My Most Expensive Cocktail Ever Was… At A Sheraton?!?

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I’m in Sardinia in the moment, more specifically in Porto Cervo. The area is gorgeous and so tranquil, so I get why people flock here.

However, it’s also a place that defies the concept of value. We’re staying at Cala di Volpe, a Starwood Luxury Collection property. In the peak of summer, standard rooms here go for over $2,000 per night. It’s a stunning hotel, though if it were anywhere else in the world, it would probably be a tenth of the price. I guess that’s the beauty of supply and demand, since the hotel still fills up at those rates.

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 1

Fortunately we’re seeing at the very tail end of their “season” (the hotel is only open a few months per year), so staying in September is only a fraction as much as staying in July or August.

Yesterday evening we went into the actual town of Porto Cervo, which is charming and over the top. The port is lined with mega yachts. I thought the yachts in the below pictures were big, until a Russian oligarch’s 300 foot yacht pulled into the harbor, putting all the other yachts to shame. You’ve gotta love how relative wealth is…

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 1

Anyway, while we certainly can’t afford to live that life, we figured we might as well have a drink while enjoying the beautiful view. After all, an overpriced cocktail seems worthwhile to soak in that view. We sat down at the waterfront bar that had the best view, which was branded as “Bar il Portico.”

We were presented the menus, only to find out that the bar is actually part of the Sheraton Porto Cervo. The server had a Sheraton nametag, and the menu was branded as such as well.

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 2

I knew Starwood had four hotels in Porto Cervo, though I didn’t realize that Cervo Hotel Costa Smeraldra Resort is actually a Sheraton. We’ve written in the past about how puzzling hotel branding can be, though am I the only one who finds it bizarre that the best hotel immediately in the center of what might be the world’s most expensive town is branded as a Sheraton?!

So, how crazy were the prices? 20EUR for an iced coffee, 30EUR for an ice cream sundae, 35EUR for a cocktail, and 50EUR for a club sandwich.

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 3

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 4

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 5

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 6

We each ordered a cocktail, and you can bet we sat there for a while enjoying the views and people watching (and of course consumed the snacks that came with the drinks).

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 7

I never thought the most expensive cocktail I’d ever buy would be at a Sheraton…

Sheraton-Porto-Cervo - 8

Hotel branding really is a mystery, eh?

  1. What a ridiculous waste of money. Lucky, you are not going to gain readers by alienating yourself from the average person by doing things like this. We get that you make a lot of money from your readers but stunts like this throw it back in our faces.

  2. I’d say you have been lucky to say the least. F&B in Porto Cervo are meant for millionaires and it’s not just an exaggeration. I have seen bills of 900 euros spent in 5 people only in aperitives and no food. I am from Sardinia and if there is a place where I wouldn’t put foot that’s Porto Cervo, what I recon it’s probably the most expensive place in the whole Italy.

  3. @ Ben — I’m not sure I follow. I completely agree it’s obscenely expensive, though I’m not sure I’d call it a “ridiculous waste of money.” I’m visiting Porto Cervo, and I probably won’t ever be back, but I’m happy to visit a new place. Everything in the town is that expensive.

    Is 35EUR for a cocktail insane? Absolutely, which is why I’m writing this post. But if I’m here anyway, will I order one and enjoy sunset views for a couple of hours so I can at least take in the scene? Yes.

    I don’t think that’s unreasonable…

  4. Remember when you used to have super useful posts talking about how many miles (and taxes) it took to get SQ suites on each route, or how you analyzed different award charts for good value?

    The blog has basically become now “I thought $300 a night was a great value for this hotel!” when clearly better values exist if you bother to check outside Hyatt/SPG.

    How about instead of telling us how you pay cash for everything, go back to using miles as a currency and telling us about that. “Rich person can buy stuff” is not a good selling point.

  5. As long as suckers like you are willing to pony up for these overpriced drinks, I would say their branding is working just fine.

  6. FWIW the cocktails at MSG in NYC during games can be close $30 a pop so considering this is Porto Cuervo it ain’t too bad!!

