change. The UA agent advised me that she’d put the request into SQ but wasn’t going to cancel the J segment yet because she wanted to make sure F came back available. But now on the SQ site its showing both the J and F segments as “confirmed” so I think I’m good to go.

  182. I booked IAH-DME this am in Singapore first. I really need MCI-DME. I could not get the whole routing so I just grabbed the international portion.

    Reservation shows this status”

    “Thank you for choosing United Airlines. Your purchase is confirmed. You will be promptly notified once the internal processing of your reservation has been finalized so that you can request additional receipts, export to Microsoft Outlook, refund or change your flight, view/change seats, check-in, or email or print your itinerary.”

    Is my best strategy to wait until ticketing is finalized to add the MCI-IAH segment? I’m afraid if I call to add the segment before it is finalized, I’ll be less likely that Singapore will honor it.

  183. Was able to get seats SFO-SIN (F) SIN-PER-SIN (C) However, SIN-SFO SQ2 in F is showing all seats have been occupied, and expert flyer has F0 for the flight. Am I to assume they oversold First?

  184. End of my saga! Thanks to Lucky, Apurva and all who offered advice in these comments. 4 RT etickets just issued for biz at 120k each. EWR-SIN on SQ n/s, SIN-ICN (stop)-JFK on Asiana. Excited to take longest commercial flight on SQ. Thanks SO much to Mike and his friend who lent me balance of UR I needed till I get access to mine again Mon/Tues.

  185. Bwah! I didn’t realize that US doesn’t have o/w awards. Don’t have 160K for the r/t and can’t be bothered to buy the miles at the moment. I guess I’ll have to plan to do it by tx miles to SQ at some point.

  186. @ Dale — Since it’s a direct flight it could be that some people are just flying San Francisco to Hong Kong OR Hong Kong to Singapore and have seats assigned, so there’s not a single seat available for both segments. I wouldn’t be worried, though.

  187. @ Anita — It should ticket within about 20 minutes at that point. I’d add the segment later.

  188. So this begs an interesting new question…SQ F from DME-IAH, LX 333 F or LH New F? Is it worth it giving up the rarity of SQ F for the ground services of LX/LH?

  189. I doubled down and booked a second RT F. This time I did LAX-SFO-SIN-MLE-SIN-SFO0LAX.

    I wish I could have gotten SQ11/SQ12. The first time I did it, I got SQ11 LAX-NRT but then I had to change to Haneda to get to SIN!!

    I thought taking the extra flight in SF was worth it, but that extra flight is in coach!

    If F opens up in the SFO-LAX leg, I have to pay a reticket fee, right?

    I thought of taking a long layover in SFO to get F all the way, but figured at that point I’d just want to get home. (And not miss some work on the way out).

  190. Lucky,

    You owe your readers a whole big post detailing every perk they can avail of as an SQ F flyer, on ground as well as in air, may be even pre-departure… how about that ?

    Waiting for that one…

  191. you are allowed 24hours to change without fee..I just got off the phone to change my itinerary.

  192. Big thanks to you, Lucky and to Apurva. I was able to book F from CLT-IAH-SIN, RT w/ a 1.5 hr. stop in Moscow. This will be in January and I will be leaving on my 60th birthday. I had been wanting to do something a little different and this is way beyond anything I had been thinking of. Total was 140K UA miles plus $ 63 in fees.

  193. Thanks Lucky. Jumped on it immediately after ur twitter post. JAX-CLT-SFO-HKG HKG-SIN SIN-SFO-ORD-JAX for 140k per..

  194. United F on a 744 or Lufthansa Bus on the A380 to Europe (same cost)… Thoughts anyone? Going back and forth on it…

  195. Is anyone able to call into Singapore CS to reserve a seat for your flight?

    I tried 3 times and CSR said they see the availability but when they input info, it showed error. Do I need to be concern? I have the electronic number from UA and the Locator number for Singapore.

  196. @sil I tried to do that on their website, I got an error as well… so something is still not consolidated. I just hope they did not oversell seats through award bookings… that’ll be bad 🙁

  197. Nevermind…I logged on and my seat numbers are there. For the 770 -300ER when traveling together, is it best to have 1CD or 2CD?

