Are Saudia First Class Awards Still Bookable With Korean Air SkyPass Miles?

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One of the things that makes SkyPass so unique is that it allows you to book first class awards on China Eastern, China Southern, Korean Air, and Saudia. While oneworld and Star Alliance let you redeem miles for international first class throughout the alliance, SkyTeam doesn’t. Instead, only SkyTeam carriers with specific reciprocal agreements let you redeem miles for first class.

That’s one of the reasons that first class awards on SkyTeam carriers are so readily available, since those with Delta SkyMiles, etc., don’t have access to those seats.

If you’re looking to travel between the US and Middle East, redeeming on Saudia is an excellent value. A first class award ticket costs 160,000 miles roundtrip, and award availability is readily available. Most flights have 3-7 first class award seats, and that’s regardless of when you’re booking.

On top of that, Saudia has an excellent new first class product with fully enclosed suites, wifi, caviar, etc. (though there’s no alcohol). For a sense of what you can expect, check out my Saudia first class review from New York to Riyadh to Dubai.

Early this year Korean Air SkyPass added online partner airline award redemptions, though I’ve had several readers reach out and ask why Saudia first class award space no longer shows on Korean Air’s website.

For whatever reason, unfortunately this space doesn’t show up online anymore. However, the good news is that Saudia first class awards are still bookable by phone with Korean Air SkyPass.

If you actually want to search Saudia first class award space you can use ExpertFlyer (a subscription service), or otherwise you can just look if a plane has a first class cabin. If it does, chances are there’s award availability. šŸ˜‰

It’s unfortunate that these seats can’t be booked online. However, mixed cabin awards were never bookable online, so in many cases you had to call anyway, given that most regional flights don’t have a first class cabin (so you’d book business class for those segments instead).

I realize this doesn’t impact most of you, since I know a lot of people aren’t itching to fly Saudia. However, for those who are, now you know, at least.

  1. @Lucky: How bad are the surcharges on award tickets booked with them? I see some excellent values on Europe to Asia over other Ultimate Reward transfers (i.e. United)

  2. @Debit
    Umm no there are no belly dancing in their lounges. Their lounges are normal as any lounge. Jeez..

  3. @sva

    Belly dancing is part of middle east culture. I wish cultures stayed true to their own roots and mixed up stuff. If there is no alcohol there should be belly dancing.

  4. @Jordan.

    My flights from the US/Canada to Korea were a little over $100 for 1st class on korean, so pretty reasonable IMO.

  5. This is a great tip Ben for a lot of Muslim travelers seeking to just use Ultimate Rewards and want to experience First Class travel on an airline they can be comfortable in. Also, its important to note SV routes to a lot of places , so transiting through JED to get to KUL, or SIN with a SkyTeam partners makes sense.

  6. @Debit
    It is part of our culture. From my knowledge its not being used alot so there you have it no belly dancing in their lounges. Although i still wish Saudia wasnt a dry airline.

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