  7. Italy for some reason also has the most expensive hotel breakfasts I have ever seen. A Four Seasons / Luxury Collection / St Regis will command 40 Euros + for continental and 70 Euros + for buffet and nothing different than any of their other properties around Europe. Sheraton has many misbranded properties in Europe – as you know the Lisbon and Porto properties are really quite good and 5-star locally and should not be called that.

    Hope you enjoyed your cocktail – it is a rip-off, but a good story to tell. I think even in Paris, top hotels are either 22 or 26 Euros for a cocktail. Ha! And enjoy Porto Cervo 🙂

  8. I guess the problem was that you were at a hotel bar. I never eat or drink anything at a hotel unless I don’t have another option. It is well know that hotels overcharge for everything because of “convenience”. I am pretty sure there are local places in Porto Cervo where you can get a very good meal and drinks for decent prices. The key in Italy is to go where the locals go. The best meal I ever had in Italy was in Rome in a restaurant outside of the central are only 20 minutes by taxi. The place had a menu hand written in a blackboard with no prices at all. Locals were occupying every single table and the servers barely spoke English. We ordered many different dishes and they were simply fantastic. When the bill came I was almost embarrassed since it was so cheap for what we got. I returned to the same place next day again.

  9. I saw the same price for cocktails at the Paris Park Hyatt. Didn’t bite. I would expect the PH to at least have much better drinks.

  10. We are having a staycation for the night in one of the Doha hotels for the wife’s bday. I think we will be able to beat that when it comes to ridiculously prices cocktails!

  11. @ Lucky – in response – why visit such an overpriced place then? Your whole brand is getting value from travel not throwing money down the toilet just because you can. I know youre getting discounts by staying at the end of the season but why go there in the first place.
    Your blog is becoming increasing popular so the money you are making form your readers (your income) is increasing as well. Its obvious because you’re dropping money more readily than you used to (I have read your blog every day for 4 years). Previously it was about maximising legs on an award ticket, now you’ll think nothing of dropping $1500 on a one-way positioning flight purely to review a new product.
    All Im saying is dont bite the hand that feeds you. People will continue to read your blog, use your links and pay for your lifestyle while they can relate to you. The more you pay EUR35 for a cocktail just because you can or pay $300 for a bed to crash in on a stopover and blog all about it the less your readers relate to you, and the less people will read your blog everyday. Its a slippery slope. You gained your popularity by being ‘one of us’.
    Most of your readers save their miles and dollars for occasional luxury trips, not blow money just because they can.

  12. @ Santastico — To be clear, it didn’t look like a hotel bar at all. It wasn’t even connected to the hotel. Rather it was in the main promenade, and just seemed to be operated by the Sheraton. You wouldn’t have known based on looking at it.

  13. @Santastico – there are no “locals” places in Porto Cervo. the town literally shuts down, for the most part, once the weather is not nice anymore. One more month and it’s a ghost town. The population for the town is like 400. It was a town expressly built in the 1950s/1960s expressly for the billionaire crowd. So if you’re there you’re going to pay those prices. To go to where “locals” go, you need to go to the rest of Sardinia. AS Nicola Siotto wrote, natives from Sardinia don’t go to Porto Cervo because it’s not really Sardinia. It’s beautiful to be sure, but could technically be just another haven for the ultra wealthy that could have been plunked down anywhere. It’s like going to the States and only going to Disney World (granted, a VERY expensive Disney World). Sure, you were technically in the States, but you really didn’t see anything American.

  14. That beats me. My record was paying 30,000won ($26) for a cocktail at the whiskey bar (The Timber House) in the basement of the Park Hyatt Seoul. I thought that was crazy.

  15. @Ben…I think you need to calm down a wee bit. It was only a post on overpriced drinks. I’m sure you’ve probably been in a similar situation and discussed as above.

    It’s an experience shared and good guidance.

    Fair enough if the blog was dedicated to such things, but clearly it isn’t.

