How To Reserve A British Airways Concorde Room Cabana & Spa Treatment

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After flying British Airways’ 787-9 first class from San Jose to London, I had the chance to visit the British Airways Concorde Room before my intra-Europe connection. The Concorde Room is an alright lounge, in my opinion, with good drinks, fairly decent food, and nicer decor than in the past. Personally I don’t think it ranks as one of the top 10 lounges in the world, but perhaps it’s in the top 15.

While I’ll have a full review of my Concorde Room experience soon, in this post I wanted to talk about two ways you can maximize your Concorde Room experience, both of which typically require advance reservations.

Reserving a Concorde Room Cabana

The Concorde Room has two “Cabanas,” as they call them.

These are private rooms with a lounger and ottoman, another chair, a TV, a private bathroom, and a shower.

To me there’s not much luxurious about the Cabanas, as the bathrooms look like they belong in a hospital, and there’s not a bed or anything. I love the concept of a private nap room, though that’s not really what this is, since there’s no bed (British Airways should look to Swiss on that front for some inspiration). It’s worth noting that you can order room service to the Cabanas, and some might be able to get some rest here.

Personally I’d much rather sit in the lounge’s dining area if I’m hungry…

Or sit on the terrace if I wasn’t trying to rest, since it’s much more airy…

So, why do I recommend making a reservation for a Cabana? A few reasons:

  • Often the wait for a shower room is several hours, since the Concorde Room shares showers with British Airways’ other lounges; so if you want to be guaranteed a shower, a Cabana reservation is the best way to do that
  • The lounge’s terrace and dining area has a shortage or outlets (which seems poorly thought out), so I appreciate that the private room has plenty of plugs so that you can charge your electronics while you’re in there
  • If you want to make a phone call or something, it’s much more pleasant to do so there, rather than in the lounge itself, which I find to be awkwardly quiet
  • Sometimes it’s nice just to just have some privacy for a bit

Reserving a British Airways Elemis Spa treatment

British Airways has an Elemis Spa in their Terminal 5 lounge, available to longhaul first and business class passengers. The complimentary treatment is only 15 minutes and frankly I only find it to be marginally worthwhile (they make you fill out a consultation before your treatment and then you have to fill our a survey after, so the 15 minute treatment may take 30 minutes), but if you do want one, be sure you book in advance.

Here’s the menu showing the available Elemis Spa treatments, which include back massages, scalp massages, and facials.

Reserving Cabanas & spa treatments

There’s no cost to reserve either of the above two amenities. You can do so once your British Airways first class booking is confirmed, using one of two methods (be sure you provide them with your British Airways booking code):

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on an award ticket, upgraded ticket, or paid ticket. As long as you’re confirmed in British Airways first class same day, you should be eligible.

You can typically reserve the Cabana in increments of a few hours. For example, my layover was from 2PM until 8PM, and I was able to reserve it from 3PM until 7PM. Since there are only two Cabanas and they’re available on a first come, first served basis, you’ll want to book it as soon as possible.

The same hotline or email can help you reserve a spa treatment. While both first and business class longhaul passengers receive complimentary spa treatments, only first class passengers can reserve them in advance. Securing one of these spots day-of is almost impossible, so you’ll want to book in advance if possible.

Like I said, it really varies as to how far in advance you have to book these. I only booked my recent flight three days in advance, and had no issues securing a Cabana for exactly my preferred time. However, they had no availability for a spa treatment. Go figure.

What has your experience been with reserving spa treatments & Cabanas in the Concorde Room?

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    It would be incredibly tasteless of you did meet up and not write an article here.

    Also i have big hands! But trumps seems to have been in many more places. Jesus is loving it!

  2. Can you reserve a cabana if you are a CCR card holder flying BA from T5 in Club/WTP/WT?

    CCR card holders already have access to the CCR despite flying in Club/WTP/WT. Is the Cabana access however carved out, and reserved only for those flying First?

  3. Lucky states about the Concorde lounge:
    Personally I don’t think it ranks as one of the top 10 lounges in the world,

    Having been in the Concorde lounge two years ago and several others at Heathrow since then I’m not sure it is one of the top 10 lounges at LHR — ok a certain amount of reverse hyperbole here:-)
    But i was much more impressed with the United lounges in T2

  4. So only first class passengers can book a spa treatment in advance. And on your visit you couldn’t request get a reservation 3 days out. And you say these are “almost impossible” to secure on the day of.

    It sounds like they can’t even guarantee spa treatments for first class passengers. Let alone business class. Why not just be realistic and call it a first class only service? Sounds like they’re falsely advertising a product that they can’t actually provide.

  5. I had booked a British Airways Concorde Room Cabana weeks in advance. First I utilized the email address and received a confirmation email message for my reservation with the date and expected schedule time. I then called the phone number just to make absolutely certain my Cabana reservation was in their system. When I arrived at the Concorde Room, my Cabana reservation was no where to be found! I showed the desk my confirmation email that confirmed my Cabana reservation. The explanation I received was that, the staff handling the Cabana reservation via email has to actually manually enter it into a written log. This last step apparently did not occur and I was left frustrated by the experience of booking a Cabana reservation in advance.