  198. I think this is just a ruse to get everyone to dump their hard-earned UA miles…or US miles.

  199. Fabulous work Lucky. Booked F SFO-SIN-MLE to semi-position for my RGN-LAX mistake fare on KE F. Any idea what lounge I can use when arriving at SIN at 1:15 am in F and departing at 9:15 am in J?

  200. @ Bob — I’m still working on confirming, though at the very least you’ll be able to use the Singapore Airlines first class lounge, and at best you’ll be able to use The Private Room. Enjoy the trip!

  201. FYI my SQ seats are assigned and ticketed. 1C and 1D on all segments. UA CS confirmed. Would rather it be 2CD but I’m going to let it ride, don’t want to rock the boat!! Thanks again Lucky! $23k worth of tickets for 280k points and $120 sounds good to me!!

  202. Thank you lucky for this great and helpful post. I made a booking and already received the e-ticket confirmation.

    However, I cannot retrieve my booking using the website. I don’t get an error or anything, after the message “Processing request, please wait” nothing but the original website appears. I tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Anybody encountering the same issues and/or have a suggestion how to solve it? Thanks.

  203. Lucky, if I have a layover in ICN from 10 pm (night) to 6 pm (next evening) – where I am doing SIN-ICN in J and ICN-SFO in F, what can I use for lounges in ICN airport.

    FYI other, ICN is the best airport and has free Rest & Relax area which has everything I would need… but I am looking for “better” options!

  204. @ Apurva — You can use the Asiana first class lounge. I’d suggest getting a room at the transit hotel and then spending the day in the lounge, unless of course you want to haul into Seoul (which you have plenty of time to do and I recommend).

  205. @Jake – the main website doesn’t seem to work with the new Amadeus codes yet. Try and it should work.

  206. This is the most comments on a blog post since Lucky wore PJ’s to the Qantas lounge!

  207. @Lucky
    I have a CX award booked using 150K BA miles. I’d like to instead return HKG-SFO on SQ, but what do you think would happen with the BA booking if I tried to turn it into a oneway? Best case, 75K miles returned and $25 fee…or would the award be charged at the new Avios rate for SFO-HKG?

  208. @Lucky – thanks! I do have to go into Seoul for a meeting Monday morning, but I was more concerned about the night… I did not want to venture out into Seoul near midnight, would rather stay at airport hotel at night and go for my meeting next morning! Will check if the lounge is open all night – can save some money in that case… I remember PEK *A lounge having mini-rooms with beds for free… I had gotten a whole night’s sleep (during the day) there… wish they have something at the Asiana FL.

    Thanks again!

  209. Thanks Lucky!

    My itin is booked from DFW-SFO-HKG-BKK-DPS and return. As a non-status Star Alliance newbie can someone answer a couple of questions. The call center person seemed confused when I asked.

    I know there is a $75 fee if you change routing anytime and a $75 fee to change dates within 21 days. My DFW-SFO flights were only available in economy. If F becomes available before I depart is there a fee to bump up to F on the domestic portion?

    I do have a United MileageExplorer card, but given that were flying on an F award ticket do we get the F check bag privledges on *A?


  210. On a more serious note, I was able to add positioning flights from FLL-IAH-SFO at beginning of trip and SFO-IAH-FLL at end of trip as well as turning BKK into a stopover with final destination HKT and adding TG flights BKK-HKT-BKK with no change fee. Just had to pay additional 19.20 in taxes for all of above. Original itinerary was SQ and TG from SFO-HKG-BKK-HKG-SFO. The United CS rep was very friendly but had no clue where Phuket is or how to pronounce it and eventually just started refering to it as “HKT city!” I don’t know how you deal with them all day long. My hats off to you.
    Look forward to meeting you in person at Frequent Traveler University in October.

  211. I was able to select my seats on the SQ site with the booking reference UA gave me.

  212. @Lucky, thank you, sir. Ticketed (this am) IAH-SIN (with brief stop in Moscow) and SIN-Dubai-IAD using US Airways miles in O, all on SQ except for DXB-IAD, which is O, United for 160k miles and $114. Even included connecting flights from/to my hometown. Took 4 calls, but it finally worked. SQ assigned seats with the confirmation, and, with a call, (said they) changed one to my request.