  16. That’s a rip off.. haha.. but if someone is willing to pay it they will charge it.. but seriously this is stupid.. it costs them how much to make the drink? 3.5 EUR? max.. and they cannot even spell on the menu. I would just be annoyed.. there are so many other nice places to go to in Italy equally stunning, but thankfully not so many stupidly rich tourists (Russian Oligarchs maybe?).. so a glas of wine will “Set you Back” 5 EUR.. on top of that you get the usual snacks included. (not just peanuts, but proper cocktail pieces, small pizzas, cheese, puff pastries etc).. in any case hope you enjoyed it ..

  17. @ Ben — And I appreciate the perspective, and certainly see where you’re coming from. Trust me, I don’t write a vast majority of posts on this blog because I have to, but rather because it’s my passion. Could I outsource more writing? Absolutely. But that doesn’t seem fun to me.

    I think there are two different things at play here.

    As far as the “spending $1,500 on a one-way positioning flight” goes, this is based on reader feedback. You’re right, the site has grown a lot, and frankly it’s something I can justify doing nowadays. People told me my reviews of the same products while maximizing miles were getting boring, so in addition to reviewing all kinds of airlines on miles, I’m also booking quite a few discounted business class fares to review new airlines. That’s intended to spice up the blog and lead to interesting reviews, which I’d view as a net positive, no? I guess I could just keep maximizing miles and flying first class on Cathay, Emirates, Etihad, etc., but that doesn’t seem so fun. So I’m quite happy with the balance I have on the blog right now between redeeming miles for premium cabins and also booking discounted business class tickets so I can review new products.

    As far as vacationing here goes, I think there’s an important distinction to make. Typically I travel almost exclusively for the purposes of reviewing new airlines, hotels, etc. While that’s fun, this trip is different. This is a trip with Ford that he wanted to do, as he had special memories having come here as a kid with his parents, and he thought it would be really special if we came here together. So ultimately I figure it’s worthwhile if I still share my thoughts on this as a destination, even if it’s not one that’s typically for people who are looking to maximize points.

    I certainly appreciate your perspective and appreciate you reading, and will keep in mind what you say. Hopefully you see where I’m coming from as well…

  18. Just think if you didn’t know the pricing. My problem is ordering what i assume will be a cheap beer like bud light thinking they will be somewhere between $6-$9 at a hotel bar, and then seeing them be $15 each. We all know to ask pricing before you buy, but sometimes it happens

  19. If all you people raging that you can’t afford expensive drinks weren’t serious I would find it funny, but alas, Bernie’s “envy thy neighbor” platform has sunk in on a great many.

  20. Thank you for this! Whle I’m no millionaire I like to live like one while I am traveling. It’s posts like this that really add character to your site and make it so much more than just the latest deal or strategy.

  21. So, Ford has bajillionaire parents who don’t mind dropping 35 euros on a cocktail, and vacationed in the super-expensive spots in Europe?


  22. Lucky,

    Personally I am happy to see you enjoying your success! You have worked hard to make this one of the top travel blogs going. So order the expensive drink, try the lobster, live your life and enjoy the spoils you deserve.

    I would have done the same…

  23. Ignore those who cried out (because you moneyed off them) , enjoy the fruit (and drink) your hard work brings you. they just wanted to read deals you point them to, anything else (even remotely posh) is unfair, uncivilized and demonized.

  24. As an italian i feel insulted by those prices. It’s just a tourist trap for rich russians.

    Porto Cervo is nice enough for an evening visit, but nothing more. The real Sardegna is not there. There aren’t even beaches. I hope you are not spending all the days there.

  25. We love your blog, and you deserve the success you earned via hard work and a good eye for delivering content your readers love!

    Only beef I have is if I were paying 35eur, I would have ordered something more interesting than gin and tonic!! 😉

  26. Maybe Lucky’s shifting away from mileage tips because the aviation industry is more or less shutting that stuff down? I’m not saying they’re getting rid of reward programs entirely, but they’re certainly watering them down to the point that it’s less a matter for finding a great deal and more of a matter of not getting completely screwed when trying to redeem. Perhaps he sees the writing on the walls and has decided to shift the focus of the blog? Lucky might feel this blog is positioned in the ‘aspirational’ category, hence these kinds of posts.