  6. That is one grim looking cabana. It’s like you’re waiting to see the dermatologist at a one doctor office.

  7. last time I was in the CCR it was packed! It felt worst than the Club lounge upstairs. tried to find a seat, the only ones left were in the board room and shared it with other two persons. have to wait for a table during lunch, luckily service was great inspite of the busy day. food and service were good and friendly. retreated to B concourse in Club, this was so quite and almost empty..found my peace here and could relax for my flight. about the cabanas and spa treatment: no chance during my 4 h vacancy or cancellations not a great peaceful and luxurious experience for a first class lounge..needless to say the first class sevice onboard …mixed fleet, less polished, food mediocre, wines good, seat tired and needed proper why on earth did I booked..even ask myself till today..i thought BA F was worth a shot…Nah, thought wrong!

  8. The Elemis treatments are a joke. I booked a BA First ticket, waited until exactly 28 days out to make a spa reservations (they don’t take any before then) and they didn’t have any availability. It is a total scam and the treatments are terrible. Sometimes it is just a massage chair…

  9. The shower situation at T5 is pathetic. It is almost like they don’t want you to use the facilities.

  10. I had the exact same experience Mike David had. Paid for 1st to/from LHR to SIN. Cabana reservation worked on the outbound flight but on the return flight, they couldn’t find it and even when I presented an email showing the confirmation they just apologized and said someone had made a mistake. I emailed a complaint, as they suggested, but after several further emails they finally offered a small number of Avios. It’s unfortunate as it was my first experience with BA First and now likely my last.

  11. Note that if you’re traveling with someone you can double your time in a cabana, e.g. I was traveling w partner and they proactively informed me via email that they would book eight hours for us – four for me and then four for him, which was very helpful.

    The staff in the CCR varies from gracious to hostile.

    I hope the horse lamp jumped to its death by now.

  12. Met a lady in Thailand last week who was on the design team for the Concorde room, and I flat out told her it was a decent lounge, however the shower rooms SUCKED. She laughed and said she pitched a serious bitch to the team about the “wet rooms,” but ultimately lost the battle. It was interesting to listen to her explain the process from start to finish.

  13. @ Rico – agreed. That foot rest looks like a bed that a dog that isn’t washed regularly enough sleeps on.

    The whole room is like a low-rent, low-care, retirement village room you shove a relative in when you don’t want to see them again.

  14. When I am laid over in Heathrow I always book a day rate room and an hour or two spa treatment at the Sofitel adjacent to BA’s T5. Both are superb (unlike CCR and BA Spa). Total cost is less than $250 and I’ve normally saved considerably more than that if I’m flying BA F in the first place. I just think about as part of the ticket price. Occasionally I’ll leave my carry on bags in the CCR – which is possible, but a bit of a hassle given T5 layout.

  15. @lucky – one point to note is that there is another Elemis spa in the T5 B concourse (in the additional BA Galleries lounge over there); they tend to have better walk-up availability in my experience, but the attendants in the main complex don’t always check that unprompted

    If on a longer layover it is very easy to getover to T5B from the Concorde Room via the inter-terminal train on level -2, and then walk back via the pedestrian walkway on level -4 (from T5B back to the CCR takes about 15 minutes at the most at a normal pace)

    There’s a useful guide to this on the Flyertalk British Airways forum

  16. Thanks for the tip. I’ve never reserved in advance.

    Usually been lucky in getting to use the cabana for a shower or to rest. Agree with your assessment of the Elemis spa – nothing to get excited about.

  17. Last August me, my year old son and wife were able to fly an award RT on BA First from from California to Ireland with a layover in LHR. I was able to reserve a cabana in the Concord room on the outbound flight (my wife and I also got the free massage treatments for both our layovers). It worked out perfectly. My son and wife were able to shower and take a two hour nap in the cabana while I had my massage and went to the bar for a few drinks and snacks. We then caught our award flight to Dublin and were refreshed enough to go out and do some exploring in Dublin the same day we arrived. That might not sound like a big deal for most but when traveling with a 1 year old it’s a pretty big deal.

    I know many readers don’t think the Concord room is up to snuff when compared to other premium lounges but for those who have only been able to fly international First Class a couple times, it was a real treat and felt pretty special.

  18. @alex

    sincerly happy for you that it worked fine and you can enjoy it..I have not yet the chance to try the cabana or spa.. I would not even probably in the near future as I am not wiiling to pay for a mediocre F product..

  19. @John does it right. Booking the Spa at the Sofitel Heathrow is the way to go. Huge hot tub and fantastic treatments that are well beyond 15 minutes, which is only a teaser of a joke. Sorry BA, if I must fly you (and my firm pays for first) then this is a must.

  20. @TheRealBabushka… As a CCR card holder, I’ve managed it on the day travelling in ET, but have not been able to book in advance. YMMV. If there’s space, you’re in the lounge, and you want a cabana, it’s yours.

  21. What’s the policy or ethical thing to do related to tipping for the spa treatment? Whether they are satisfactory (or not) it’s another concern. I always thought it’s not expected and although I always tip I get a feeling is awkward. Anyone else care to share about this?

  22. Does AF offer any similar contact info (hotline or dedicated email address) for La Premiere customers? I have flights with them coming up and want to arrange spa treatments in advance as well–can’t find any way to do so short of calling the regular airline customer service number.

  23. Hi all,

    I have a 1 hour connnection in T5, arriving from US and connecting onwards (not in Europe) in BA F.
    Will I have time to use concord room? I assume not, but was wondering if I we got in early if there was 30 min to check it out.

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