    Living the Life of Lucky … for one trip, at least.

  213. Am still not ticketed, 7 hours later. I still have the “ticket is confirmed” message.


  214. When I click on ‘Select Seats’ after seeing my correct booking, I see –

    Our System has detected multiple sessions from the same browser. Please help to close all the broswers and retry.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    For security reasons, please clear your cache after each session.

    Any tips on what to do?
    I tried through Chrome and IE – both… same thing!

  215. @ThatCase – I think I had your agent. He mentioned a guy flying to Dubai with a brief stop for gas in Moscow! I was booking IAH-DME.

  216. I’m now ticketed and confirmed both ways for my honeymoon:
    SFO-SIN-AKL in J 67.5k each
    MEL-SIN-SFO in F 80k each

    Looking to add a few extra segments if I can but man am I excited. UR balance for our two accounts now reads 0 and 58 🙂

    Thank you Lucky and Apurva!

  217. Thanks Author, main site gave me an error, was able to change seats to 2CD on the mobile app with ref code, no problem.

  218. Is the mobile app you all are talking about the one that’s available for Android phones? Coz I have one and do not see where I can access seat information in there…

  219. If you are booked on SQ in F from SFO-HKG-BKK then connecting to a two class BKK-DPS do you get access to the F lounge in BKK?

  220. I could get my seats assigned through the mobile app, but on all my flights 2A was taken, I picked 1A on all… can someone tell me – if 2A is better / nicer? Why did someone pick that one?

  221. How do I book the trip.. with stops so we can go somewhere else in the middle.. Like if we are flying to singapore and it stops in Narita.. How do we stay in Narita for 3 or 4 days? I’m unsure how to do that.

  222. @ Carla — You would use the multi-city feature on or book by phone.

    @ Apurva — Just a bit more private being in the back of the cabin, though both seats are great.

  223. @ Bali Man — Singapore only flies from San Francisco to Hong Kong. Are you flying Thai from Hong Kong to Bangkok to Bali? If so you’d get access to the Thai first class lounge if you’re flying Thai first class and connecting same day. That being said, I suspect you have an overnight in Bangkok due to the timing of the Bangkok to Bali flight, in which case you would get business class lounge access.

  224. Hey Lucky – My wife and I each have enough miles in our respective accounts with United to book a trip in First Class, but neither have enough to book both together. I have Platinum status, she does not have status.

    Would you suggest I book 2 ones-ways, one with her miles and one with mine so that we are on the same PNR or should we each book separate and try to combine the reservations after the fact? Maybe we don’t need to be on the same PNR either?

    This is exciting!

  225. @ Bill N — I would suggest booking each passenger on a roundtrip on separate reservations. This is because you’re allowed a stopover on a roundtrip award but not on a one-way award. There’s no benefit to booking one-ways in this case, and really isn’t a need to link reservations either.

    Enjoy the trip and let me know if you have any other questions!

  226. Thanks! I’ll try to do that.

    I’m seeing options doing the one-way (for the return flight) that are not coming up when I try to do the round-trip.

    Any thoughts on why that might be?

  227. @TravelerMSY, probably so. Nice guy, sent complimentary e-mail to his boss. Sure seems it was a lot easier (and less miles) to book with United, though. Used those miles too early, darn it. But, still a great deal. Just hope the confirmations stick.

    @Tot, thanks. The mobile worked for me, too.

  228. @ Benny — Not within 24 hours. After that it’s $150 for a non-elite, with discounts for elites.

  229. Lucky-

    Was able to snag 2 seats LAX – SIN which lands in Singapore at 2:55AM. Planning on using SPG cash and points for St. Regis. Any advice on what to do when we land at 3 in the morning??

  230. @Lucky thanks for your quick reply. So after 24 hours there is a fee but I’d get all the points back to my UA account. Right? Just concerned about the points.

  231. @ Evan — Congrats! That’s a toughie. If you wanted to, you could get a room at the Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport, though it’s not especially economical.