    FWIW, I think a move like that would be a big mistake. I can’t imagine many people are interested in a “Lifestyles of the (blogger) rich and (aviation geek) famous”.

  27. Wow, have the comments here deteriorated to the extent Ben now has to ask for readers’ permission before ordering a drink? Gawsh, what a controlling bunch!

    Envy is not pretty. Ben has worked hard to make this blog what it is, and that is why so many of us read it. He’s more than entitled to, ahem, have the drink of his choice, at the location of his choice. Besides, most of us can afford 35 Euro cocktails, it’s just that few of us are likely to feel we’re getting decent bang for our buck!

  28. I can’t say I’m too surprised by those prices. If I were visiting Porto Cervo, I’d have done the same. I think my most expensive cocktail was a bourbon and black truffle cocktail, rim glazed with white truffle honey, at Bistro du Midi in Boston. That was $33.

    Did you catch what type of gin they used?

  29. Lucky, the 3 Starwood Luxury hotels (Cala di Volpe, Romazzino, Pitrizza) had their sister hotel; the Cervo Sheraton, built to accommodate the personal household staff of their guests. The entire Costa Smeralda enclave was built by the Aga Khan, complete with Olbia airport and a hundred or so villas.The Costa Smeralda is basically a ‘gated community’ like Pebble Beach near Monterey, CA. The Cervo Sheraton also hosts conference groups. The Aga Khan sold his 4 CIGA hotels to Starwood a few years back. They are extremely expensive over summer, with rates starting at Euro 2,500 and they charge Euro 900 for a rollaway bed for a child. Clients love these 3 Starwood Luxury Collection hotels, and keep coming back, even at these outrageous rates. The atmosphere and ambiance has a high price tag, and guests are only too willing to pay to stay. That’s if they can manage to book a room as they’re often sold out July through early September. Keep writing reviews of the swanky places you stay. We may not all be able to afford to stay, but when you share your experiences, it’s our window in to another world.

  30. When in Rome. Good for you Lucky. This blog had been great lately. It makes sense to splurge for once and take in the scenery.

  31. This is where you whip out your Ziplock(R) bags of lounge snacks and mini bottles from the plane. Some of the yacht owners will actually be impressed.

  32. I think Ben does fine work and he is only showing us his experiences when traveling. That’s his job! I don’t understand all the vitriol from the others. If you don’t like this blog, there are millions of others you can read. Move along! FYI I recently had a White Peach Bellini at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and it was $18 with a wonderful view. I think prices can be all over the map.

  33. I’d be unlikely to buy a $40 cocktail and I generally don’t even stay in chain hotels.

    But I feel this blog benefits from posts that talk more about destinations. The economy and incredible prices of this jet-setter haven are interesting even if I have no interest in visiting it myself.

  34. This set of blog entries reminds me of a piece Anthony Bourdain wrote, “The Rich Eat Differently Than You and Me”:


    He spends the second half of that piece talking a lot about how rich people prefer their own company, even if the food and environment is mediocre or downright bad, and overpriced. Complete with Ukranian billionaires with potbellies and Speedos, surrounded by pneumatically inflated girlfriends a third their age (paraphrasing his word). The overpriced part makes sure the “wrong crowd” (read: can’t afford it) doesn’t show up. Not that there’s anything particularly morally upstanding about this crowd (see: Trump or Berlusconi), but I suppose it’s comforting to them to know they’re among fellow rich people.

  35. Keep writing those posts Lucky. I enjoy reading them even if I would otherwise buy a less expensive drink. Have fun and enjoy your lifestyle.

    For the haters, it goes without saying the same thing about cars. Would you go buy a Kia Rio or a BMW M5. Both vehicles take you from Point A to Point B (just like your drink of choice – they both can get you buzzed or drunk). But not everyone can afford an M5 and write a review about it.

