How to score an upgrade on a flight…


This guy can’t be serious, can he?

(Tip of the hat to Mark)

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  1. This is all such wonderful info, Lucky! How did I ever miss out on this in all my years?

    I can hardly wait to try this out next week.

    Heck, I may try it on Mrs. Fredd.

    Heh heh…

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I can tell you from being a gate agent that I have had people approach me with this mindset and I let them play through it, suit (or at least dressed up) thinking it was going to work and actually get fairly pissed off when it didn’t. Probably my most favorite group of people that approached me, mainly because I could have a little fun with them.

    Of the rare times that I was truly oversold in coach and didn’t have a medallion to move up, I went based on fare purchased from top to bottom (domestic only).

  3. The pysch and manners are spot on. 8 uprades so far this year J to F where I was prepared to use points, 3 comps at check in. If not comp then use points in the lounge to upgrade. 2 upgrades were refused due to short notice so slum it in J, hate QF J in the A380 a few room dividers would make all the difference and a little less of the “white grape red grape” in the FA would be nice. Lucky, read your reports on status and for me it is the Status that makes my points much more worth while, use them more often the way we like.
    Your dollar spent seems to make a sizeable difference to your level in your status level too? More than previously where length of status seemed more fruitful.

  4. All I have to do is think of this video when I go to the counter and I’ll be grinning AND raising my eyebrows. The agent will probably then use their authority to alert security, not give an upgrade. Hilarious.

  5. Come on, really, going into the dividing galley between F and Y and smiling passing out a few complements and then eyeballing the scotch is going to get you a free drink? A lot of this sounds theoretical. Has this guy ever really flown? Thanks for posting Lucky, I had a good laugh.

  6. Verbal content ok.
    But a body language ‘expert’ …???
    Then he should know that his way-over-exaggerated fumbling around with his hands is really annoying and will make everybody nervous as hell

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