    Realistically the hotel will probably let you check-in at maybe 6-8AM space permitting, so I’d probably just go to the hotel and use wifi in the lobby. Not all that much to do at 4AM…

  232. Booked through the united site. Do I have to call united to get the SQ record locator? (the UA locator does not seem to work)

  233. @ Jk — Some are reporting issues getting the confirmation code from United, though you should be able to. Otherwise you can call Singapore and get it from them.

  234. @ Ari — All else being equal (cost, past experience with the airlines, etc.) I’d go with Asiana first class. The service and food should be much better. However, the Singapore A380 in biz class wouldn’t be a bad ride…

  235. @Lucky What took so long to answer? Jeez! I think I’ll use my 24-hr grace period and “upgrade.” how am I going to survive that 333J positioning flight though?? 😉

  236. @Lucky Thanks. I’m trying to go from New York to Bali with a Sydney leg thrown in. How would you recommend I book? I’m able to find SFO – SYD and SYD – SFO . Should I add the DPS legs later? Should i be searching SFO – DPS – SYD instead? The UA site seems to freeze if I do anything more than SFO-SYD on the multiple books. Thanks!

  237. @ MarkDCA — Unfortunately that won’t be legal. You can have a stopover in Singapore enroute to Sydney, though throwing in the Bali segments would make the routing illegal and would cause it not to price.

  238. Thanks Lucky! What would be your ultimate itinerary to get the most F legs with this availability from New York? I wanted Bali as it’s somewhere I haven’t been (seen HK, SIN, BKK, ICN) etc but I’m open to anything you suggest. Thanks Again and thanks for the quick responses! Also, should i wait to add the New York legs at a later date? I’m a Star Alliance Gold member.

  239. Rookie question: how do I get the SQ ticket # or booking reference so I can select my seats?

  240. Booked 2 tickets SFO-SIN-AKL in first. I was assigned a seat on both SFO-SIN and SIN-AKL but my wife was not. Do you think there will be any issues getting a seat near me for my wife?
    Thanks a ton, Lucky! Just have to figure out how we are going to get back….

  241. @ Adam — The ticket number is the same for every airline, as it’s from the airline that issued the ticket. To get the Singapore confirmation code you need to either call the airline with which you booked or Singapore.

  242. @ MarkDCA — I’d say the best you can do is NYC-IAH-SIN-DPS-SIN-IAH-NYC. That give you four segments in longhaul first class (since IAH to SIN connects in DME).

  243. @ Jason74 — Nope, shouldn’t be an issue at all. United often just auto-assigns one, though I doubt you’ll have any trouble getting your wife the seat next to you.

  244. Thanks again @Lucky, Successfully changed seats with SQ locator on their mobile site!

    What are the lounge options in HKG when connecting from F to F on SQ?

  245. Thanks Again Lucky! Final question…would you go with your NYC-IAH-SIN-DPS-SIN-IAH-NYC over a JFK-FRA-SIN-DPS? Can I do JFK-FRA-SIN-BKK-DPS?

  246. @ Nevets — You can do the United International First Class Lounge, Thai First Class Lounge, or Singapore First Class Lounge. Given that the connection is reasonably short I’d just go with the Singapore lounge, since it’s close to the gate (and quite a haul from the other two lounges).

  247. @ MarkDCA — Are you looking at first class? If so, keep in mind JFK-FRA-SIN is operated by the A380 and therefore doesn’t have first class, so you’d be in business class. I’d rather go with first class.

  248. @ Lucky

    Hi, could I have your advice on this:

    I have a CX award booked using 150K BA miles. I’d like to instead return HKG-SFO on SQ, but what do you think would happen with the BA booking if I tried to turn it into a oneway? Best case, 75K miles returned and $25 fee…or would the award be charged at the new Avios rate for SFO-HKG?

  249. Yes, you are right i definitely want First. Ok, IAH-SIN seems to only show connections back via IAD onwards to Singapore via Frankfurt. Is that what you were referring to? If I get rid of my bali qualification, for a UA member who’s been saving up for a long time who will be living in NY come December what is the most fun F itinerary in terms of segments, aircraft, etc? THANKS!!!

