Save Money In Dubai With Your Emirates Boarding Pass

While this is nothing new, it just occurred to me that I’ve never written about this, so I figure it’s worth a mention.

One of main objectives of the Gulf carriers is to put their homes on the global map. One has to wonder where Dubai would be without Emirates, or where Doha would be without Qatar Airways. So their goal isn’t just to encourage you to fly through their hubs, but to also visit.

We’ve seen Qatar and the UAE introduce more features that incentivize people to actually visit, from visa free entry for more nationalities, to free stopovers hotels, to free city tours. Those are great opportunities to take advantage of, though there’s one program I haven’t written about.

Since the middle of last year Emirates offers “My Emirates Pass,” which can save you money at 250+ restaurants, spas, and attractions around Dubai. To get access to these deals, you simply have to show your Emirates boarding pass and a picture ID, which means a vast majority of visitors are eligible for these savings, since most people flying to Dubai are taking Emirates.

Technically the offers are currently available through March 31, 2018, though I suspect they’ll be extended beyond that. After all, the summer season is coming up, which is typically the slowest time in the UAE due to the painful temperatures. The promotion has also been extended in the past.

Most of these offers seem to be for 15-30% off, which can be significant, especially given the huge number of outlets where this is available. There are some really high end restaurants and spas on the list, and also some more reasonably priced options.

The terms don’t state how recent the Emirates flight needs to be, so it seems like even people who live in the UAE could save money with this offer, as you can just use an old boarding pass. I do find this part of the terms to be funny:

“By presenting the Emirates original boarding pass or e-boarding pass at a Partner’s premises, the Passengers are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times.”

I guess by having flown Emirates we’re considered ambassadors for the airline. šŸ˜‰

Many people living in the UAE are already eligible for big discounts all over the place (for example, Emirates employees can save up to 50% on many things around town), though if you’re not eligible for those things or are just visiting, this is a fantastic way to save money around Dubai.

Like I said, for now the promotion is just valid for a couple more months, but I imagine it will be extended soon.


  1. Ben, I’m flying Etihad into AUH and Emirates out of DXB. Since my Emirates boarding pass is for the outbound flight do you think it would still be useful? Possibly for 24hrs prior to the flight?

  2. Iā€™m such a big Etihad flyer, donā€™t think this will make switch to Emirates. AUH much better airport also

  3. I understand that you write from an aviation perspective, but I believe that you are overstating Emiratesā€™ contribution to Dubai being a global entrepot. It is definitely a part of the reason but not solely!

    Dubai existed way before Emirates and will continue to exist way after it (as one of the most-loved local brands I hope it doesnā€™t ever have to!)

  4. @ TheAirlineKid — Of course Dubai would still be on the map as a regional hub, but I don’t think Dubai would be developed quite to the level it is today without Emirates.

  5. @W Me too! Drinks at the hotel bar were not cheap. It would have been nice to know that simply bringing my boarding pass down from my room would save me 40%.

  6. Singapore Airlines does this as well. Show your business or first class ticket stub and get discounts all over Singapore. I got 1/2 off the Singapore Flyer, fantastic discounts at Raffles Hotel (40% off drinks and 50% on the special Indian buffet at dinner) and other shops around town. There was absolutely no catch and the discount was accepted everywhere it was advertised (there was a website where scores of places were listed).

  7. I am flying to Dubai for my birthday in April…hopefully this deal will get extended; thanks for the timely post!

  8. @Jerry LOL Jerry, except its the opposite. DXB is waaay better, more modern, and spacious than AUH, and Etihad is becoming a low cost failing airline, while Emirates is top notch.

    …but I mean, to each their own šŸ˜‰

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