Sheldon Chalet: $4,600 Per Night Luxury Hotel Inside Denali National Park

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I’d say my favorite hotel I’ve stayed at in North America is Fogo Island Inn, which is located in Newfoundland. Not only is the location breathtaking, but the service and general philosophy of the hotel are unlike anything I’ve otherwise experienced.

While I haven’t stayed there, off the top of my head I’d think that Amangiri would be one of the other best hotels in North America. I love Amans, and I’ve heard great things about this one.

I’m sure there are other equally great hotels in North America I’m not thinking of and/or am not familiar with (probably some in the Caribbean), but those would be my top two picks based on what I know.

However, yesterday I stumbled upon another place that fascinates me. It’s not a points property and I doubt I’ll ever visit it, but I can’t help but go “wow” when I see this place, and at least write a short piece about it here.

Specifically, I’m talking about Sheldon Chalet, located on a private five acre property in Denali National Park. This isn’t your traditional “luxury” hotel, but rather seems to be a beautiful little chalet with an unrivaled location.

Sheldon Chalet is located at 6,000 feet above sea level, and just miles from the peaks of Denali. It opened to guests earlier this year, and seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The chalet has just five rooms, so can accommodate at most 10 guests at a time. You can book just one room, or rent out the entire place. Bloomberg had an interesting story earlier this year about how the family that owns the chalet came to own land in the national park.

On the surface summer seems like the ideal time to travel here, though apparently the chalet is also a great place from which to see the aurora borealis:

Sheldon Chalet is a beautiful place to experience the aurora. Our unique location – latitude 63 degrees, and elevation- 600oft means our troposphere is some of the thinnest on the planet which allows you to see the aurora’s blues and purples as well as shooting stars more often and brighter than elsewhere.

Aurora season typically begins mid-September and concludes mid-April. Weather is a major factor for seeing the aurora, and Denali creates its own weather pattern because of its sheer size. Generally, aurora is visible about one in three nights and skies need to be clear to see them, and as you can guess there is no guarantee they will be visible.

So, how much will a stay here cost? $2,300 per person per night, so $4,600 per couple, with a three night minimum. At least this includes the 45 minute helicopter ride to get to the hotel, as well as all food, drinks, and activities. To get here you first have to fly to Anchorage, then drive to the town of Talkeetna, and then you can take a helicopter from there.

Here’s a video about the property:

Bottom line

Most of us (myself included) will probably never get to visit Sheldon Chalet, though I at least always love learning about new luxury experiences in the US, and this most definitely qualifies. What a cool experience this must be!

(Images courtesy of the hotel)

  1. When in Denali, experience the wilderness the old fashioned way. Ascending Denali is a wonderful feat, especially in the winter. During the summer, the park is just calling to backpackers for a thrilling isolated experience.

    Just leave no trace behind 🙂

  2. Check out the Post Ranch Inn in California – one of the top hotels in North America, and definitely not a points property.

    Other fine hotels are the Hay Adams in Washington, DC, the Wauwinet on Nantucket, the White Elephant on Nantucket, and several others in places all over the country. There’s a wide world out there.

  3. I have a client that is planning a 65th birthday party there, maybe I can get them to a do a trip report, yet they are so “old school” I will probably get a slideshow upon their return.

  4. The Amangari is nice. Although I’m a Hyatt loyalist I do tend to use my Citi prestige 4th night free for Aman hotels often. It makes me feel a bit better about the obscene costs compared to other hotels in the area.

  5. Does the Citi Prestige 4th night benefit apply here? That’ll reduce the cost to $1725 per person, per night when staying 4 nights. That’s getting slightly better…

  6. lol Can’t believe you just stumbled upon it yesterday. If I knew it were the case, I would have let you know hehe

  7. Gotta chime in here. The Wauwinet Inn on Nantucket and The White Elephant on Nantucket are expensive, but nothing special. Yes, Nantucket is beautiful, and a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t waste my $ on either of them.

  8. So does the minimum $13,800 includes taxes and fees? Those can easily add another 20% in typical hotel stays…. I bet people who come here will be typically well traveled (ie those ones who have already checked off the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Great Wall, Tai Mahal, etc.).

  9. This is not a hotel….it’s a Chalet. Two very different things/experiences/services, etc. When you are in the points game you restrict yourself to the same old chains that may have wonderful properties all over, but in the end are still just luxury hotels.

    North America has SO many non affiliated hotels, both boutique and large resorts, that are way beyond what any Ritz/St Regis/Waldorf, etc you can think of. Aman properties are nice because of the small footprint, and that is also different and cannot be compared to regular hotels.

    And Chalets are really a league on their own. I took my family to a “luxury chalet” in Europe last Christmas and spent the most wonderful 7 nights ever, so much so we are going to do this every other year. Something I have never said about any other luxury hotel or resort I have stayed at.

  10. I found out about this a few weeks ago and it’s been on my list of dream trips. It’s pricey, though if you go alone that drives down the price quite a bit 😉 And it sounds like room and board and activities are included.

    In any case, wouldn’t Ford be able to get you some kind of discount travel agent rate?

  11. I haven’t been here, but I have been on a climbing trip in the Alaska range, flying and landing on the kahiltna glacier for an expedition. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  12. On top of those prices they still have that crazy tipping culture there as well or they actually do pay their staff?

  13. I just went to their website and apparently for all those money, you don’t even get your own private en suite bathroom. There are five bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. So for $4600 a room a night as a couple, you don’t even get a private bathroom! What were they thinking? People who can afford this will want to have their own bathroom. I suppose ther is always the option of buying out the whole place….

  14. Have you ever looked at The Brando Hotel on Tetiaroa Atoll just north of Tahiti ? 😀 I think you’ll like it !

  15. Another vote here for Post Ranch Inn. One of the most singular properties in North America for sure . . . We stayed two nights and it was expensive, but we felt it was worth every penny.

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