Man Goes On Racist Tirade On Ryanair Flight, Crew Does Nothing

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A video uploaded to Twitter yesterday has gone viral, and has already been viewed more than a million times. This footage was taken on a Ryanair flight on Friday from Barcelona to London Stansted (FR15).

Those seated nearby say that the dispute started when the woman in the aisle couldn’t get up fast enough to let the guy in the window seat in. The woman’s daughter was seated nearby and explained to the guy that her mom was disabled.

At this point the man in the window seat calls the woman in the aisle seat an “ugly black bastard” and “an ugly f*&^ing c*&^,” he told her “don’t talk to me in a foreign language you stupid ugly cow,” and said “if you don’t go to another seat I’ll push you to another seat.”

Here’s the video:

What did the crew do? Despite the insistence of those seated around (who witnessed the interaction) to kick him off the flight, the flight attendant moved the woman to another seat and requested a supervisor. He simply said “don’t be so rude, you have to calm down” to the man.

This kind of verbal abuse is completely unacceptable, and it’s shameful that this is all the cabin crew did. While there are some issues where crews go on power trips and perhaps kick people off unnecessarily, this wasn’t one of them.

I’m not sure if the horrible way the crew handled this comes down to the flight attendant not having seen everything that happened, or if it just comes down to the general issues Ryanair cabin crew face.

A majority of Ryanair cabin crew don’t even work directly for the airline, but rather for employment agencies. Their primary metric of success is how much they manage to sell onboard, and they can be disciplined if they don’t push sales hard enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are afraid to bring up issues that could delay the flight, in fear of the company acting out against them.

  1. Unbelievable! When you have multiple passengers asking for a person to be deplaned, the crew needs to at least investigate properly what happened and this guy didn’t even attempt to do that.

    It should be a major, major red flag that you have multiple people asking for this man to be removed from the flight.

  2. This is just appalling. He should have been chucked off the flight. As usual it’s minorities who have to accommodate these vile people, the poor lady made to move…

  3. the extra layer of employment contract adopted by ULCC’s definitely does not help with crew empathy… This man deserves to never fly, ever again.

  4. The man did nothing wrong. Let’s get all the facts before jumping to a conclusion.

    On the other hand Hillary is guilty because eff I know why. My pastor told me to so.

    – trump supporter
    Ps: feel free to punch me in the v face. I hardly count as human.

  5. Well, this is very unpleasant and certainly unacceptable. You have no right to say those things to anyone, under any circumstances.
    But I have a question – how did they allow a disabled person to sit in the aisle seat? Isn’t it a safety hazard for other passengers? Or am I missing something?

  6. So the victim (and there’s simply no denying she was victimized) was forced by crew to move – thus fulfilling the racist bully’s demand – and the bully himself gets…….slapped on the wrist with a wet lettuce. Racism is bad. But Ryanair actually made it even worse by: 1) Prolonging the victim’s embarrassment. 2) Not listening to other pax. 3) Allowing the racist bully to fly without consequence.

    You suck balls, Ryanair.

    I will continue NOT to fly this airborne garbage can calling itself an ‘airline’.

  7. @Ivan N. If someone has mobility issues airlines generally accommodate them on the aisle for easy access to the toilet etc

    Anyhow I don’t think the majority of staff on LCCs are trained to diffuse difficult situations as here, simply because they are too young and with little or no experience. Hence it might be better handled on a legacy carrier

    As this was on the ground he should have been deplaned and met by the authorities. In the air, a different matter

  8. This just adds to my justification as to why I’ve stopped flying Ryanair….they obviously kept that racist sorry excuse for a human onboard because they would make all of 5€ off of him when the drinks trolley rolls around ….ffs

  9. The problem here surely is the loud and aggressive behavior, and not the political opinions of the individual.

    So if he had been abusng and berating any kind of passenger it would be equally bad. The fact that the recipient was of one particular race is not significant here.

  10. What a snowflake….
    Removing angry passenger: call airport authority, explained the issues, let the authority drag explaine to pax, drag the pax, unload the baggage, file a report.
    Reseating the woman: 5 minutes max. The plane can take-off without delay.

    Get your priority straight people… just because someone saying something you don’t like or offends you, doesn’t mean the whole world need to satisfy you being offended. Americans were such entitled snowflake society….

  11. @James, you’re a moron. This took place in Europe, not in the US. And if you want to call anyone snowflakes, many European countries actually have laws against Hate Speech, and this man could be charged. At worst in the US, he’d be removed from the flight.

  12. James seems to be having yet another right-wingnut mental snowflake meltdown in his — if it’s a he 😉 — criticism of those critical of Ryanair’s decision to not make a fuss over the racist, verbal abuse of passengers by their “fellow” passenger(s) and of threatening language to use physical force against another. Or is James just an advertising-revenue-baiting troll for this blog each and every weekend when VFTW seems to cater to the meltdown moments of right wing-nuts.

  13. @Tom,

    Making objectively racist statements is not expressing a “political opinion”. The problem was very much the content of what he said, as well as his aggressive behaviour.