  250. @ David — Frankly I have no firsthand experience with that. I suspect they’d let you cancel one direction and redeposit the 75K miles without repricing, though I can’t guarantee it.

  251. @ MarkDCA — The only aircraft on which you’ll find first class is the 777-300ER, so you won’t get that much variety. In terms of the most flying, I’d say you can’t beat IAH-SIN-HKG-SIN-IAH, which is six segments in Singapore first class. Tough to get more “bang for the buck” than that.

  252. @ Lucky

    Would like your help on understanding the A340-500 all business cabin.

    I am traveling with my g/f and they gave me seats 21K / 22K. Are these the best seats “together”?

    I was thinking of switching to 15 D&F or maybe keeping it back near 22 D&F instead.

    What’s your suggestion?

  253. @Lucky – Thanks so much, I got the LGA-IAH-SIN, it won’t allow me to add DPS to that itinerary. Is that not allowable?

  254. Lucky, I was wondering if you’re familiar with the requirements to getting into the Private Room?

  255. Coins – I think this post goes on the all-timers list. 350+ comments wow!

    Got 2 SQ F MNL-SIN o/n SIN-ICN-SFO for 70k ea. wouldn’t let me book an earlier MNL-SIN flight that I wanted to max out 24 hrs in SIN(the 5p or 7p were available but not the 8a or 2p) any problem with UA letting me make this change later on? If I’m reading their website correctly outside of 21 days it should be gratis correct?

  256. @ RestlessLocationSyndrome — Generally I’d try being in front of the wing because it’s a bit quieter up there. If you can get a bulkhead in either cabin I highly recommend it. Due to the way Singapore’s seats are configured they have a LOT more room.

  257. @ MarkDCA — Are you trying online? If so, I suggest calling, because United’s website is glitchy.

  258. @ Andy — If you’re flying Singapore Airlines first class same day you’ll have access.

  259. @ Mac — Exactly, up until 21 days before departure you wouldn’t have any trouble making that change by phone without a change fee. United’s website is often glitchy like that.

  260. @Lucky – Was doing it online, finally got it to work! Once in SIN i can take a direct SIN to DPS flight or do TG SIN-BKK-DPS. What would you recommend? Would I get any cool amenities in Bangkok that would make the detour worth it? It would also include a 10 hour layover in BKK

  261. @ MarkDCA — Happy to hear it worked! If it were me, I’d take the direct flight to Bali, as the two intra-Asia flights would be in regional business class, which isn’t all that great. You would get a 30 minute massage in Bangkok at the Thai Spa before your flight to Bali, though I don’t think it justifies going out of the way.

    That being said, keep in mind you can have up to 24 hours in each city without it being considered a stopover, so if you actually wanted to visit Bangkok, it could make sense.

  262. @ Lucky – Thanks for the insight. I’ll be taking 12 D&F on my flights.

    Has anyone booked either of the A340-500 flights from LAX or EWR to SIN? I had them booked to leave on a certain date and it arrives 2 days later due to the time change and length of flight. When I pull up the itinerary on SG’s mobile site, it shows the date in between. (e.g. flight leaves LAX 9:15 PM on 4/5 and arrives in SIN at 5:40 AM on 4/7. It should show a departure date of 4/5 but actually shows 4/6).

    I called SG and they stated that the true date of departure is 4/5. Just curious if anyone else out there has come across the same problem?

  263. The IAH-DME-SIN and back is certainly a great option for maximizing SQ F, but I just pulled the trigger to “maximize” F travel in general. After a few minor changes I now have myself 4x F in 773 on SQ, 1x J on the SQ333 and 1x F in an OZ747. Oh, and to position on either end, I’ve also got a UA and two US domestic F’s.

    Yay Australia in February!

  264. @ RestlessLocationSyndrome — I suspect it’s because of the system switch over. It does in fact arrive two days later.

  265. Re SQ booking numbers, while I was able to phone SQ today and get my seat First Class SQ2 seat assignment, the SQ confirmation code is not being recognized on the SQ Web site when I go to Manage Your Booking. Do I have reason to think that SQ has changed its confirmation codes as part of their switchover, but that the functionality of their Web site has yet to catch up? (Once I got the seat assignment over the phone, though, I felt comfortable about canceling my previous Singapore to LAX award ticket on Cathay Pacific and having the 67,500 AA miles redeposited in my account).

