10 Signs You Spend Too Much Time In Hotels

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I’ve been living in hotels full time for well over two months now, and I’ve gone from the point of feeling somewhat indifferent about it to totally loving it.

While I frequently stayed in hotels prior to formally moving into them full time, I didn’t really have any hotel that I frequented often enough to build a relationship with the employees or develop a pattern while staying there, because I was traveling all over the place.

And while I still plan on traveling all over the world for a couple of weeks at a time, over the past two months I’ve had some commitments in the US that have limited my travel, so I’ve kind of had a couple of “home” hotels.


With that in mind, here are 10 signs that you probably spend too much time in hotels:

  1. You know what day of the week it is based on what’s being served in the club lounge.
  2. You’re on a first name basis with everyone at the front desk, club lounge, and restaurant.
  3. The hotel knows not only your preferred room type, but your exact preferred room, and will proactively try to block it for you.
  4. When you get to the restaurant the servers know exactly what you want to eat and drink.
  5. You take it upon yourself to help other hotel guests when they look like they’re lost.
  6. You arrive at a hotel completely having forgotten to make a reservation, having just assumed that you made it (sadly this has happened to me multiple times lately).
  7. When you check-in you proactively say “I’d please like the 1,000 point Diamond amenity, 4PM late check-out, turndown service at around 7PM, no newspaper, and I’m aware of the club lounge hours,” just to save the front desk associate from having to ask the handful of questions.
  8. When you get to your room, you put the “do not disturb” sign on your door before you even walk inside.
  9. You decline housekeeping to earn extra points, to the point that it looks like a room from “Hoarders.”
  10. It makes your day when you get more than one chocolate with turndown service.

Who needs a bay view when you can face an airport instead?!

I’m curious if any road warriors can relate to the above, or have any to add to the list!

  1. 11. A luggage full of hotel shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sewing kits, shower caps… enough to stock a floor of hotel rooms.

  2. If, post-blogging, you were to work for a major hotel chain, which company would be your first choice? (Though you also might want to consider the cruise industry).

  3. In addition to many of the things you mention Ben, you check-out, store your bags with the hotel, take the shuttle to the train station, the shuttle picks you up at the train station later that same day with your bags in the back and then takes you directly from the train station to the airport. (I get this service at a Holiday Inn Express I frequent a lot – yes Ben, it’s a HIE – it doesn’t have a lounge, a restaurant, nor is it “aspirational” in any way. But the service they give me as a “regular” is five star!)

  4. @hsw25

    Completely agree! Was just telling a friend last night about how I’ve had these kinds of relationships at a few hotels over the years…I’ve loved it, speeds things up greatly.

  5. I’m #5 when I’m planespotting inside the SFO terminals. I once helped someone standing in front of the JAL check in desk, find the JAL check in desk

  6. When repeatedly working in eastern Kansas years ago (2 weeks out of 3 for seven months), the HIE wouldn’t make me pack my things before leaving – if they had to use the room, they’d pack and unpack before I got back (the one time they changed rooms, it looked identical to the one I’d left, down to the layout of my toiletries). They also always had a pound can of coffee next to the coffeemaker. Great staff!

  7. 8.When you get to your room, you put the “do not disturb” sign on your door before you even walk inside.

    Doesn’t everyone do that?

    @ Lucky – on #6, you don’t use TripIt or something like that to automatically catch your reservations from your email?

  8. @ Lucky – hence the automatic part 😉 But it works better for flights. Don’t think it sends notifications for hotels.

  9. Yep.

    I truly woke up one morning a few years ago, knowing I was in a Marriott due to standardized decor, but it took me a while to recall what city I was in.

    And there is one property where, when I check in, typically late and weary, the same agent recognizes me and calls me by name without my identifying myself. This does not mean, to me, that I am on the road too much – it tells me that I am on the road enough to be appreciated when I cannot be home with my dog.

  10. You don’t need to present ID or a credit card when you check in. The staff already knows you & won’t even need a CC deposit since they have your card already on file.

  11. Have to say my favorite is the Indigo, in Downtown Baton Rouge. The bartenders (yes all of them) have a French 75 on the bar before I can get my keys.

  12. You are there so long and know the staff that you want to hide from them. Happened to me at a Taj property in India after a month stay. Part of it was my coworker had stayed there for 5 months so everyone knew her and got to know me because we hung out a lot in the lounge together.

  13. @ sign no. 10 – That’s why I keep recommending Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore – I think they give two chocolates per person for turndown service!!!!

  14. When you pull out your room key and it doesn’t work. Then you go to the front desk mad that it deactivated. When you go to the front desk and they tell you that it is a key for the Hilton, not the Sheraton you are staying at which is probably the reason it isn’t working. I have to get better at cleaning my purse out!

  15. after spending 3 straight month at the same hotel monday to friday, on my last night I finaly asked when they will change the menu …. I was gently advised by the new in training waiter that had started that day that they just had change and that it will change again before the summer, we were in mid february …

  16. @ Steve — It’s an evening housekeeping service, basically. They typically close the curtains and fold down the sheets, hopefully leaving chocolate!

  17. Or you realize that your laptop bag has literally +50 hotel keys in it.

    I’ve been at the same Hyatt for the past 70 weeks. Indeed, just the other day the TSA manager at the airport said, “Hey, you’re here every week!”

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