Ryanair Trolls US Presidential Election On Twitter

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Obviously the presidential election has been dominating the news the past few days, and my hope is that this blog can be a distraction from all that’s going on (but, like, also… wow).

Anyway, understandably we haven’t seen many travel brands chime in on the current state of affairs, with one exception — Ryanair. Oh my gosh, Ryanair has been going to town Tweeting about the US presidential election the past few days, and it’s something. The Irish low cost carrier has released about a dozen Tweets, poking fun at the election process, President Trump, and more.

I’m sure some will find all of these Tweets hilarious and amazing, while others might not feel that way. Hopefully we can all at least agree on the Tweet about “when the person beside you opens their big duty free Milka bar on the flight,” because we’ve all been there.

What do you make of these Ryanair Tweets?

  1. Like it or not, it’s a shrewd “earned media” strategy. You’re talking about it, therefore it worked. 😉

  2. Hilarious. The best one was “declaring victory this early is like disembarking before the plane has landed.”

  3. Obnoxious. Ryanair should joke about all the legs the IRA have blown off, all the people they’ve killed. They should joke that the Irish language is just for people with dyslexia and the words are all not spelled correctly. For example, Sean, Taoiseach, etc. They can’t even spell so they say “Derry” instead of “Londonderry”.

    So anti-American.

  4. @ derek Or Karen. It’s not anti American. 260 million of them didn’t vote for trump. It’s called parody and making a joke out of the incumbent clown in the White House Your comments are irrelevant. You clearly don’t understand if you’re a trump supporter as irony is beyond them

  5. Imagine being Derek and being so desperate for a hot take that you start spouting racism against Irish people.

    @David, we found the triggered conservative!

  6. Don’t mean this politically, since these posts are far from offensive/anti-american/anti-republican, but I’m concerned with your well-being if you find these “hilarious”, lol.

  7. Wait – are the US elections in progress? Since I moved out of the US last year, I have been enjoying a life without out idiocy in the news – I guess no one here really cares and that is wonderful 🙂

  8. @David I thought you meant on the Ryan Air Twitter feed. They are mostly yelling at Ryan Air for refunds and poor customer service and suggesting Ryan Air should spend less time tweeting and more time responding to unanswered customer service inquiries.

  9. @Derek needs to have a sense of humour, and, more importantly take some history lessons so he/she can get his/her facts right.

    Other than that, s/he seems like a wonderful person.

  10. derek – I’ve read some absolute ruibbish on this site bit this takes the prize for being a pile of ignorant, 100% horse manure.

    You mention the IRA but fail to mention the money raised for them and the guns sent to them from the USA.

    You also fail to mention the people killed and maimed by terrorists on the UNIONIST side. Also funded and supplied by people in the USA.

    Words in the Irish languare ARE spelt correctly.

    The Derry / Londonderry thing is NOTHING to do with spelling. Look into the history of the place before commenting and you won’t look like a total idiot. In anycase ‘slash’ as the city is sometimes affectionally called is in Northern Ireland and Ryanair is based in the Republic of Ireland – a totally different country!

  11. I watched a really good documentary a couple days ago on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. I really underscores how nasty we have become to each other and the effects of social media on people and their relationships. This blog and the comments I see here regularly are a very good examples of that. It really is eye opening. I highly recommend it for everyone and If you have kids it’s a must watch.

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