  266. Lucky,
    Thanks for this post. Managed to book:

    JFK -> SFO (UA389 First on PS flight)
    SFO -> SIN (SQ15 First)
    SIN -> HKG (SQ856 Business)
    HKG -> SFO (SQ2 First)
    SFO -> JFK (UA760 First on PS flight)

    Using US Airways miles. Was thinking of possibly changing the return leg to fly Asiana first, in order to experience a different product. Is there anything else you would consider changing? I just read some not so great reviews of the PS flights.

    Thanks again

  267. @ Stuart — Their website isn’t reading confirmation codes yet. It seems to work on their mobile website, though.

  268. @ Vik — I think that’s totally fantastic, and I wouldn’t change a thing (unless if you could get first class from SIN to HKG as well). Asiana first class will always be available on miles. Singapore first class won’t be.

  269. SQ856 is an a380 – I know it’ll be available at another time but still wanted to check it out. Can you do a post on how to get the most out of these SQ flights i.e. book a chef, lounges, best seats etc etc

  270. @andy

    For the SQ Private Room, the consensus in the SQ forum on Flyertalk is that it has to be outbound F. Transpacific F connecting to Regional Business doesn’t get you in.

  271. I just booked a ticket on UA and I got a confirmation but the points are still in my account. It doesn’t remove the points used right away? If not, how long usually?

  272. @ Benny — How long ago did you book? Points are usually pulled quickly, but not instantly.

  273. I did get this in the confirmation email

    We are processing your reservation and will send you an e-ticket confirmation once this has been completed. Typically, this process takes less than an hour, however, in some rare cases it could take a couple days. Please be assured that your reservation will remain confirmed during this processing period, and there is no need to contact us unless you are traveling within 24 hours.

  274. @ Benny — Your ticket isn’t issued yet. Give it to 20 minutes to ticket, and then the miles should be debited as well.

  275. @Lucky thanks so much for your help.

    I’ll be in Taipei at the time so booked TPE-PEK-SIN-SYD (staying 2 weeks) then SYD-SIN-DPS (staying 1.5 week) then DPS-SIN-NRT-TPE

    260K points! All first or business. My wife and I.

    Three long flights on SG Boeing 777-300ER first class and one long flight on SG Airbus A380-800 Business

    Have a favorite seat on the 777-300 first class?

    I tried to look for all first, but it was the best I could do and I’ve been looking for hours!

    Thanks for your help here. It’s my first BIG reward ticket so I’m excited.

  276. @Lucky Thanks for the reply. Not sure if I should try to jump on this…not looking forward to dealing with BA CS and what options they give me for changing the RT CX award into oneway.

  277. Another big thank you to you Lucky for the tip!! Booked, confirmed and have my seats for 6 days in Tokyo to visit friends for drinks/dinner and fun! Going SMF>LAX>NRT and return the same way. First time on the A380 and first time on SQ. I’m still in shock…I’ll have many toasts in your honor on these flights.

    I’m wish this was available November 2013 as I’m going via Zurich to Tokyo from California with 2 friends from Switzerland. It will be their first time in Japan. I may be seeking your assistance in booking these flights and will gladly pay a bonus for your help. I definitely owe ya one (and Apurva too!). I’m a very happy camper tonight in Cali !

  278. @DavisCalifJr – we are close, I am in South Bay… glad you are happy… enjoy your travels!

  279. too late now! damn. united was still show availability but not when you actually tried to book it.

  280. Awesome blog entry! I did a booking using USAir but would like to change the dates.

    Is it possible to change a USAir DM booking within 24hours for free or would I have to cancel and make a new booking if I want to change my itinerary? Does USAir charge $150 for a cancellation within 24h? Thank you

  281. Hu, I asked you in different place, but not sure you will see it. they seems could not priced open jaw and stop over on the ticket to australia-new zealand via sin. My routing: Cle-IAH-sin(1 day stopover)-mel-auc. back from Syd-sin-ord-was-cle. put on hold, but they could not priced, telling on stopover or open thank you

  282. Does anyone if it is possible to book SFO-SYD on a single SQ redemption? (e.g. SFO-ICN-SIN-SYD) If so, how? I can get SFO-ICN-SIN on UA’s site, but it won’t show any SQ flights if I search for SFO-SYD.

