Signs You Spend Too Much Time On Planes?

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In June I compiled a list of 10 signs you spend too much time in hotels, and asked you guys to pile on with your thoughts. I was working on a similar list for 10 signs that you spend too much time on planes, though I think last night I had an experience which just sums it all up in one.

I flew Frankfurt to New York in the morning on Singapore, which is as far as I know the earliest transatlantic flight out of Frankfurt (it leaves at 8:30AM). I both love and hate that, since it means you get to New York early enough to avoid rush hour, but also have a long day ahead of you for staying awake.

After a long day I changed into my (British Airways first class) jammies, turned off the lights, and hopped in my hotel bed. I then spent 30 seconds feeling around for the seatbelt, because I was tired and didn’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night if there was turbulence.


I’m not sure if that means I fly too much… or not enough? šŸ˜‰

And I’m not sure if that speaks poorly for the comfort of hotel beds, or favorably for the comfort of airline beds.

What are your top signs that you spend too much time in the air?

  1. UA945 to ORD leaves earlier at 8:10am. At least, it does on mid Sept when I am flying them back to the US.

  2. I took the Acela vs. my usual flight and I was panicked by the fact that it doesn’t have seat belts. 138mph is V1 in an A320 and this dangnabit contraption is hurtling along at 150mph?! It’s insanity!

    Security? Not only is there no TSA, they don’t even ask to see your ticket until 30 min after delarture!

  3. Ha. Will admit to one jet-lagged night in Asia stumbling into my hotel bathroom at 3am and instinctively turning to close the latch on the door so the light would come on. Stood for a second looking for it before I realized where I was. It’s a good problem to have šŸ™‚

  4. You can lip sinc the safety video word for word and almost in the second language.

    You get annoyed when the TV episodes are reruns from you last flights…..they shoul be changed a least monthly

  5. Get surprised when the toiliet in the hotel room is not making that Vacuum sound that a plane toilet does

  6. You know the beer selection better than the flight attendants do. No joke, back in the good old red tail days, I asked the F FA for a particular beer. “We don’t have that” she says. I inquired about the selection. She listed off something. This was in the middle of the month, so I asked, “Do you just happen to be out of that selection today? I had the beer yesterday and last week. I happen to like it.” She says, “Let me check” and comes back with one.

    Another sign you fly too much: You get to know the rigs for the flight attendant trips, and can freak them out if you happen to know that they’ll flying the return flight the next day.

  7. You get the same immigration guy at Mumbai International every Sunday, every three weeks, and he knows you have a 1 year visa but still goes through the charades. That, and the gift-shop people in a few international airports have presents ready and wrapped for you to take home to the kids (KL is the best at this)!

  8. You memorize which seats are the best on
    each aircraft type and know where the closest lounge or your favorite eatery is located in the terminal.

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