  14. Would this be considered a violation of the EU261 clause requiring priority be given to disabled pax, or would that only apply if they had removed her from the flight? Forced reseating does seem to be giving the ass priority over the woman.

  15. @zymm. She just mentioned disabled. Doesn’t mean the airline was aware and it’s irrelevant here.

    The regulation you sd refer to is ec1107/2006 Nothing to do with ec261 which so many people refer to and have never read in full

  16. He should have been kicked off. On the other hand it is Ryanair, so there is nothing really shocking here given that.

  17. Oh, this isn’t VFTW. Is OMAAT now copying the ways of fellow blog VFTW, to ramp up audience numbers? 😀

  18. So angry, sad and frustrated. Will racism and discrimination ever end? Will stupidity always prevail? I feel sorry and ashamed for what the lady had to go through. I hope every person going through something like this has a lot of multiethical friends as well as a bright hearth. Sometimes it is difficult not to become a racist if experiencing something like this.

  19. The solution: Don’t fly Ryan Air. So many decent ULCC in the EU market if cost is your prime consideration. I use EasyJet occasionally and have been impressed with their operations.

  20. @Debit. Hillary cannot be guilty by default. It was her cronie’s justice department. So, she could get away pretty much with anything.
    By the way, how does it feel to lose to deplorables? How does it feel that this drunk did not want to thank her people that great night? Sent someone else ask her supporters to leave and then they announce she lost. What a creature. No dignity.

  21. @James aka white Republican scum apologist

    I agree with you. People need to grow up. Lots of white Republican scum have asked that I be banned from omaat. These snowflakes are the ones that tell others not to be snowflakes IRL.

    So white Republican males are not only scum, but also weak and hypocrites. Like trump they look weaker and stupider everyday.

  22. And here I was, believing that Ryanair charges separately for absolutely everything. Turns out they offer the best inflight entertainment out there, live, and completely free! I’ll have to fly them to see this! What would be the best route? From some industrial town in northern England to a Spanish holiday destination, perhaps? I’ll be sure to have my popcorn ready!

  23. @lucky, he could have chosen to fly a 1-2-1 business from BCN-SIN, and a 1-2-1 first class to SIN to avoid her.

  24. @F’Trump
    Did Trump spit in the people sandwiches as Jesse Jackson who happened to be a spiritual adviser to crooked Hillary’s husband admitted he did?
    Did Trump call 1/2 of the nations deplorables as crooked Hillary did?
    Does Trump spread hatred like Obama’s friends Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright have been doing?
    Just remember one thing, @F’Trump. Your insults and hate show what you really are.

  25. Interestingly, no one talks about what happened before the video started to record. She refused to stand up so that the guy could get to his seat. As you all can see the guy is slightly obese and couldn’t get to his seat without the woman making way for him. As soon as he sat down he started to complain and yelled at her which prompted her daughter to step in and throw a tantrum. After that the video started.

  26. Ryanair are just respecting the man who wants to decide where everyone sits. Why would they kick him off? It would be acting on something, and Ryanair don’t do that. They just steal your money from extras and o Leary pockets it instead of paying his staff. And on top of that the delays and aircraft used are atrocious. They’re my favourite airline.

  27. How is this racist?? The guy is a twat for speaking like that, but he just called the woman black. There’s nothing racist in calling a person black if they are indeed black.

  28. In another news report , it said the lady is 77 years old and has a back problem , so was slow to get up so this man could get into his seat . Apparently she was too slow for him and this is what got him angry . But no excuse , his rant was unacceptable .
    It looks to me as if there are big differences in airline policies at USA airlines and UK airlines . Ryan Air should certainly have done more than they did .

  29. The man’s behaviour is totally unacceptable. However, I tend to sympathize the crew. They are just doing their job by preventing delay and unconvinence to all passengers. They don’t judge and they are just doing what’s best for everyone.

  30. They didn’t let that man board with his emotional support tarantula. That’s the issue.

    It’s passengers like those who I’d love to use my emotional support frying pan on, personally.

  31. This is why I will never fly Ryanair or compareable airlines.
    Dealing this strange people in close quarters is bad enough in normal economy or even business – but alot of customers of these airlines do push me beyond my limits.

    Are most Ryanair flyers pretty normal? Probably. But it takes just 1 or 2 jackasses on a flight to make everyone miserable.

    No thanks.

  32. Spirit Airlines !!!!!!
    Spirit Airlines !!!!!!
    Spirit Airlines !!!!!!
    Spirit Airlines !!!!!!
    Spirit Airlines !!!!!!

  33. @Debit
    The angry man on the plane said the B-word. You however, in your comment, uttered the W-word. If those words are indeed racist, you’re ever so guilty to an equal degree.

  34. There was a time, not too long ago,some of these passengers would have escorted this man back to the bathroom to adjust his behavior towards that lady. After the flight, his remains could be collected in the baggage area.

  35. @James I do not think that believing that people have the right to not be attacked for being a certain race makes me a snowflake. It just makes me a decent human being.

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