  283. @ Tim — Unfortunately US Airways charges the $150 for changes right away, and has no grace period.

  284. I have a reservation with US Airways award travel on SQ F class. Required miles is 120000 miles. I only have 100000 miles in my account when I made this booking. I have purchased additional 20000 miles just for this reservation soon after I manage to book the flight. The reservation is on hold for 72 hours. I wanted to ticket it ASAP but the bloody miles purchased is not reflected in my account yet. I think it will take at least 1 day to arrive. My concern is that will SQ drop my reservation? yeah, i know that there’s nothing i can do abt it and I have already purchased the additional-non-bonus miles. Finger cross.

    Any experience?

  285. @ firsttime — Purchased miles should post instantly, so I’m not sure why they’re taking so long. Unfortunately SQ has every right to pull their space before it’s ticketed.

  286. Im a big reader and fan of the blog but have never posted before. Lucky (and others) what would you recommend in terms of overall experience and miles for the buck: EWR-FRA-BOM all in first on Lufthansa or JFK-FRA on Singapore business and then FRA-BOM in Lufthansa first? The first routing has 6hrs in FRA to enjoy the first class terminal, the second routing only 2.5hr layover. Many thanks!

  287. @ Django — Thanks for reading! At the end of the day, Lufthansa first class is considerably better than Singapore business class, so I’d go with that in your shoes. Especially since EWR to FRA is usually operated by a 747 with the new first class.

  288. @Lucky. Thanks so much for the quick response! Keep up with all your great postings, and don’t forget that there are many readers like me who even if they never comment enjoy the blog tremendously!

  289. @Lucky–thanks! We’re flying COS-DEN-SFO-HKG (4 days in HKG) then HKG-BKK-SIN on a TG A380–one day after TG puts their A380 into service! So excited for that. Then 4 days in SIN and back home. All SQ flights in F! I had to go on the SQ mobile site to get the seat assignments. For a couple which is preferable? 1CD or 2CD?

  290. @ Denise — They’re both great, though I’d say 2C & 2D since it’s a bit more private and further from the galley.

  291. Lucky – thanks for posting this! I just booked 2 SIN-MLE business award tickets through US Airways (got an SQ confirmation#). Question: if I want to change the date of these tickets, may I outreach SQ to modify, or it has to be changed through US Airways? My concern is later on US Airways won’t find award availability on SQ…thanks!

  292. Hey Lucky – any suggestions on hotels in Singapore? Any that stick out above the rest? We have SPG, Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton points at our disposal.

  293. @ Bill N — Singapore isn’t a great market for hotels, in my opinion. That being said, I’d say the St. Regis Singapore is probably the nicest hotel with the points you have. If it’s within your budget I’d highly recommend it.

  294. @Bill N. I was at the St.R. last year for my honeymoon and it was great got a nice upgrade, loved the free wine tasting every night and the breakfast spread was out of this world!

  295. Thanks to you and Apurva, I was able to book and confirm our flight from SFO-MLE. It was a bit of luck since I can’t find two seats on SFO-SIN on the date we wanted (we already had SFO-CMB reserved on CX F/J) but after waiting for half hour, the seats showed up.

    Now I have one question. We are assigned to seat 2CD on SFO-SIN. Can we ask Singapore Air to assign us 2CD on SFO-HKG leg and 1AF on HKG-SIN leg? We are leaving at middle of the night so we are fine with 2CD but we both love to see the view so would like to switch to the window seats. I know it’s not an option on seat assignment online but would like to know if we can assign seats ahead of the time. I’m pretty sure if the window seats are open, we can change at the airport.

  296. @ AC — Since it’s a direct flight there’s no way to assign different seats in advance. However, day of you can switch to them if they’re still available.