    I enjoy your blogs and will read everyone of them when you travel to places I haven’t been to or can’t afford to.

    (thanks again for the sony camera recommendation earlier this year! i love it.)

  36. Interesting how Lucky defends himself at length here, but doesn’t care to respond to charges that he routinely posts race-baiting content and allows extreme bigotry to go unchecked in the comments.

  37. Let’s not forget that Ben often points out great deals and freebies from time to time ($5 at Starbucks, etc.), which is more than most lifestyle bloggers do, so there’s a nice mix of fun trip reports (very helpful when deciding what airline/aircraft to take), mileage deals, free stuff, and of course he needs to make a living so that’s the credit card offers. Seems reasonable, I’d imagine he’ll get bought out at some point in time too.

  38. Funny that everyone is so quick to judge over a 35 Euro drink….Is that all? I get that it isn’t cheap but many glasses of nice nice scotch are more than that. Even a basic drink ordered anywhere in high demand…getting drinks at the pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore or at a restaurant in Times Square on NYE is going to be very expensive. Sure you can get a $3 bud light at your local bar but I’d rather over pay for a couple of drinks of the course of my life while experiencing the world. If you choose not to have the pricey drink, that’s fine too. But I’m with Lucky, enjoy the experience and have a drink. It’s only money, can’t take it with you when you die. 🙂

  39. Can you please ban negative commenters? It’s actually taxing to read their bitter, jealous comments. Since every comment is moderated, just delete the negative ones PLEASE!

    If you want to spend $5k on a night at a hotel or $2000 for a bottle of wine, do it. Just because some middle class schmuck will never do it, doesn’t mean you have to justify yourself.

  40. In a recent post you talked about having a friend hide in the closet so you could avoid paying extra.
    Now this.
    I get that you love all chain businesses. But imagine if you ventured beyond a chain hotel at some point, whether for lodging, a meal, and/or a drink. You might save some money, experience a bit of the local experience, and have something to share with your readers.
    Sorry, I just can’t imagine traveling as much as you do and restricting myself to chain experiences.

  41. @Mark but this blog is mainly about miles/points, you don’t get nearly as many points for staying at a non-chain hotel.

  42. Your experience with these drinks reminds me of the cheap way to see the top of the Hancock Tower in Chicago — get a drink at the bar on the 96th floor. Tickets to the observation deck are $18, drinks are a couple dollars cheaper. It’s like coffee at starbucks — you aren’t buying coffee, you’re buying the ambiance.

  43. Lucky, Being that there’s no tip involved 35 euros isn’t that obsence. I’ve been to places in Vegas where a rum and coke is 20 bucks and they want a tip. It doesn’t even come with a glass, just in a plastic cup.

  44. The bitching and judging on here is amazing, if it was me and I’ve just trekked about and was looking for a view and the drinks were 35€ which is what 10€ more than what it would cost in the area. I would have just ponied up the cash, enjoyed that one drink and move on. It is not like I’m going to be having mutiple… then I’ll go looking around for a more reasonable place to get wasted. You are def not gonna go under 15-20€ in that sort of area.

    Im not gonna sit down then get up and leave for something as petty as 10€, take it as paying for the view/ambience. now if the place had none of those things then it would’ve been diff, I would leave.

  45. A $40 drink and you set the comments section ablaze. Many travel blogs don’t see this many comments in a month. Well played, sir.

  46. To those complaining that Ben is living like a millionaire now — get over it. He is a millionaire, and he is very talented, works very hard, and got lucky. Would you rather he make insincere comments like “I could never afford this without miles/points” or “I would never spend $500 for a hotel room”, etc?

  47. My most expensive drink was when I ordered a Rusty Nail in Weisbaden about 1974. Little did I know that Scotch products were off the chart. I paid $40 for 1 Rusty Nail. Never like them after that.

  48. Spending a lot of time in Singapore, I also don’t think the prices are that obscene. Venues with similar clientele in many parts of the world have what could be considered “obnoxiously” priced dining and beverages.

