Hotel Cala Di Volpe (Starwood Luxury Collection) In 10 Pictures

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Update: Read my full Hotel Cala Di Volpe Porto Cervo review.

Good morning from Hotel Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, Sardinia! As I explained a while back, we’re in Italy thanks to a great British Airways business class fare, and decided to visit Sardinia, which I’ve never been to before. Rather interestingly the tiny town of Porto Cervo has four Starwood Luxury Collection properties, all within a few kilometers of one another. Basically all the nice hotels here are Starwood Luxury Collection.

Ford visited here years ago, and had fond memories, so I was curious to visit. I’ll of course have a full trip report, though in the meantime I figured I’d share my initial thoughts.

First of all, I should note that this hotel is only open for a few months per year, for the summer season. During peak summer season the rates here are insane. INSANE.


A standard room here in July or August can go for over 2,000EUR per night. Fortunately we’re staying after the peak season as the resort closes at the end of September, so the rates are just a fraction of what they are in peak season. For example, with Citi Prestige’s fourth night free benefit, rates over our dates could be had for ~250EUR per night back when we booked.

What are my initial thoughts about this place? The resort is stunning, and pictures really don’t do it justice. The decor is Mediterranean and whimsical, and really has exceeded my expectations. In pictures it almost looks a bit run down, though it’s incredibly unique, almost borderline Flintstones-esque.

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 1

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 2

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 3

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 4

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 5

Our room is beautiful, and has a breathtaking view. Being able to work from our room’s balcony for much of the day is a dream. Funny enough I’m writing this post from our room, and as I look at the pictures below I can’t help but think how much nicer the hotel looks in person than in pictures.

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 6

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 7

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 8

As far as the food at the hotel goes, I can’t decide whether the quality of the food or the price of the food is more extreme.

The lunch buffet is probably the highest quality buffet I’ve ever seen. Everything is so fresh and tasty, and on top of the buffet they’ll prepare you just about anything you could possibly want from pasta to pizza to fish. And when I say they’ll prepare you fish, I mean it. You can pick out the fish you want, and they’ll prepare it for you table side.

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 10

Cala-Di-Volpe-Sardinia - 9

However, it doesn’t come cheap. The normal price for the lunch buffet is 200EUR (how is that even a price?!?!) though at the moment they have a 50% off promotion for hotel guests, since it’s off season. So there’s definitely merit to getting a half (or full) board rate here, given the cost of food.

Bottom line

Hotel Cala Di Volpe is probably the most expensive Starwood property in the world in high season, and I get why people love it. The resort is extremely relaxing, with beautiful design and incredible views.

At the same time, the prices in Porto Cervo are from an alternate universe. Porto Cervo makes Monte Carlo look cheap by comparison. I guess demand for the area is off the charts and they have a captive audience, so they can get away with these prices. Even at 2,000EUR+ per night in high season, they still sell out months in advance.

Stay tuned for a full trip report.

  1. In Costa Smeralda you can find the most beautiful hotels in the world and the nature/sun/sea/food in the isle is 50% part of that great success. Ben, look at the history of the SPG hotels in Sardinia since when they were CIGA Hotels and later ITT Sheraton.

  2. Porto Cervo during summer is a mayhem of over-the-top rich Russians, Italians, etc etc that bring prices up. Sardinia is beautiful, if you visit any other part of the island (Alghero or Villasimius to name a few) you’ll find very affordable prices and amazing beaches. Google “Stintino” just to have an idea of what I’m talking about…

  3. Porto Cervo is a resort expressly designed / built for “millionaires and billionaires” in the 1960s. It is expensive on purpose and no surprise that everything there is extremely high end. It is worth it to get outside that area and experience more of the island, as that is where the real Sardinia is.

  4. There is a definite advantage to the “insane prices” in high season. It keeps out the riff raff. 😉

    No one coming up during dinner to ask for an autograph, or standing by your table taking a selfie with you in the background. And for the extremely wealthy, unlike other areas of Sardinia, no risk of being kidnapped for ransom.

    Unlike FC, or even Suites Class, there is no booking or upgrading on points. If you are staying there in high season, you are either incredibly rich, or paying with a stolen identity. In either case, you are going to keep a very low profile. One of the very few places in the world one can go and be assured in being completely in the company of the “right people”.

  5. I flew over this area in August when departing from Rome and could not believe how many yachts and sailboats were in this area. It was nuts.

  6. Hey, “Robert Hanson” – As a person so blessed to have been born one of the “right people,” how many of your buddies with similar God-given wealth are reading blogs about how to score flights and hotel rooms with points or at a steep discount? Just curious where the two worlds overlap.

  7. My husband and I love to travel and try over-the-top hotels. There are many places that we may consider paying over the top for a stay, such as the unique Taj Lake Palace or the Oberoi Udaivilas or Vanyavilas, or the Galleria in Milan. However, the Cala di Volpe just isn’t one. It just doesn’t feel authentic or give that “aha” feeling based on my sister’s two nights there and the review here corroborates her perspective.

  8. now in this country being rich is a jerk, the reason for bad economy, not paying their fair share of tax, not belonging. it does not matter point/miles is a hobby, not a job for 99% of the readers. for kids like gene & zack, they cruse 20 blogs a day & strike when a reader lets out a whiff of indulgence, or a blogger posts a ‘click bait’ – pathetic.

  9. We spent part of my honey moon there about 10 years ago. Judging by the pictures nothing has changed. My wife and I felt the resort looked dated back then. The resort like the other two SPG sister properties are priced to keep people out. It offers not much else in amenities to justify the high pricing.

  10. @ lookback — Couldn’t agree more. The 1% should pay way more taxes so that the governemnt can pay me more money to sit around and troll blogs all day. Rolleyes…

  11. Just curious, do you ever use points anymore? It seems like every trip report lately is about the good deal you got paying cash.

  12. I was at Costa Smerelda about 3 years ago and to me it seemed like a very artificial environment, very un-European, I enjoyed spending the day there with friends during a boat regatta but not the kind of place I would return to except under similar circumstances (regatta).

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