  297. Thanks for the quick reply. 17+ hours in SQ F would be like a dream comes true (even if I have to convince my partner for all the extra stops instead of LAX-SIN in SQ J)

  298. Thank you Lucky!!! After about 8 phone calls and countless hours with US I managed to book last night 2 business tickets BOS UA EWR SQ SIN SQ MLE And return MLE SQ SIN SQ IST LH FRA LH BOS for the end of July.

  299. Lucky, Is it still possible to book on SQF or am I to late. I have been searching on without any luck.

    Thanks and great find and kudos to all who could take advantage.

  300. Lucky, Is it still possible to book on SQF or am I to late to the party. I have been searching on without any luck.

    Thanks again for a great find and kudos to all who could take advantage.

  301. I’ve ticketed my reservation with US Airways. I have the US Airways ticket number and other airlines 6 digit PNR reference EXCEPT Singapore air flight. US Airways said “Spore usually do provide us their reservation number; you have to call them and find out”?
    Should i call or wait till the dust settle? Can i “manage my booking” on Spore air website with the ticket number i have from US Airways.
    Thank you very much!!!

  302. @Lucky @Tim Sorry for the late response, as I assume it’s now too late, but US certainly DOES do a 24-hr grace period. In fact, I changed my itinerary TWICE within that period. At first, I booked the first flights I found (out of fear the seats would dry up); that was YVR-SFO-SIN-SYD-SIN-LAX-PHX-YVR. Then, I realized I didn’t have a stopover so I quickly changed to do an open jaw SYD//MEL. Then, later in the day, I figured I might as well go for the OZ F over the SQA380J from ICN-LAX, since F is F (A380 or not). So yes, US DOES allow the 24-hr grace period on awards. Of course, it could have just been the two ladies I spoke to, so YMMV, but I think this is a pretty sure thing 🙂

  303. @firsttime That doesn’t sound very good. Was your reservation on hold and you just ticketed now? What was the time-frame like? US is usually spot on with PNRs. I got mine within seconds of booking (for SQ as well!).

  304. @Ari It’s ticketed. Miles deducted and fees paid. SIN-IAH-CUN ; CUN-SFO-SIN-BKK . I have the other two PNRs with TG and UA. Except SQ. I also have ticket number on US Airways.

  305. @firsttime I would call back – it seems a bit absurd for them to not be able to produce an SQ PNR…

  306. @ firsttime — You need the record locator to manage the booking with Singapore Airlines. It’s possible they haven’t sent it over yet. I don’t think there’s any harm in calling Singapore to just get it.

  307. Lucky – maybe you answered this in the previous 431 comments above, but how did you end up using this opportunity?

    No chance you are sitting on the sidelines while the rest of us fly all over the place in SQ First Class!

  308. @firsttime Try your PNR’s on and click on the e-ticket receipt tab. Your SQ PNR is probably there.

  309. @ Bill N — Hah, I haven’t answered yet. I’ll be flying from Houston to Singapore with my favorite flight attendant in a couple of weeks, and then from Singapore to Frankfurt. Can’t wait!

  310. Hi Lucky,

    I already ticketed my trip using 160000 US Airways dividend miles from SFO-SIN-BOM and back on SQ-F. My question is that can I add another leg to the ticket from BOM-IXJ-BOM in the same ticket on Jet Airways, will that be possible.

  311. @ Paul — In theory you wouldn’t have an issue adding flights, though I don’t believe US Airways lets you mix Jet Airways and Star Alliance carriers on a single award, unfortunately.

  312. As KF points holder we can only book Star Alliance partners through the phone with our points. Are you guys making bookings online on your partner airline sites or on SQ site? Have over 300K points waiting to be used. Hear Lufthansa and ANA F are great also and thinking of using them as there is no SQ F on 380 flights now.

  313. So are we in the clear for these SQ itineraries, will they stick?

    I booked 2 SQ one-ways through UA. If I add return segments later this year, or make a full roundtrip with stopover, they’ll be able to deduct add’l miles and add segments without messing with these booked segments, right?

  314. @ David — Yep, it would appear so. And yes, you would have no issue making it a roundtrip or adding segments.

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