Save Money In Dubai This Summer With Your Emirates Boarding Pass

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Emirates has brought back a program for the summer that they’ve offered a few times in the past.

One of main objectives of the Gulf carriers is to put their homes on the global map. One has to wonder where Dubai would be without Emirates, or where Doha would be without Qatar Airways. So their goal isn’t just to encourage you to fly through their hubs, but to also visit.

We’ve seen Qatar and the UAE introduce more features that incentivize people to actually visit, from visa free entry for more nationalities to free stopovers hotels. Those are great opportunities to take advantage of. Now there’s yet another program that has returned.

Emirates has just brought back “My Emirates Pass,” which can save you money at 500+ leisure and retail outlets throughout the UAE through August 31, 2019. The discounts vary, though can be as much as 50%, and are valid at many restaurants, spas, and other attractions. You can find the full list of partners here.

To get access to these deals, you simply have to show your Emirates boarding pass and a picture ID, which means a vast majority of visitors are eligible for these savings, since most people flying to Dubai are taking Emirates. The boarding pass just has to be for travel between May 1 and August 31, so if you’re a local you can use this discount for weeks (or even months) after your flight.

Some of the savings are significant. For example, spas have discounts ranging from 20%, to a buy one get one free offer. Restaurant discounts are largely in the range of 20-25% of the entire bill.

Many people living in the UAE are already eligible for big discounts all over the place (for example, Emirates employees can save up to 50% on many things around town), though if you’re not eligible for those things or are just visiting, this is a fantastic way to save money around the UAE.

  1. I think it would be a beautiful experience traveling to UAE – Dubai. I’m confident it’ll change anyone’s thinking process and open their mind to how beautiful the planet truly is after traveling to Dubai – UAE.

  2. Dubai? In the summer? Next you’re going to suggest winter in Svalbard ;). Seriously though, 50 degrees centigrade and long daylight hours. Not sure I’d subject hospitality/tourism staff to that.. or anyone I consider to be decent humans, for that matter.

  3. What Ray said. Saving some cash on meals or attractions similar to what I can find in a 100 mile radius of my home is not an incentive to torture myself and risk heat stroke. This is like Alaska Airlines offering a “My Fairbanks Pass” during January.

  4. I am an avid traveler and “airline geek” like many who read this blog. I have flown Emirates just once between SYD and CHC and will again this year between JFK and MXP. Although I have visited many countries worldwide with less than outstanding human rights records, I just can’t bring myself to visit or transit the modern slave-states of the UAE. This is also due to their ridiculous policies regarding prescription medications and their arbitrary detentions of travelers. Sure, these incidents are small in number compared to the amount of visitors there, but they are still too high for me. Many have boycotted the UAE and I think rightfully so. The UAE appears to want to be world-class and modern, yet has draconian laws and policies that are intolerable. Not to mention, unlike other areas of the Middle East, the UAE seems as compelling culturally as a scorching case of herpes. One day I think people will look back and see all of the excessive gold and bling of the ME3 and laugh- like we do now at some Victorian customs. Of course, the service of these carriers beats anything you find in the US, but that is really saying nothing as that bar is so pitifully low at this point. I this article says it best:

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