You Can Be A “Platinum Hawk” Or “Bronze Sunbird” In Royal Jordanian’s New Loyalty Program

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I love when airlines get creative with the names of their loyalty programs. I think my favorite loyalty program name belongs to Cayman Airways, which has the Sir Turtle Club. Sir Turtle Club members can earn Silver, Gold, or Platinum status.

I’m sort of sad I don’t have status with them, because I think being a “Sir Turtle Platinum” member is the coolest-sounding elite status one could have.

Royal Jordanian has just recently introduced a new loyalty program. They’re replacing their Royal Plus program with a new program called Royal Club. That’s not all that creative as such, but what I love are the new names of the tiers in the program. With the new program you can be a:

  • Bronze Sunbird
  • Silver Jay
  • Gold Sparrow
  • Platinum Hawk

Seriously, how cool are those names?! Royal Jordanian changed the names of the tiers to give them more of a Jordanian identity, which I quite like. The new membership cards even have pictures of feathers on them.

But more importantly, what’s the new loyalty program actually like? The changes aren’t that drastic, though they have adjusted mileage earning rates, and have slightly adjusted elite benefits. Here are the requirements for earning their various elite tiers:

Then here are the elite benefits for the new program, by tier:

You can find all the details of the new program here. While their 65,000 mile requirement is pretty low for oneworld Emerald, I generally tend to think there are better programs out there for crediting miles. Last year they did offer an interesting status match opportunity, though it’s my understanding that they tried to backtrack on it at least slightly

What’s your favorite loyalty program name, or favorite membership tier names?

(Tip of the hat to Travel Update)

  1. Yep , absolutely ‘bottom of the barrel’ as a OW program, last years status match was an absolute joke and waist of time.. NEXT

  2. I also miss more unique brand names for in-flight classes. It seems to me that there has been a move to standardize naming convention to “First Class”, “Business Class” and “Economy Class” when years ago airlines would be more creative in their naming.

  3. And let’s not forget Cayman Airways Sir Turtle Rewards and Druk Air Happiness Miles.

    I’ve always thought Czech had the most HONEST program name.. OK Plus.

  4. RJ has great economy and business cabins, but there fares have increased and there is no one world partner premium cabin availability lately

  5. @lucky — “there are better programs out there for crediting miles” — any hints / a post on this? I am bailing the AA sinking ship but need to find a home for my non-AA oneworld flights

    @Justin — good riddance to the crazy “unique” brand names for first, business and economy. When your receipt says “Galaxy service” what on earth did you get booked on? KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) always wins, especially in branding.

  6. @Jake
    I find Etihad’s branding a good mix of the two. I agree crazy names could be used to deceive customers, but things like “First Apartment” and “Business Studio” are good.

  7. You mentioned better OW programs to credit miles to. If you have some thoughts on this or have a blog post concerning this please let me know. In my research I keep coming back to RJ’s two year validity for OW Emerald. It can’t get better than that, can it?

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