Sign the petition to Save DividendMiles

OK, let me be bloody honest for a second. I don’t give a flying %&[email protected] about USAir. I think they’re awful and are destined to be the next down Chapter 7 lane…

That being said, their elimination of elite bonus miles sets an awful precedent. Regardless of whether or not you have any miles in the DM program, consider signing the petition to save DM. It has worked in the past and while it’s no given that it’ll work again, there’s always a chance.

Why should you care? Well, when US eliminated their 500 mile minimum, who followed? That’s right, UA. Others may or may not follow what US is doing, but by asking US to reconsider we’re definitely on the right track to protecting our miles in other programs.

Please consider signing the petition, it literally only takes a few seconds.

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  1. Not sure how valuable it would be for me (a non-Divident Miles member) to sign. While I have given them some business this year, the miles have gone to UA MP.

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