Ridiculous: World Of Hyatt Raising Award Rates On Two Hotels Today

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It’s normal for the major hotel loyalty programs to adjust some of the hotels that are in each award category every year. The number of points required for a free night at a hotel is typically based on the average daily rate and also the average daily occupancy (since that’s what impacts how much World of Hyatt has to reimburse hotels for award stays). Understandably over time those amounts change, either due to the changes in a city’s hotel market, overall conditions changing in a city, etc.

What is not normal, however, is to implement those changes with just a few hours notice. At least it shouldn’t be normal, but Hyatt made a similar decision in December (at that time we got 48 hours notice, rather than 7).

World of Hyatt has just announced some hotel category changes, which kick in for bookings as of 9:01PM CST on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

The good news is that only two properties are impacted, and it is a relatively minor adjustment, but the lack of notice runs counter to the idea that World of Hyatt is listening to members and trying to improve the program.

The following two hotels are going up in category:

So any booking made starting at 9:01PM CST today will follow the new award chart, meaning if you’ve been eyeing a stay at either of these properties you have just a few hours lock in stays at the old prices. Any modifications made to existing reservations after the changes kick in will be charged per the new rates.

Bottom line

While these changes are minor, the lack of notice is unacceptable. There’s no reason Hyatt couldn’t have provided more than a few hours notice of category changes — and if someone at World of Hyatt truly came into work this morning and decided to change the rates there are even bigger problems with how the program is being managed than I’d previously thought.

The fact that these are such minor changes almost makes it more insulting. I can’t imagine the increased revenue from a slight category change on two properties is worth the cynicism no-notice changes engender in loyal members.

What do you make of these World of Hyatt category changes?

  1. The Wharf is probably the hottest spot in DC now, so I’m not surprised that they are seeing high occupancy and rates (assuming those are the reasons to go up in category).

  2. Yep, award categories are determined by projected revenue, so if revenue has been unexpectedly high, that would certainly be a reason to increase the category. New builds generally do quite a bit of research, modeling, and reporting though, so I have a hard time believing they both came to the realization and decided to implement the changes this morning.

  3. We should get at least the same hours’ notice. That is required to cancel a reservation with no penalty

  4. I erased Hyatt as my hotel options on the day they killed their loyalty program by implementing the World of Hyatt. The only way for me to stay at a Hyatt hotel is if I have points to dump. They won’t see my $$$ at all.

  5. You’re not missing much at the Hyatt House Wharf. Both times service was terrible. They have an “omelette window” where you take a number and it’s delivered to you, we eventually gave up after 30 minutes and ate breakfast at an outside restaurant. And no joke, it took eight hours to get feather free pillows to the room that I was already told was feather free.

  6. I just stayed at the Hyatt in Knoxville. It was a great value at only 5,000 points. I can’t say I’m surprised to see this change.

  7. Thank you for the article! @Mjolnir22 – I agree, great value. Last week I booked at the Hyatt House/DC Wharf (stay in April). Couldn’t believe it was only 4,000 points + $55. Booked in a one-bedroom suite. I also couldn’t believe that was an option. Same points as a regular “King.” Cash rate is over $300/night.

  8. Tiffany: If you think for one moment that large publicly-traded US companies give a rat’s rectum about customers, please pass along some of whatever you’re smoking. If anything, customers are far more loyal to brands than brands ever are to their customers.

    I do think 48 hours notice would be appropriate. After all, that’s their cancellation policy now.

  9. If my memory serves me correct Starwood use to do category changes like that like that on occasion
    And Starwood execs are there now so maybe they are bringing bad business behavior over to Hyatt
    I mean while their agents listen to customers they seem to be in a place now where they rarely listen or communicate much with their customers and what they think about liking or disliking WOH or the hotels.But they certainly had time to devalue a few properties in a hurry!
    By the way AlexS well said lol a rats ######. Have to remember that one 😉

  10. Traveler says:
    After the last round of loyalty “downgrades” we cashed in our points and have since dropped using Hyatt as ou go to property of choice. Not sure why management thinks they can get away with abusing their customers. Is smell a slow downward spiral into 3rd rate hotel stays.

  11. Do you expect anything less from this now sghit holo program Hyatt has become? Are these corporate owned?

  12. The Hyatt one in DC doesn’t have the view of Washington Channel. It is blocked by the Hilton! Hilton is better located there.

  13. This is not a big deal, and the fact that they are both new properties helps this to make more sense. (People expect a Hyatt house to out position Hilton?)

  14. Its Hyatt. They have lost their way and could not be bothered to care for their loyal members these days.

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