  49. Lucky-
    I for one love reading about your experiences of all kinds, not just reviews of new airlines or mileage chart evaluations (though those are certainly very useful to me!) Travel is an adventure, and I love reading about yours. Please keep sharing – now I (and your readers) will know how to budget for Porto Cervo!

    With that said, this is one case in which the food and drink credit that comes with many hotel bookings would really have come in handy, eh? Hope their POS was at least set up correctly so you got 5% cash back on that dining purchase!

  50. Lucky, I’d be interested to know if you read any of the Early Retirement blogs. You can fund this lifestyle forever if you are careful now. And it’s awesome that you spend that much-I love it when the haters come out 🙂 You must be doing something right!

  51. @All you whiners

    Hell, even some of the miles and points places that Ben writes about aren’t for the feint of heart. An overwater Bungalow in the Maldives? Um, you might be getting into the base room for free, but that upgrade is likely going to cost you. Never mind the sea plane transfers, which aren’t cheap. Oh, and don’t forget the over-the-top F&B prices those places charge. That stay is far from free.

    Ben, thanks for branching out a bit in your writing and experiences. You’re right that another F review of CX, LH, or SQ gets boring after awhile. F products are either disappearing, getting more expensive, or having a general lack of inventory, so the utility in such reviews (and their relevance to me) is diminishing.

    I find value in posts talking about where cheap F or J tickets for long haul travel can be found.

  52. While perhaps not EUR35 per drink, recently my family and I were in Hong Kong and had drinks in the lounge at the Ritz Carlton on the 102nd floor of that hotel. I thought that US$106 for a beer, a lemonade and 2 cocktails was pretty steep…..even though the view was AMAZING!!

  53. Soon to be in-laws stopped in port years ago on a sailing trip. They were dressed decently enough, but they noted how men would move their wives to the other side and the wives would clutch their purses as they walked by.

  54. @joe they could sell the poor from a mile away lol what you think to be decent is prob diff from someone else’s idea

  55. I actually think this is quite useful. Being in London it is easy to get to Sardinia and having hotel points it is completely feasible that I would stay in a chain hotel as it would be free. What wouldn’t be free is the food and drink and therefore I think this is relevant to the blog and what, one of about 8 posts in a day?!

  56. My most pricey drink was a Singapore Sling at the Long Bar at Raffles in Singapore. 7 years ago we spent just shy of $60 for 2. It was worth it! However, we didn’t get a second round. 😉 Have fun on your trip!

  57. I see nothing wrong with living over the top once in a while. A little splurge is good for you. When I was in Paris last may I arranged (via the gust services manager at the Dorchester hotel “Principe de Savoia”) to meet up with the guest services manager at the “Le Maurice” to see their hotel. We received red carpet treatment (not being hotel guests) enjoying a tour of this gorgeous place. After a stay at their fantastic bar our bill was over 150 Euros for a few cocktails. It was the only time in that trip that we spent that kind of cash, and it was a wonderful experience. Their bartender is an award winning mixologist, and the marvelous food that was bestowed on us from their kitchen was over the top. Ben, I think you did the right thing. We were happy seeing how the rich lived for a little bit. Congrats on your experience. And if you are in Paris, stop in at “Le Maurice” for a drink. (Jackets required).

  58. The prices are comparable to other luxury resorts and restaurants in Europe like the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz in Paris, the Cirpriani or Harry’s Bar in Venice, etc. – just enjoy and savor the ambiance.

  59. I can’t believe they charge these prices but use Schweppes tonic (possible the most commerical, medicore tonic available). You can buy a four pack on promotion at my local supermarket for $2. I have no problem with these prices if they are making the world’s best gin and tonic (with artisanal high quality products), but this looks stock standard. What’s with the menus that look like they were created in someone’s home office? Or the plastic swizzle sticks with tacky branding?

    I love the blog, but on this occasion you fell into a big tourist trap.

