Radisson Blu Maldives: Amazing Points Value

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What might be the new best value points hotel in the Maldives has just opened…

Radisson Blu Maldives now open

The Radisson Blu Maldives opened at the beginning of August, making it Radisson’s first property in the Maldives. Radisson Blu is Radisson’s most luxurious hotel brand. The hotel is located on Huruelhi Island, in the Alifu Dhaalu Atoll, which is about 105 kilometers from Male Velana International Airport.

Radisson Blu Maldives overhead

The Radisson Blu Maldives has 128 villas, each of which is either beachfront or overwater. The villas range in size from 215 to 790 square meters (~2,300 to ~8,500 square feet), though I would assume that includes outdoor space. Each villa features a private pool and ocean views.

Radisson Blu Maldives lobby

The Radisson Blu Maldives has an astonishing number of food & beverage outlets, including:

  • Raha, an all-day dining restaurant
  • Alifaan, a Mediterranean and seafood grill
  • Eats & Beats, a poolside bar
  • Crusoe’s, a restaurant exclusively for adults
  • Kabuki, a restaurant with Nikkei cuisine
  • Mahurah, an overwater wine and cigar bar
  • The Lab, a restaurant with twice weekly wine-and-cocktail paired dinners

Radisson Blu Maldives beach

Getting to the Radisson Blu Maldives

The logistics of getting to hotels in the Maldives can be complicated. After landing at Male Airport, there are two ways to get to the hotel:

  • You can take a 30-minute seaplane flight directly to the hotel
  • You can take a 20-minute domestic flight to Maamigili Airport, followed by a 15-minute speedboat ride

Seaplanes are generally going to be easier, and they can be arranged to the resort before 3:30PM, and from the resort after 9AM. This transfer costs $450 per adult or $225 per child (up to 11 years old).

Redeeming points at the Radisson Blu Maldives

The Radisson Blu Maldives is an incredible value when redeeming points, and I’d argue it’s actually the best points value in all of the Maldives. Radisson in general lacks aspirational properties, though there’s lots to love about redeeming points here.

The Radisson Blu Maldives charges 70,000 points per night:

  • Breakfast is included on points stays
  • The base rooms here are overwater villas with pools

As a point of comparison, paid stays can cost nearly $1,000 including taxes and fees.

What makes this such an incredible value is that on a per point basis I value Radisson Rewards points pretty low. Personally I think they’re worth ~0.3 cents each, so to me 70,000 points are worth ~$210. That’s a phenomenal deal for an overwater villa in the Maldives.

Radisson Blu Maldives overwater villa

Radisson Blu Maldives overwater villa

While this is an incredible use of points, don’t expect this will be a budget holiday. In addition to the cost of the seaplane transfer, you can also expect food and drinks on the island to be quite expensive. Then again, with breakfast included, you don’t have to spend that much on food, necessarily.

Bottom line

While the Maldives has plenty of great hotels, it’s nice to see yet another major international hotel chain with a robust loyalty program open a property. I have hundreds of thousands of Radisson Rewards points and haven’t found many great uses for them, though this is an option that temps me.

70,000 Radisson Rewards points for an overwater villa including breakfast is a phenomenal deal, especially given that Radisson Rewards points are one of the weaker hotel currencies.

Technically Americans are allowed to travel to the Maldives right now, though as is the case with all travel regulations, that remains subject to change.

Anyone plan on checking out the Radisson Blu Maldives?

(Tip of the hat to Ariana Arghandewal)

  1. @ Ben — WOW. This is now the only Radisson hotel I desire to visit, and it is an amazing value for certain!

  2. I saw it a few days ago. Have the Biz card that earn 5 points per $. So I can get a free night for every 14k spend. Crazy compared to Hilton 30-40k spend and Marriott 40-50k non bonus spend with their cards for a free night.

  3. Hey Lucky! I booked 3 nights using points recently when Radisson had a points sale. The hotel also had an amazing paid rate of $234 per night so we booked for 7 nights in total! We arrive on the 22nd of August – can’t wait to check it out!

  4. I have the no annual fee version of USB Radisson card, and I’m interested in the 120K sign up bonus which is still available now. Does anyone know if I’m eligible? From the terms it seems like that I cannot have any Radisson CC, but want to confirm. Thanks!

  5. These second tier reward program usually don’t guarantee no block date and all exceptional value are guaranteed to go soon, isn’t it?

  6. @ Ethan — That’s a great question. I could be mistaken, but it appears to me that Radisson Rewards actually doesn’t have any blackout dates on standard rooms. That’s not to say they couldn’t find a new way to restrict awards here (like creating some new room category to limit standard rooms), but as of now this is a promising opportunity.

  7. @ Luis — Radisson does sometimes sell points, but not as frequently as Hilton, for example. The program recently sold points with a 100% bonus, which was an opportunity to buy points for 0.35 cents each.

  8. @ Ryan — I signed up for a Radisson Card many years ago. In addition to the welcome bonus, the card offers an annual bonus of 40,000 points when you pay the $75 annual fee. I’ve had the card for well over five years, so the points have really racked up, even with limited activity.

  9. Perhaps, a good way to burn those Radisson points I collected on occasional stays in places in Europe with no major chain around. But honestly, $243 rate sounds more attractive than 70K/night. Do you guys know if reef is any good near the hotel? What else to do there except laying on a beach?
    For diving and snorkeling I would rather go to private islands / eco resorts off Borneo reachable by private plane once Covid restrictions are over.
    By the way, you can transfer the points into single account from, for example, your spouse, by calling Radisson. The transfer is instant. In the past, they also matched me to Gold based on my SPG PLT status.

  10. Maybe just bad photos, but the interior decor looks almost like a Maldives take on an airport Radisson to me, certainly far from the most luxurious-looking hotels in the Maldives. If you spend enough time outside, I’m sure you can get over that at the right price, though!

  11. I don’t know that island, but the diving that close to Male is supposed to be nowhere as good as the more remote islands (hyatt or Hilton)

  12. @ Lucky, seeing as travel from the US is permitted to the Maldives (currently) what are your thoughts on traveling here? Looks to be an amazing value for an overwater villa with pool – and rates in September with full board for 2 are around $611 per night. Seems like an amazing value and very tempted to jump on it.
    They also have discounts on the seaplane transfers and F&B.

  13. Ethan (and Ben), the terms for booking with points specify “Must book within 270 days of arrival”.
    They seem to have good availability for next spring. Playing around as if I were making a booking, I found that they charge 70.60 USD cancellation fee but allow you to cancel up to the day of check-in.

  14. @ Mario – I believe that is only in the U.K. as Radisson is not a transfer partner of Membership Rewards in the US.

  15. @FlyingHippo Ah thanks for pointing that out, that’s a bummer. Definitely makes it more difficult to come up with the points.

  16. Hi. I am planning a trip to Maldives in November from the US. I am kind of hesitant to go because of the virus. Can anyone comment if they know someone that has been there recently and how it went? Thank you

  17. Americans please do your share and stay home, you messed the US, please help to keep the safety of the citizens from other countries.

  18. I’m assuming it’s just bad photography, but it seriously looks like those are tiny beds. Like, it looks like the length of the bed PLUS the ottoman at the foot of the bed would be equivalent to the length of a normal bed.

  19. Hi, did anyone actually had the opportunity to go to the Radisson Maldives. Planning a trip in December and there aren’t a lot of reviews available!

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