  60. High season in Italy at an up market establishment, duh! Try Milan, Capri and parts of Amalfi at this time of year for even more bankrupting prices. They charge more to keep the riff Raff out and being Italy the more you charge the more exclusive!?

  61. @Ben
    Lucky: “what a ridiculous sum of money to spend on a cocktail”
    TPG: “look how awesome my life is, i spend 35 euros on a gin and tonic while the dalai lama gives me a handjob under the table. i love being richy mcrichy rich.”

    There is a difference, and there’s definitely a reason I relate more to Lucky and come back to his blog daily

  62. As well as you’re doing, I think you’re not paid enough to put up with some D-Bags that ocasionally post in the blog. Let them have warm Duc de Paris in a mall parking lot, and continue to ride high, Lucky. Kudos to you and Ford for the brief honeymoon, you reserve it.

  63. @Kris: ” but alas, Bernie’s “envy thy neighbor” platform has sunk in on a great many.”

    Yet another person who has no idea what Bernie stands for.

    I’m very much in favor of democratic socialism and I’m a big fan of Bernie. I’m also a big fan of flying first class and reading Lucky’s blog, INCLUDING his posts on expensive drinks.

    The two are not mutually exclusive. Everyone who works hard should be compensated for their efforts, and you get to use that compensation as you see fit. That is precisely what Lucky is doing here.

    Now, should wealthy corporations and individuals be allowed to take advantage of the benefits that taxation provides without paying their share of taxes? That gets at the heart of democratic socialism, and it has nothing to do with a small business owner paying 100 euros for drinks on his vacation.

  64. @snic Socialism is slavery to the State, cloaked in an idealistic lie.

    Always, and in every case, the Party Members who run that State for their own benefit live high on the hog, while the enslaved masses rot away in the economic stagnation that State regulation of business inevitably produces.

    The only difference between traditional Socialism and Democratic Socialism is that the former is imposed at the point of a gun, whereas the latter is voted in by the clueless masses who naively think the Government is going to give them everything they crave.

    As for Bernie, google ‘Bernie Sanders Illegally Used Campaign Funds For Trip To Italy-FEC Filings’ from the very left wing Daily Kos blog, which says: “We can now confirm that Bernie Sanders illegally spent over a half million dollars in campaign funds on private air travel and luxury hotels for his non-campaign related trip to Italy.” Chartering a nearly empty jumbo jet for a small entourage of aides and family members, while ranting on about the dangers of Climate Change (sic), and the “outrageous behavior of the 1%”, is the sort of hypocrisy one uniformly finds in any Socialist organization, whether “Democratic” or imposed by force.

    It’s amazing to me that after all of the failed Socialist Utopias, from the Paris Commune aka The Reign of Terror, to Stalin’s forced starvation of Millions of Kulaks with Millions more sent to Siberian Gulags, to Mao’s accidental starvation of tens of millions of peasants due to the failure of the Great Leap Forward (sic), not to mention the often overlooked atrocities of the Khmer Rouge which resulted in the deaths of over a third of the entire population of Cambodia, that this stupid myth of ‘Socialism will make us all well off” persists.

  65. “It’s amazing to me that after all of the failed Socialist Utopias”

    Milwaukee still uses the sewers that their Socialists helped build.

    Also, the Reign of Terror (French Revolution circa 1793) was about 80 years earlier than the Paris Commune (1871), as well as being long before anyone named Karl Marx or Friedrich Engels was born.

  66. @Lucky Loved the blog! Very interested in @Stvr and @Anastasia questions on points and POS discounts… also interested if there more Sheraton can do to improve your customer experience? Would you welcome being alerted that your gin&tonic awaits you on arrival?

  67. @Lucky

    Lucky, I am thinking of doing a side trip to Sardinia when I visit Rome in Nov, but how do we get around Sardinia? Is there taxi or we must rent a car?

    Is taxi there much more expensive than Rome? (Or is all airport transfer to the Sardinia hotels requiring hotels to provide transportation?)

    In Nov, will Sardinia hotels be even opened?


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